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Vaporizors for patients with lung problems?

Discussion in 'ABV' started by AdmiralAlpacha, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. AdmiralAlpacha

    AdmiralAlpacha Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help lead me in the right direction for my next vape purchase. I have a lung condition and I find vaping becoming more and more uncomfortable for me. The large hits from my underdog really put me in discomfort and the dry hits from my extreme Q aren't very friendly either. I was using my underdog through a beaker but the large volume is hard for me to clear. Can anyone help recommend a vape/setup that is very gentle on the lungs?

    Thanks for any input you guys have
  2. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Denver area
    Sorry to hear of your discomfort. Have you considered making a Vapor Lung? It does all the hard work so you can just relax and take your time. Your UD should work well with it. The only trick is making the connection of the roasting tube to the bottle. I make a hole in the cap just large enough for the glass tubing. The price is definitely right. You are not out much if you don't like it.
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  3. newVaper420

    newVaper420 Vapor Enthusiast

    Have you thought about the VapeXhale Cloud? I'm not sure how it would be for you, but you could use low temp threw their hyrdatubes. That might be a good route, just my opinion
  4. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    The Land of Oz
    One of the best things you can do IME is take smaller hits.

    Of you're finding your beaker too large, you could possibly look into getting getting a smaller piece, an EHLE 100ml or 250ml are a nice small volume that I have used in the past.

    You could also try blowing bags with the EQ, then running the bag through water.
    That way you get the vapor cooling off in the bag, less resistance drawing from the bag vs direct draw, easier ability to take consistent smaller hits, and water filtration.

    I've got mildish asthma that vaping sometimes triggers, especially of I've got a cold or some other minor illness, and if I do choose to vape at those times, I'll use my solo and use it like I was smoking a j - draw on it with my mouth, not lungs, then inhale gently once my mouth is full.
    Or I use my LSV through a water piece, and I don't even let it full up with vapor. I basically clear it as soon as I see vapor forming.

    As a Bit of a reference of how small hits in talking about, I normally get 4-6 hits off a regular LSV bowl, but I'll get 20-25 micro hits.
    With my solo, I normally take 1 cycle of 12 minutes to finish a stem (+/- 2 mins), but micro hitting it can take up to 3 cycles.

  5. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    What kinda pulmonary problems do you have?
  6. AdmiralAlpacha

    AdmiralAlpacha Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delayed response, I have a combination of several diseases such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and a disease called bronciolitis obliterans. All of this results in a lung capacity of the range of 17% of my expected lung volume. So the biggest problem is being able to take big enough hits to be able to create vapor, but also not taking too big of hits to where I have a coughing fit. Could someone tell me what the draw resistance is like on the hydratubes? Does it propel the vapor into the hydra tubes or is it completely up to the user to pull it through?

  7. green2brown

    green2brown Well-Known Member

    Something fan driven like the vivape may be good for you. It has a whip option with a water attachment and the fan will create the vapor for you and blow it into your mouth. You literally just have to press start and put the whip in your mouth. At around $299 it's not too steep either.
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  8. NotPotRelated

    NotPotRelated MFLB Pro

    You should use water filtration. Put your U.D. through some scientific glass with some ice in an ice catcher. This will cool and moisten the vapor
  9. AdmiralAlpacha

    AdmiralAlpacha Well-Known Member

    I currently run it through a beaker with ice, but the volume of the beaker is too large, by time I clear the air out I'm out of breath to pull in any vapor. Also the draw resistance is a bit of a problem with it.

    I'm thinking green2brown is on the right track with something fan driven
  10. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    Is the EQ too dry through water aswell?
  11. meduser#420

    meduser#420 Fear & Loathing in FuckCombustion

    i agree with the Extreme and it has 3 fan speeds.
  12. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    Excessive lungpower to clear is a problem with BEAKERS but not all glass. A short "straight" tube with a good free-flowing diffuser is a completely different experience.
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  13. AdmiralAlpacha

    AdmiralAlpacha Well-Known Member

    I have a small bubbler as well, but idk if it is the connection or what but I can never seem to get it to work well with my vapes.
    I have also never been very successful with getting my extreme q hooked up with water. Maybe I need a small piece of glass with a gong connection.
  14. decaptain

    decaptain Well-Known Member

    I would recommend the volcano or the aromed since both are not "cloud"-style vapes, but way more gentle. The effect are still strong, but more progressive. Perfect for chillout imo.
  15. arf777

    arf777 No longer dogless

    In the Shadow of the Beast
    I'm having a related issue. I just came off 16 or so years of painkillers for nerve pain. Turned out the narcotics were controlling my asthma. Btwn that and extra vaping for pain & nausea, i'm coughing on every pull, even with my cloud or HI on low & thru a small two perc tube with water & ice.

    Any recommendations? Dont have a bag setup at the moment. Have an Herbalaire but cnnt find some of the parts
  16. max

    max Out to lunch

    Aromed maybe but IMO bagged vapor is only "gentle" if there's not a lot of vapor in the bag. Which model you use to fill the bag isn't important. The best methods for calming vapor are distance from the bowl, and better, water filtration. The temp you use, and the amount of vapor per hit, are also important factors. Dilute your hits and get the amount of vapor you want by taking more draws with less vapor per draw.
  17. decaptain

    decaptain Well-Known Member

    well i don't think that's all to it, max.
    IMO, this leads to the old vaping problem:
    the further you get from the bowl, the less efficient it works. By the time the vapor reaches your mouth, a considerable amount has been lost due to condensation.

    An extreme example for this would be to vape with a percolated bong AND additionally, an ashcatcher:
    the vapor is smooth and cool, but you lose a LOT of the effects.

    if its HARSHNESS (coughing, irritation etc.) which causes you problems, look at this thread:
    Hemp fibers are the smoothest filtering material i've ever encountered AND you don't lose anything since you can vape the oily fibers with the remains themselves.

    I find Alan's theory about oil particle size affecting smoothness to be the most true imo.: the bigger, unfiltered oily particles cause the cough, much more so than the HEAT or DRYNESS. Using a filter gets rid of the problem.
    -> it does!
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2013
  18. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    If you can afford it and can wait a month, check out the herbalizer thread/pre-orders. It combines state-of-the-art technology with forced-air for both whip use and balloons; these two vaping techniques would require the least amount of "active inhalation" on the user's part.
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  19. luchiano

    luchiano Well-Known Member

    You should use your underdog with a small water bong to cool off the hits but, most importantly inhale as slow as possible. If you inhale slow you may not need a water bong. When you inhale slow, you allow more of the vapor to cool off faster before reaching your lungs, and you will have less vapor to condense on to each other and become large, which is part of the irritation as decaptain pointed out. The reason they condense is because the excess air a fast inhale provides will cool down way before the vapor , and this will cause the vapor to slow down, get heavy, and attach to each other, making them too large for the lungs to absorb. They will also absorb a lot of moisture from your lungs, and this is an irritation. The coughing is your lungs way of bringing more mucus to it and provide some type of moisture that was taking away from the cloud, and heat.

    You should have a drink of water with every hit because, the vapor will dry your mouth out as it takes up some of the moisture when it goes to your lungs but that is also what helps cool it down.

    EDIT:Since you have a low lung capacity, you can slowly inhale the vapor into your mouth, hold it there so you can breathe fresh air into your nose and prevent the feeling if needing air since your lungs aren't that strong, then continue to inhale the vapor into your mouth until your mouth is full. Then you inhale the vapor as you would normally. This would allow you to take big hits, without needing the large lung capacity a bong will need, and it will be cool. Have fun.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2013
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  20. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    I agree. I use a bubbler every time I use my Herbalaire. It really helps make the hits a lot cooler.
  21. Tom Funk

    Tom Funk Well-Known Member

    A lot of ThermoVape Cera LL users comment on how smooth and cool the vapor coming from this unit is. Some have said that they always use water filteration with other vapes but don't feel the need with the Cera.
  22. decaptain

    decaptain Well-Known Member

    Tom Funk:
    first time i've heard of this one, i was not following the newest vape developement.
    Can you tell more about the smoothness of the Cera?
  23. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    Maybe you should look into a water pipe/vaporizer combo that offers the least amount of resistance and the shortest vapor path. Trying to put myself in your shoes but it's hard to imagine what you are going through.

    Someone mentioned the VXC (VapeXhale Cloud) above. It would offer low resistance and the ability to take slow hits. Couple it with the Cloud buddy, you don't even have to worry about priming your water pipe. Just hit it till you can't anymore, stop and catch your breath, then continue on or just clear the chamber if you like. No need to worry about draw speed, you could hit it slowly to make sure you don't take too much.

    Get a water pipe with the least amount of resistance but enough diffusion to cool the vapor sufficiently (Ion matrix maybe). Stick a mirror across from you so you can keep an eye on how much vapor your getting or if the chamber is full enough for you to get a decent hit.

    All my suggestions cost money though, not sure what kind of budget you have. Hope someone here finds the right combo for you, :tup:
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  24. as

    as Well-Known Member

    Have you tried warm water and maybe a small bubbler or j hook and pre cooler set up I find warm water really smooths out the vapor
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  25. AdmiralAlpacha

    AdmiralAlpacha Well-Known Member

    This post is pretty old, I've since pretty much perfected my setup with a small volume, high diffusion bubbler with a cotton filter.

    Thanks for all the additional input though :peace:
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