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    TinyMight / TM 2

    I was able to scoop one from VGoodiez. I checked out very quickly.
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    Anvil Ordering & Shipping

    It took eleven days from ordering to delivery in PA. It shipped after three days and was stuck in customs for four or five. Once it entered the US, tracking didn't update until it was OFD.
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    Anvil Ordering & Shipping

    I just got notification that my order has shipped. I placed it Sunday evening.
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    Anvil by Vestratto

    I'm also interested to know the pricing. The recent releases of low-cost, high-performance DIYs like the Pinky, TiTi, and HLT have shown the demand for affordable devices. When a dry herb vape finally breaks through to the mainstream, it'll be because it appeals to an audience beyond us...
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    They're available through their website. They cost a few dollars more and the payment options are less convenient.
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    Xmax Qomo Giveaway

    I'd love to see more affordable concentrate devices in Pennsylvania!
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    Vapbong VS FlowerPot B2 Premium Bundle

    If you're looking for comfortable to inhale and flavorful, you should add QaromaShop's products into the mix. The quartz and ceramic heads (Qaroma and Ceroma) both taste great and, unlike titanium, they never seem to make me cough. Qaroma has the best flavor of the bunch but Ceroma is close and...
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    I like Carolina blue! Full disclosure: I'm quite colorblind
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    The B-1 doesn't fit very well initially and that affects efficiency. Have you spread the coil?
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    The B-1 uses its own nut with a groove for the top screen. The Weedeater nut doesn't have that groove but you can still jam a screen in there, it's just a little less elegant. You might also want to consider getting separate coils for B-1 and B-2 as they fit a bit differently. Personally, I...
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    3mm balls offer more surface area and volume. The restriction they add can also make it easier to hit consistently. I put this chart together when I was experimenting with ball loadouts: Compared to 3mm, 4mm has ~20% less volume and ~40% less surface area. In practice the numbers will vary a...
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    @Shit Snacks is right. It's by Licit Glass, specifically this model: Here's how it looks next to my GR Large Inline: I'll post some more detailed observations after I've had a bit more time to mess around...
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I ordered on 7/10 and received the package a little over two weeks later. In my dealings with Goo Roo, I've gotten the impression that customer service isn't one of their strengths. Or online orders aren't a priority. I ended up calling and still had to wait a bit longer. The new glass turned...
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I wanted to share a heads-up on a sale. I've been curious about Licit Glass for a bit because it looks to be better materials (German Schott) and aesthetics than Goo Roo for not that much more. Cool selection of percs. is their official retailer and they're doing a 30% off sale for...
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