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Vape for good old hash ...

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by overvaped, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. overvaped

    overvaped Vapor evangelist

    Hi firends,
    I'm looking for a way to vape/smoke my hash without having to use tobacco or weed...

    I dont have access to wax, budder or bho (well, I might get some bho soon, and some kief).

    Best thing I can get is like this photo, HQ morocan style hash...I would say it is quite far from full melt.
    I can also get good pollen usually.
    So, how could I vape them:
    • would the Cera make a good job with this dark hash?
    • could I use a nail? would I mess it up with resin?
    • I currently vape it sandwiched in my pax or my solo or alone in the volcano, but it is not totally satisfactory


    TIA and happy new year!!!
  2. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    strange, black moroccon... moroccon hash around here is usually lioghtbrown/beige/sandcolor.

    personally I have good results vaping hash with both my UD and VG. lasts way longer as weed, and gives thick clouds, it takes a bit longer for the vapor to start flowing compared to weed though. also it gunks up screns fast, in my UD where the screensurface is limited, and so the buildup quickly hinders the flow, I usually take a new screen every time I load a new bowl with hash. also important to not load too much(then it also blocks airflow), and after the first hits, wich usually give no or little visible vapor but do give taste, to stir to break it up into smaller lumps. you need a thin stirtool for this, I use metal rods wich come from an electric flyswapper I once demolished years ago. a needle would work too I think.

    also, if your hash is too high quality, it may not work well, my experience is that higher grades maroc/more expensive maroc melts together into one chunk/pool again the first hit after stirring, so the surfacearea available for vaporisation stays limited and it gunks up the screen faster. my experience is that around here maroc that's around 6-7 euros per gram gives best results, around 10 euro a gram still works fine but may require more stirring, but if it's more as 10 euro per gram I have to mix it with a lower grade hash to make it vape well.
    that only aplies to maroc though, I've had nepal that was 12,50 I think and as far as I remember it still vaped well on it's own. wasn't worth the price though, the 6,50 nepal is only slightly lower quality, but much cheaper.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2013
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  3. overvaped

    overvaped Vapor evangelist

    Thanks djonkoman,
    I'll have a look at those vapes right now!

    About he hash...I'm very close to morocco and it is quite common to find oily black hash, like culero.
    Pollem is also very common, can also be very good...I have wonderful memories of a green/yellowish ball shaped pollem...we called them tangerines....sadly my source is not offering that kind of stuff.

    By the eay, I'd say that good pollem could go very well in a cera, what dou you think about it?
  4. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't know, I never used a cera. now I remember btw, I did have black moroccon once... my usual coffeeshop was selling it for a while for 17-18 euro per gram, so I never bought it. but one of my friends bought some of it in a big spender-mood, but eventually he didn't like it. I don't remember why, he just didn't like it enough, so he gave it to me. he often had old hash leftover btw, since he bought it faster then he could smoke it, and if it was 3 weeks old or so he said it tasted stale/old so he preferred to buy new hash to smoke.

    anyway, that was really soft black hash, it was alsosold in a piece of paper inside the plastic baggie to prevent it from sticking to the baggie. I remember that it only vaped well if I mixed some of it with lower grades hash, but only a little bit of this moroccon would noticable increase how long the bowl lasted(as in, it just kept on producing vapor).

    edit: what I imagine could be a problem with the cera is that, I think, it doesn't have a regular replacable metal screen. don't know the cera that well, so maybe someone who owns it can chime in here.
    the thing, I think, wich makes my UD and VG work with hash is a high temprange(hash needs more heat, VG can even combust so it certainly can get hot enough for hash, and the UD with a VVPS also can be put on higher heat) and a big surface available, as in a freehanging screen where air can get trough the whole screen(ok, this is hard to explain... maybe I'm too vaped for this)
    and since the screen also gunks up quickly it also needs to be easy to clean/removable.

    edit2: cera instead of ascent, I'm indeed too vaped for this..:ko:
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2013
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  5. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I can chime in about the cera. I wouldn't try a bowl of straight pollen or hash unless it is like soapbar which is mostly plant material. Only highly refined hash like BHO or qwiso will work in the oil cart. The LL cart would be able to vaporize them but you would end up with a big mess. Like @djonkoman said, the cera doesn't use a normal metal screen but a circle of small holes. This works great for herb but pollen would fall through into the heat coil and combust or clog the holes up and cut down performance. If that black hash is really sticky and melts then it is going to melt all over the LL core/drip into it or just pool up.

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  6. Sativape

    Sativape Well-Known Member


    I have vaped Moroccan hash without any weed or tobacco, and I have only discovered one way to do it.

    Heat up the hash in foil so it is easily breaks apart, into a kief texture and mix it with cotton.

    I use these:


    The cotton breaks apart easily and you need to mix the hash kief into as much as possible.

    You have to keep in mind that you need to expose as much of the hash trich's surface area to the heat in order to vaporizer it.

    The heat needs to pass by/through as much of the trich heads and stalks as possible.

    Without any medium (cotton or weed) as stated above, it will simply ball up into a clump again which will immediately decrease the surface area of the hash again.

    In my Pinnacle Pro, I vape Moroccan hash mixed in with flowers and even some Qwiso.

    Without the bud, I would need to use cotton, but this is only when I am desperate and do not have any flowers.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2014
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  7. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    I never vape this sort of hasch, but I vape lot of kief and sum of "full"melt and bho (with different devices), the FV is one of the better to vape kief imo there is enough power with 3.7v cells without spacer, it kick your ass but the taste is quickly a little bit harsher...

    The better (imo) is the vapocane-b a cheap flame-powered vape (all glass!) you get big clouds, the vapor is really smooth, I stir one time and it's enough. i got better resuklts with the vapocane-b than with the cloud+ for example (in term of vapor density) and you can use your kief alone in the bowl without nothing else on a screen (like a cup).

    With my others vapes I can vape kief with all of them (mixed with mj, with cotton or alone) except with the MV (imo it's a flower dedicaced device) and the EV-2 (not enough heat to get nice clouds).

    The HA is 200°C maxi but it can vape kief very efficiency and the MV is 215°C maxi and is not able to vape kief, I think that a 100% convection vape get more difficulties to vape kief than a vape with a little bit of conduction (but I'm just thinking too that I'm able to vape kief with my TVevo and it's real convection vape!!!!?!!???!)
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  8. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    I do straight, half-melt bubble hash (no herb) in the underdog vaporizer and it usually works great. With proper technique of course.

    This was a video I made showing the insane amount of vapor from just one hash bowl. Very pleasant experience!

    Milk starts around 0:21
    Click to play YouTube Video
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  9. Bvapst

    Bvapst Well-Known Member

    Nice video!

    I'm also getting good result with kief and hash only with WW logvape. Sometime some kind of hash need to "heat up" a bit before to give dense vapor. The Lotus works really fine too with such product ( I'm using a second screen)
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  10. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    My favorite unit to vape hash is my HI. The gong stem has a thin meshed screen and i just put the moroccan in there without nothing else, take one or two pulls, then i spread it a little to increase surface and i have a very cloudy session.

    I don't do this often because vaporized hash is much stronger than the same weight in flowers and so the next day i'm still red eyed in the morning. hahah.

    I believe the Lotus can work very well too, as bvapst said, the two screens are mandatory because the Lotus screen don't have a thin mesh.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
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  11. overvaped

    overvaped Vapor evangelist

    Mmm...I wanted to buy a HI but changed my mind because of the long waiting list....but it seems log vapes are a good option for hash, I will check on them. An UD would look very nice in my sitting room...

    The vapocane-b will be on my list for sure. And I was already looking at the FV for the weed, so this is obviously a plus.
    Thank you all for your suggestions!!
  12. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Yeah, the wait list is kind of off-putting if you don't have others to keep you company in the meantime.

    The UD might need a VVPS to reach those higher temps needed for hash. If you live in the US consider the Nano, or even in the EU but in that case you need a 15USD voltage converter because they are 110V AC, the original log vape type as the UD and HI have ceramic elements that are fed at 12V DC.
    (if this is confusing i'll explain in more detail.)

    I don't have the Vapocane but it should work well with hash.

    What other vapes do you have? or is it your first?

    @djonkoman, black morocan hash is when you press the trichomes until they oxidate and the resin crumps them together. The blond hash is those same trichomes but with some plant matter particles and with less pressing.

    Black moroccan is also called zero zero because in the hash making process, they put the plants and cover them with plastic and a recipient where the thrichomes fall, and then beat them with sticks like i a drum.

    The first set of beating, is the one with more trichomes and less plant matter, and that is the zero zero. They do several sets and then group the trichomes by set of beatings, the result is the different qualities of pure moroccan hash. The degree of purity is correlated to the degree of presence of plant matter vs trichomes.
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  13. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    with my UD I use a VVPS indeed. I live in europe, and the US adapter aparently puts out a higher voltage as the 12 it's rated at, so I could only vape at low temp with an adapter that actually puts out 12 volts.

    in addition to using a VVPS I also prefer to only vape hash trough my bong, since I use a higher temperature.
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  14. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Yes, with the HI i don't find the need to use a VVPS (it actually broke 6months ago and i haven't got another to replace it yet.) but with the WW i would use the VVPS if i wanted thicker hits although it handled hash well now that i think about it.

    But it is entirely possible that the hash was not fully done in my WW and i didn't realize it.
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  15. overvaped

    overvaped Vapor evangelist


    Mmm...I will have to look at log vapes with more detail...new things to learn...

    My vapes are: volcano digit, pax, iolite, wispr 2 (on loan), solo, ... I can vape hash alone in the volcano, but with bad results, IMO. Also tried the solo but it is very easy to create a big mess if something goes through the air holes.

    I like the bong idea, I will get one to couple with the vapocane(I have no glass yet :doh:). With the volcano I go for 230ºC and it really feels too hot.

    Thank you all bros!
  16. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    I've never been able to vape harder hashes in my cera. Not even the softer kinds...best the LL can handle in my experience, is kief and regular herb.

    What works for me, is dropping hash of that consistency into an oil burner and then gently warming with a lighter. The suggested vapocane might work well too.
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  17. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    overvaped, just don't turn it on that side, use it always horizontal or with the stem 45º facing down, it is what i did.

    It can easily get messy but with some caution you're fine. But the mess is why i prefered the HI, it is so simple. Just toss it in, and inhaaaale. The UD will give you the same experience, the Nano will give you a slight better one since it can go to concentrate zone.

    Although the UD+VVPS might get there too.
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