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    Haze Square Shipping Thread

    Postman decided I didn't deserve the square yesterday, it will be here today. I'm still stoked. I've been waiting for this one since I beta'd it.
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    Haze Square Shipping Thread

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    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    I'm from Massachusetts, it isn't nearly humid enough in this state to cause mold in a short time. I have over 10 wooden vapes, the only issue I seem to have is the wood cracking in Mass due to cold weather.
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    Discontinued Healthy Rips FIERCE

    Interesting. Why are you going with the proprietary battery? As someone with small fingernails, I'd really love to see the battery door design change. That style is always a PITA for me, and I don't normally carry around something that would fit in that slot. Best of luck with the vape...
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    Custom Titanium stems

    Damn I'm way out west. Would have liked to film the process for ya if you were closer.
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    Boundless Tera

    If you want costs to increase, this could happen. It's not really a feasible thing to ask employees to clean and do a 10 min + burnoff for each device without a decent cost to the manufacturer/end user though
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    Boundless Tera

    You're talking about a device you've never used! That's like a politician being anti gun when they've never fired a weapon in their life, and never taken classes for firearms. That's synonymous with trying to influence people's opinions on the device without having even tried it. Just an idea...
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    Boundless Tera

    Lets put it this way. Say I want you to make me a sandwhich. First I start out with 1 every week, with slight changes. It's a complicated sandwich, I want you to get it right. Then I ask for one every hour. Each one has to be identical. After this I say, okay they are ready for production. I...
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    Boundless Tera

    They look and feel cheap? Man you haven't used one put your opinions away. They have a modern design, and most of their units have felt great in my hand, the 710/cf/cfx all feel fantastic. The CFV definitely was not though. Trying to influence people on a company you haven't ever supported or...
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    Custom Titanium stems

    What part of MA?
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    Boundless Tera

    TBH it probably was, both because staff in china wanted to go see their families and they were probably being pressured by their boss (of manufacturing) to get x amount of product out in y amount of time.
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    Discontinued Haze Square

    If you need a beta for the android version feel free to HMU. You guys as well as otherside have my info on file
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    Discontinued The Splinter by RBT

    Been using the splinter/zi more than my mi recently. The splinter is incredible around campus. I just need to find a mod that I really love, the pico isn't my favorite for it. It's too small and tips too easily, I always have to put the device on its side. Any recommendations from ya'll?
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    Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2

    Hope you enjoy the show! Their live shows are amazing from what I hear. Haven't had the chance to see them myself though. I really love listening to this song baked, don't know why. Great band though!
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