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    vapcap m 2019 unused new

    hi im selling a new unused vapcam M 2019 generation.made of durable xtainless steel. 65€ including tracked shipping in Germany vapcap m 2019 warm greetings
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    Herb Grinders

    on the grind quality: could @HughJundys or someone else kind upload pics of the grind? im interedted in LIFT SCS side by side pics ideally :) side by side pics ideally :
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    grinders: BCG, LIFT innovations

    Hi I want to buy another grinder for my GrAS. Looking for a Brilliant cut grinder or a lift innnovation grinder. Preferably in Europe or Germany. Thanks! Greetings
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    Herb Grinders

    @HughJundys thanks for your comment. I know that knockoffs dont work as gopd as the original.. thats why it got no use How does the LIFT compare to the SCS? I own a SCS in red and love it. gras tiggles me ;) Which grind plate do you prefer? Is it a good idea to wait til their next sale? (likely...
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    Herb Grinders

    how do you like the LIFT ? I own a cheap knockoff and its grind suck: plate to scissors loose, herb stuck often. why do you own several?
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    Discontinued The Sublimator

    @lazylathe I can tell you that the Herborizer TI is a fine device to use. Full convection glass vape with TI heating element. and the cable from heating head to controller. I for myself dislike the cable lenghts/connection on my Sublimator Apollo. The Sub is still great to use, convection plus...
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    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    can someone recommend a "desk sized" lighter? maybe something like a lab jet lighter with one bigger flame etc?
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    Pocketable TC Box Mod Concept for Dry Herb

    interesting proiect: really hope you progress well. I do want one ;)
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    Omnivap, Double-crown Ed vapcap, VaporGenie, vaponic - trade - EUrope

    Hi there, I am looking to downsize my collection. Trades are of interest to me: looking for something portable with fast heatup, Ghost etc For Sale: Firewood vaporizer including batteries and Power supply. Good condition, rarely used. comes with installed screen in glass mouthpiece. Also a...
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    DIY Elev8r with coil and glass beads.

    if there is someone in Europe testing or building something like this please pm me. I lack time to build stuff right now but I could need more vapes, exspecially some more with glass airpath.
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    Help finalizing a 420 portable purchase

    can please someone compare the fury2 to aizer air or milaana? thanks
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    Help finalizing a 420 portable purchase

    I like the idea of a vapcap IH built into a starbucks cup! im stillthinkering with my own IH
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    Interplanetary Development

    Dudes can someone say something about Tanners PushPress? Is it just for making hash (=blocks of trichomes/lief) or are there other things I can do with that ? Would it be possible to make oil!? AFAIK a heated press etc like dabpress is needed....
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    Herb Grinders

    This is my feeling as well.. let’s go buy 420 things we do not necessary need on 420
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    Herb Grinders

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! Now I have to get one .... damnit :sherlock: Does someone know if they will do 420 discounts ? Im gonna pay 30usd in shipping. Being European sucks for most of my hobbies
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