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    Sativa lovers

    Where'd you get the blue dream? Fwiw,.Winewood Organics in Ann Arbor has a Durban poison cut they claim has been grown for decades; spendy but a favorite.
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    I've used both and gone back to 3mm fwiw.
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    Joosebox Customizable Vaporizer

    I'm just here for the packaging experience. (Totally lying, wtf.)
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    EVOLV Cricket

    Does the tub look soldered to anyone else? OP, can we please have some hi-res stills of the tub joints when you next have it apart?
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Lol, got it. Yeah, I got away from hot hits because they just weren't working in a way I liked. What you use, and what load size?. I saw the biggest drop in required PID temp when I tightened the I'd of the coil. Went too far and now it won't come apart ;) Finally, if you must know...
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    The Toad from Morwood

    Ride it out. Once you're done cleaning it out it back in use and fresh reclaim will eventually cover the evidence of combustion.
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Have you tightened your coil? I was able to run 70-100* cooler after...
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    High capacity portable?

    ...are getting all the reddit hate lately; order from them with caution. Search them on r/vaporents, main issue seems to be taking orders for things not in stock; ppl were/are livid over 420/710
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    High capacity portable?

    Nova or Sticky Brick. Nova is my portable go to ATM, the dynas no longer useful in the face of my flowerpot-driven tolerance.
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    Log vape history

    Cool thread, fun read, ty.
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    Divine Tribe V4 cleaning advice...l think l broke it x_x

    Only that they're commonly recommended for burnishing electrical contacts without damage.
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    Induction Heater Reflux by Indux Labs

    Help us @ShayWhiteGrow , you're our only hope! (Or maybe that crazy taroma guy from Reddit...)
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    Induction Heater Reflux by Indux Labs

    People (not me ffs) spend thousands on glass; $2k for a vaporizer makes way more sense than that imo. Still not buying one; mebbe I'll make nice w @Shit Snacks, @LesPlenty or @ShayWhiteGrow after one of them buy one, lol.
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    Which grinder is easiest on the hands?

    Not the standard herb ripper; dunno how many more years I'll be able to run it but I bet it's single digits. Found myself fantasizing about automating it in some fashion cause it's nice otherwise.
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    Divine Tribe V4 cleaning advice...l think l broke it x_x

    Don't have any direct experience with that product but if it was working before you took it apart and now it only gets warm sounds like the electrical connections between the parts has been compromised. If it was mine I'd take it apart again, make sure all interfacing surfaces are clean (pencil...
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