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Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by VaporNation, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. VaporNation

    VaporNation Vaporizer Superstore Retailer

    Los Angeles, California
    VaporNation is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the brand new Vapir Rise Vaporizer. Developed by Vapir, this Rise is an innovative forced-air vaporizer that offers the user dual functionality – whip or balloon bag inhalation. The Vapir Rise is also fully functional with both dry blends and aromatherapy oils. Established in 1997, Vapir has earned themselves a positive reputation in the vaporizer industry with popular models like the NO2, Oxygen Mini and One 5.0.

    You may view the pre-release Rise thread here.

    Precise Touch Pad Control System
    The Vapir Rise features a precise touch pad control system that makes the vaporization process more efficient and effective. The vaporizing temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on which you prefer. The unit is also capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures in less than 1 minute. The digital display provides the user with accurate temperature control which provides for maximum efficiency.

    Dual Functionality
    The Vapir Rise provides the user with dual-functionality. You can enjoy the vapor through the traditional whip system (silicone tubing) or through the very popular balloon bag system. The Vapir Rise aslo utilizes an advanced balloon adapter system that makes filling up your bags easier than ever. Whether you're using the whip or balloon system, both are sure to provide the user with an enjoyable vaporizing experience.

    High-Quality & Durable Construction
    The Vapir Rise Vaporizer was built using only the highest quality components. The stainless steel design ensures a clean vapor path and only the best tasting vapor. The forced-air fan system within the Rise is whisper quiet and the unit itself is quite transportable. It also utilizes a ceramic heating element and HEPA air filter system that provides for fresh and flavorful vapor.

    Vapir Rise Product Features:

    • Precise Touch Pad Control System
    • Heats up in less than 1 minute
    • Compatible with Blends & Aromatherapy Oils
    • Dual-Functionality - Whip & Balloon System
    • Extra Quiet Design
    • Includes Multi-User Adapter
    • 1 Year Warranty
    Vapir Rise Accessories (Included):

    • 1 x Power Cord
    • 1 x Blend Chamber
    • 1 x Oil Chamber
    • 1 x Chamber Adapter
    • 1 x Balloon Adapter
    • 1 x Inhalation Adapter
    • 1 x Hot Chamber Grabber
    • 3 x Inflatable Balloons
    • 1 x Balloon Clamp
    • 2 x HEPA Air Filters
    • 2 x Large Mesh Screens
    • 2 x Small Mesh Screens
    • 1 x Silicone Tubing
    • 1 x X-Tip Clear Mouthpiece
    • 1 x User Guide
    • 1 x Quick-Start Guide
    • 1 x Multi-User Adapter





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  2. lost nebula

    lost nebula Always Vaping

    That looks damm cool. Kind of like a mini EQ.

    This also looks to have a decent valve system for the bags, very interesting.
  3. mrweed

    mrweed vaporizer review blogger

    it's a bit bigger than a EQ!
    the valve system is a bit more complicated than the simple connector system of the EQ, it has lots of screw caps and shit.
    i have the feeling that it releases the substance more constanty than the EQ, though.
    no temperature fluctuations (like the vapir one)!
    full review up on my blog, soon
  4. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    Is the temperature still limited to 400° F?
  5. mrweed

    mrweed vaporizer review blogger

    yes 400F max and the fan is always on
    the multi-user adapter is really nice though!
  6. ezzzo

    ezzzo New Member

    Just picked one of these up. Have only tried it once, but the ABV appeared to be cooked very unevenly. Some dark brown (darker than I've ever seen with a vape) and some still green. Anyone have any ideas on why this is? I assume it's something to do with the herb chamber, maybe the plunger wasn't all the way down? Really hope this isn't just how this thing works...
  7. UnidenWallet

    UnidenWallet New Member

    Am I the only other person here who bought this vape? Got it last week and have been loving it every day. The multi user mode is the best, I love having friends over to use it. It's a great conversation piece. The bags are very convenient too. It's my first ever desktop vape, I've only owned the Magic Fight Launch Box and switching to a desktop vape feels like a great upgrade.
  8. stickstones

    stickstones Wasted Staff Member

    You're the only person i know who has it. I think @Slightly Medicated had one once so he may be able to comment.
  9. CG420

    CG420 Vaporist

    Medical Jane uses it. She does reviews using herbs off of it too so you could get a kick out of her.
  10. nishidake

    nishidake New Member

    I'm really interested in this vape! There's a consistency and quality to bag vapor that's very compelling, but the ease of use a versatility of whip vapor is really nice in it's own right. I've been looking into some of these hybrid vapes like the Vapir Rise and the Arizer EQ and really considering pulling the trigger on one. Can anyone with experience an this unit compare it to tho Arizer EQ or the bag mode to the Volcano?
  11. Kaptan

    Kaptan Well-Known Member

    Best advice i can give you if you are only considering the Vapir or the Arizer, go with the Arizer. The extreme q is a good starter vape, has been around for a while, and is well reviewed here. IMO, direct draw vapes have better quality tasty vapor. :science:
  12. nishidake

    nishidake New Member

    Thanks for the reply! I was kind of looking more for a direct comparison, but I wasn't very specific!

    The points about the Vapir Rise that interest me most are:
    • Ability to use oils and concentrates. Can anyone comment on how well this works?
    • Multi-person adapter. Many of my sessions are shared.
    • Bag system with shut-off valve. Not as cool as the Volcano Easy Valve, but the EQ has no provision for this at all.
    • Precise temperature control/readout with target and actual temperature.
    The one thing I'm concerned with or have mixed feelings about is that the fan is always on, though I suppose it's no biggie to cover the mouthpiece with a thumb as when sharing a hookah.

    I did find this comparison from Vaporizers.ca that was pretty helpful: http://vaporizers.ca/blogs/news/10114497-extreme-q-vs-vapirrise-vaporizer

    I'm curious, @Kaptan, what made you decide to retire your EQ and what are you using now instead? Thanks!
  13. sacredtruths

    sacredtruths New Member

    I have this vape and love it. I use it mostly with the bag system. As I can fill a bag and close the valve and let it chill out as I play a game or something and only take hits as I need. Its great. I feel the extraction is quite good as I get quite a bit of vapor on a small load.
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