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VapCap use with 3rd Party heaters

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by GreenHopper, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Click to play YouTube Video

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  2. turk

    turk turk

    San Francisco
    ...haven't seen that in awhile...:)
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  3. sixstringsmash

    sixstringsmash Well-Known Member


    Although you didn't ask me this at all I figure I'll piggyback on this one here.

    To me the WS offers a slight advantage in regards to flavor, and I believe offers straight convection versus the VC conduction heating.

    I still prefer using the cap with the torch when going through water, as I feel I can milk some bigger hits with it if I go a few seconds past the click, but other than that I much prefer the taste of the VC stem through a WS if I am going about it dry.

    I also consider the whole ease of loading/unloading the stem to be much easier when using the WS. Not having to fumble with the cap or anything makes it as simple as sucking up some herb into the stem, hitting the log, and blowing it out being immediately ready for another bowl. No waiting or fumbling with taking the cap off makes things a whole lot more convenient if you're looking to go back to back with your bowls.
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  4. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Buddy that is exactly the kinda post I was hoping to see thank you!

    I found the bit where you talk about using the cap for water particularly interesting.

    Gotta say 2017 is really shaping up to be a great year for vape life. :tup:
  5. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    There are numerous reasons I prefer the Wood Scent as my primary heating source. Here is some of the reasons.
    • It is always ready to go & is so easy to use. Less hassle than using a torch or alternate heating source
    • Primarily convection with additional conduction offered
    • The WS offers more consistent heating than a torch
    • Flavour is better (not that I am a flavour snob, I vape what I get & I don't get upset ;))
    One of my issues with the VapCap is the inconsistent vapour production. It produces good, dense vapour but as all VC users tend to find, first cycle wispy to good, second cycle is thick & rich, third good to wispy. I can get two monster single hits for the same amount of weed across two WS stems for less effort. The other one is I find the VC gives out before my lungs do (due to heating limitations) whereas the WS always fills me up & more often than not too much.

    Sounds like someone needs to crank up the WS a lil higher :). I agree with the "second past the click super heavy vapour" but I still find myself wanting more. The WS fixes that right up as I cannot outpace the heater & that is not for lack of trying.

    The VapCap is not a bad vape by any stretch of the imagination but it simply can't compete with the WS as far as I am concerned. Nor should a sub $100 vape compare with a $300+ vape. The VapCap punches so far above it's weight it ain't funny but it is like comparing Muhammad Ali with Floyd Mayweather. Both are great but the little guy is getting fucked up bad as there is too much size difference to overcome.
  6. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    so the star here in yall scenarios is the ws which seems to be what u prefer and the vc much cooler stem than just basioc wood or glass but the ws would stomp ass with a regular stem as well
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  7. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    @Stevenski thanks for the response. I must say I've got really good lung capacity so having a giant one hitter would work really well. That was supposed to be my GrassHopper but it's wimping out on me at the moment and I can't be bothered to RMA it yet.

    I've been using @phattpiggie's method of heating before the cool down click (using the induction heater) in order to get those massive lung busters. I actually need to back off it a little as I'm getting too damn wasted :whoa::freak:.

    I believe @Ed's TnT has recently sent out a bunch of O-Rings to help folk use their all glass stems on the WS. Would be interesting to see how people feel about the all glass VS VapCap now with those O-rings in place.
  8. flotntoke

    flotntoke thoroughly vaped

    Got my o-ring from Ed a couple weeks ago. Works pretty well for the glass, but haven't tried it with VC. Will have to experiment later.

    FWIW, I like the WS through VC for best huge hits, and usually use an older style short Vong with condenser pushed in far enough so airport is closed. Just pull the whole thing to clear, as I've become accustomed to with nano. WS definitely gives me a more wide open airflow without a cap in place. A fun way to clear a half or so VC load with one nearly overwhelming hit. Better flavor and more airflow (less conduction) like this, which is my regular fave for vapor. Have only tried the M here a few times, but seem to like Ti better than SS.

    Find myself using @Pipes PortSide for most VC use at home and in the car since I got it. Have a place to mount in the car that is pretty stealthy, and have velcro in place to attach it. But, am enjoying it so much in the house that I haven't left it mounted there. Also, don't want to leave it in car during August where temps can climb into the 90s here. PortSide also fits well between passenger seat and center console and is easier to remove, so has been hanging there when in car for now. Be careful battery indicator isn't pushed if you do this.

    PortSide does give me more of a conduction hit, but not so much like conduction vapes (Solo, FlowerMate, etc). Have found the same but not as much while using heavier torches (mostly triple jet), or depending on heating with dual torch. I'm not usually a big fan of conduction, but don't have nearly as much issue with it if load isn't cooking whole time. With VCs it's a bit different. I think because the conduction is limited, only taking place for a couple seconds while on a heat. It doesn't take on that "oven roasted" flavor that other more conduction portables do unless you're really pushing it on end of a load. PS seems to do this without that typical conduction taste almost as well and gives a "heavier" hit than dual torch. So much so that when hitting it when I walk by (which has become way too frequent!), I seldom hit straight through until cool down click (as I often do with torch on TI tip, and always with WS). Just gets me way too far gone too fast, and makes my work or chores list seem nearly endless.

    I've tried re-warming between clicks as suggested by a few here. Not as much of a fan of this as it makes PS even more conduction. Though it does seem to get me ripped even more and leave me with very dark ABV. Maybe I just need more practice to get it "right". Not sure if I will, though.

    Really enjoy the "first hits" - even if not on a fresh load while using in the car. A couple quick ones to start and 1 or 2 every 45mins to an hour after is about as far as I go - even on a recent couple hours long highway drive. If it were as easy to dump and refill as it is to use the PS, I could see myself getting a bit out of control. I like to use a plastic capped test tube in a doob-tube for my current out and about stash, and am careful to not drop a hot VC in there to suck up a new load. So if things are hot, I dump the new load in. Not something I want to mess with while driving, but not hard to do while on foot. Popping things open, dropping a cooled VC in and sucking up a fresh load of ground is simple and effective. IME taking a hit or 2 every so often is a nice way to modulate a nice light buzz and maintain it for hours.
  9. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Another great post!

    Were the O-ring not just to heal seal the glass stem?

    This is exactly what I was expecting, without the cap the airflow should be better. Wasn't sure how much the WS heater limited the air path but it sound like it's nothing short of great airflow.

    I plan on using my @phattpiggie WonG which has no carb hole. Like you I just pull to carb. Although I'm thinking about a claisen with a glass plug, sometimes the WonG can get a little stuck and fighting it as I near the end of my lung capacity, eyes bulging, tears welling up, "argh release you bastard the bowl needs clearing".

    I assume you mean the tips here. Interesting, with the PS the SS gives a longer hit than the Ti tip. I can see though that with the WS there is no need to heat soak as the air is carrying the heat directly with it (i.e. convection) so getting the tip hot quickly would be more preferential.

    It's so gosh darn convenient, except I'm now suffering "ICS (Increased Consumption Syndrome)" :lol:

    Good call on the 'DON'T LEAVE PORTSIDE IN CAR ON HOT DAY". Personally I live in a country where I'd have no chance at driving whilst imbibing. I heard they are gonna ban oxygen next....the fuckers!

    WARNING TANGENT: Had some woman butt in on a convo I was having with my friend in the local park. We were talking about driving while medicated and how we can't due to the recompense and so it limits our movement. Man she started screaming (I mean screaming!) at us about how her son was killed in a drunk driving accident.

    I felt it was inappropriate to attempt a discussion about the differences at that moment in time, told her I was sorry for her loss and suggested she pick up the large turd her dog had just laid down as my cousin nearly lost his sight due to worms (total lie but if I can't have the high ground while driving I'll steal where I can).

    I think the only conduction vape I've got left is my PAX2, which I haven't used in so long. My biggest issue with conduction was always wasted material cooking when not toking or coming back to a half vaped bowl. I don't seem to get this with the VC at all as the bowl is fairly small.

    I really like the heavy body buzz I get with the VC (and my Indica strains), it's what I mostly look for. However I mostly only hit in the afternoon when I want to lie down and chill which can be difficult when there is always a patch of deficient (I have eczema) skin coming in contact with whatever I'm lying on. Indicas + VC + PS solves that problem.

    I'm love using @phattpiggie's 'chasing the infinite non click' technique but this does mean balancing the PS on the VC which is in turn on the bubbler. But as mentioned above, I'm mostly after that knockout punch that leaves me dribling on the couch, especially on the days I have to workout.

    I tend to go for the big one hitter and ride it all the way up then down again. Find it seems to help keep the tolerance down and if I session it bt trying to maintain a buzz it can actually flare my skin up and make me itchy rather than distract me from the discomfort. Interesting how different folk in different situations have totally different requirements and vaping styles.
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  10. StonerSloth

    StonerSloth cui bono?

    This is a really interesting discussion!

    I am a very early vapcap user and way long time log vape user (though I do not have a WS as UDs are primarily my thing.) I am also happy to say that I will soon have a Portside in my hands!!!

    I guess I have to agree with @subway13029 in that I think the cap is what makes the vapcap what it is. The cap distributes the heat and maintains temperature. Removing the cap makes the vapcap just another stem. I have a ton of log vape stems of all materials and lengths and gongs and whatever - but in any case the log is still what is doing the work. If I put a vapcap in my log vape it is just another stem to me I guess.

    I am really looking forward to playing around with the Portside including trying the @phattpiggie one-click method - it could work in between Rocket League matches even better than a log MAYBE - TBD.
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  11. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    I agree man, loads of great input from everyone :tup:

    Was pursuing the Underdog Log thread the other day and came across a bunch of posts discussing an adapter to allow the VapCap to be used in conjunction with an Underdog.

    The response synopsis was, they are moving workshop so not in the immediate but they'll look into it.

    Let me throw something out there, I don't know if I'm right, it's just a supposition.

    The cap is what allows you to regulate the temp when heating with a flame or solar heater if you are @Silver420Surfer ;).

    But is the Ti-Tip (or SS) not the cap the component that distributes the heat. It also hst those fins to dispel as much heat as possible so you aren't heating up the stem.

    Not all stems have condensers, I know @Ed's TnT's doesn't (but you can add them yourself). Those stainless Steel condensers must also offer some cooling effect to the vapor that a glass or pure wood stem doesn't offer? Is the experience not a sum of the parts with each part performing a function and contributing a unique vape signature? The VapCap stems and Tips are not just a Ti or SS stem, there is a level of engineering in the VapCap tips that surely must affect the experience?

    Loving my @Pipes Induction Heater :D
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  12. Gray Area

    Gray Area Well-Known Member

    You really think those condensers/fins do anything when it's being used as a stem for a log...?
    They're only relevant when using the cap/conduction heating surely, and without the cap it's not a Vapcap.

  13. Andreaerdna

    Andreaerdna If God is the answer, then the question is wrong


    They should add some cold air (through "carb hole") mixing with hot vapor, maybe helping cooling down the experience (with some loss in vapor thickness)
    I never used VC as a stem but I do find vapor too hot when using a log in a direct draw style
  14. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    My eyes tend to be bigger than my lungs so I always make my bowls too big for a one hitter. Nothing worse than a small hit so I would prefer to be "wasting" weed & ensuring a massive rip every time. If you can pack a VC stem 3/4 full, rip it in one & still want more you sire are the 1% :p. A definite two hitter for me packed like that.

    I forgot to mention the airflow is way better than with a cap on & no silly carbs to deal with. Just rich, sweet vapour. It may be elitist but if it ain't Ti or glass it ain't touching my WS. Then again I have five tips I can use.

    There is no limit on restriction with a O ring & glass stem/GonG. I like the little bit of restriction with the Ti tip but the flavour from a D/D stem is powerful. Get a claisen, I have a couple & they are perfect for what you want. The only problem is you know you have a easy clear so that encourages reckless vaping behaviour leading to increased coughing.

    UD's were my thing too but not anymore. The cap does bugger all maintaining temperature since it indicates a certain level of heat has been reached & from that point it steadily declines. The heat distribution is only as good as your spinning fingers whereas using a VVPS with the WS allows you to regulate temperature far more accurately. If you want more conduction leave the stem connected for 20 seconds before taking a hit & it will be milky goodness.

    If you want to keep your stems clean, using condensers is essential. So much easier to maintain over the lifespan especially if you are a heavy user. As for it not being a VapCap without the cap you would be right, it is a Wood Scent & all my VapCap stems are made my Ed so all my stems are really WS stems. It is a circle though as they can all interact & I like modularity.

    If you own a VapCap then you have an elite vaporiser already. The only thing a Pipes induction heater or WS does is improve the user experience. Let the good times roll.
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  15. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Yeh I think they make a difference, if they don't then why would @Ed's TnT have opted to use the Ti-Tips in the construction. Those add $40 (maybe less if he gets a bulk discount) but that's a fair whack of change to be adding to a product's cost.

    Why design the Log's heater to work with the Tip's if they don't do anything?

    Nope, one of those rips is enough for me :D definitely not gonna be wanting more or I'd end up :freak:

    Love this description :tup: I may have exhibited some 'reckless vaping behaviour' in the past :evil:

    The WS stems are only partially made by @Ed's TnT, the wooden turned section yes, the Tip is made by DynaVap. Maybe it it isn't a full VapCap without the cap but the Ti-Tip is definitely used for some reason. My guess is Ed could have designed his own titanium tip but concluded George worked magic with his tip design and it was worth utilising.

    As for the condenser, I'd agree that it's worth using to keep reclaim away from the wooden stems core.

    I am curious if an Omni's variable airflow control would offer anything to the mix? Similar to what I think @Andreaerdna was getting at?
  16. Stevenski

    Stevenski Enter the Dragon

    'straya mate
    From what I understand Ed was experimenting with different ideas & came to the conclusion why not use a preexisting design that is proven & he was already working with George. The whole reason I wanted a WS was specifically because it is VapCap compatible. When building a cannaseur vaporiser, premium components are required even if it is a heater core cover & material chamber.

    I am rather reckless with my vaping. Even now I am loading another couple of stems & I have a lot of work to do tomorrow but I also have a full bowl of ground bud sitting there....:hmm:.....

    It would be interesting but as there is so little restriction there is no need for any extra airflow. When I do bust a cap it is nearly always through my long WS stem as the carb is redundant to me with gen 4+ tips.
  17. Ed's TnT

    Ed's TnT Woodsman Manufacturer

    Good evening, so I worked with George since the start of the VC, he is a solid guy since then I expressed to him my desire to make a log of my own. I did make a few betas using SS but they were just plain jane inside. I built a great relationship with George and over time we came to the conclusion hey why not go Ti, no one else is doing it why not the WS. From then on its a perfect match, the internals look great, it functions like no other, its versatile as a desktop and gosh seems you all dont know I am sending out a VC cap in every package now. Not only do you have a workhorse of a desktop but also a portable stem when you wanna go out and about. The WS package is loaded with everything, heck I would send ya the kitchen sink if it would fit in the shipping tube. For all you get out of the box and all you can do with it when you open it its a no brainer. WS is a beast all on its own, being compatible with the VC and Omni means you have many more options. I have even heard from several users that ti Ti tip in the wood stem with a direct draw from the WS provides massive clouds maybe more so than with a torch.

    Yes sir the orings were sent out to most everyone, seems I have missed a couple, if anyone hasnt gotten them soon pls let me know. They are to be used with the glass by closing off the slight air gap at the top of the heat port when using the glass, the glass rips now using them and hope you all are finding that so as well.

    I hope I have been helpful, if I can do anything else or didnt cover all pls do let me know.
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  18. DirtyD

    DirtyD Well-Known Member

    Southeast us
    So I had to mod my skeletor (button sand down). Not because it needed it..... I just can't leave stuff alone. Pulled out button to sand, quickly realized it wasn't just going back in so I just put a drop of gorilla glue on that sucker and crammed it down in on top of actual button. So if anything, the wooden button is sitting way higher rather than lower... After a mini heart attack, and letting glue dry..... This thing works way way better, load way more evenly cooked, and I can get more cycles per load. The thing is though, I just lucked out. Don't tinker around with it if u don't need to. Mine is fine tuned tho. Loving VC +skeletor!!!!! Can't wait for a tiny version.....:tup:
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  19. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Was worried there for a moment :ugh: but glad it all turned out great in the end :tup:

    I've been really lucky, my PortSide has been perfect right from the get go.

    I'm keeping an eye on @rz's "The auto-magic super rZToaster, or something like that.." as that would be my ideal on the go solution.
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  20. turk

    turk turk

    San Francisco
    ...same here..after I discovered I was too impatient...this thing is a treat to use...I'm in with the portable too...
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  21. Dynalowrider

    Dynalowrider Well-Known Member

    Deep in the heart
    I really like the integration of the VapCap with the WS. I load the VC, and I have a choice of cap or no cap. Convection or conduction. Going out the door or staying in. The choice is mine.
    I got tired of having parts spread out all over the table when I wanted to vape. Now I have my Wood Scents,
    VapCaps, Jarhead, torches, and herb on the table.
    The Omni is adjustable, so it doesn't care if there is a carb or not. Sure the VC is basically a fancy stem, but you reach over and place a cap on it and, Rock and Roll. If you want, just pick up the WS, and pull in the sweetest vapor.
    I will admit I have not used the glass stem with my WS. It's just too much herb at one time for me. I have used my "Fancy Stems" all the time. I guess I'm a "Swiss Army Knife" kinda guy. To quote Chevy Chase, "I LIKE IT".

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