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Ed's TnT
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Oct 30, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Feb 15, 2010
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Ed's TnT



Still giving it Hell! Aug 31, 2013

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Engaged in conversation, Oct 30, 2014 at 10:29 AM
    1. Vay-pour
      Hey dude. How can i go about getting one of those gorgeous mouthpieces for the Imag plus. I have the imag original would it still fit in that ? Thanks man.
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      2. Vay-pour
        I do believe both are the same dimensions. That being , how can i order one of them please ? thanks buddy
        Oct 20, 2014
      3. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        I have not made them available yet, it's gonna be a couple weeks, pls hang in there with me and check back soon!
        Oct 20, 2014
      4. Vay-pour
        Sure thing dude :)
        Oct 20, 2014
    2. Canadianguy
      Hi...what would shipping be for the Granadillo (Solo)...On,Canada,L3Y2H3..When i checkout I cant see shipping before confirming.

      1. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        Hello and thank you for your interest in my work! Shipping is always free worldwide even! Hope this is helpful and look to hear from you again soon!
        Oct 19, 2014
    3. fregglepops
      Hey dude, was wondering how much it'd cost for you to do a nano stem in African Blackwood. Turned to look like the bass drone of a set of bagpipes. Imitation ivory optional. That's my dream stem.
      1. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        Hmm PM me some pics and we will go from there. Thanks for the interest in my work!
        Jun 15, 2014
    4. Output
      Just to add to my voice here, I would really love to have you produce something for the Nano.
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      2. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        I too would like to do something for the nano and hopefully in time I can get something made. Thanks for your interest in my work and I wish you all the best.
        Dec 18, 2013
    5. Ed's TnT
      Ed's TnT
      Still giving it Hell!
    6. Seren
      Ed, Just in case you don't know - I thought I'd let you know that on your website the link on your Sinker Cypress stems is not working - if you click on 'buy now' it takes you to an error page...
      1. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        Thanks bro!
        Aug 31, 2013
    7. Seren
      Hi Ed - I absolutely love the look of your Solo stems - great craftsmanship! I can see from the post below you deliver to Europe - which is great. I'm just wondering whether you have any distributors in Europe? As Customs in the UK collect 15% on all deliveries from outside the EU valued at £15 or greater. Peace & out :o)
      1. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        I do have a distributor in the eu, vaporisateur.net they can get ya fixed up on 3 species thanks for the kind words and if they cant get ya right let me know
        Aug 27, 2013
      2. Seren
        That's great news! Thanks- I'll take a look :o)
        Aug 28, 2013
    8. cannybagoftudor
      Ed - I am sure it has been answered - bu do you deliver to Europe?

      1. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        You bet i do for free even!
        Jul 14, 2012
    9. JCat
      Hi Ed,

      I sent you an e-mail as requested concerning the Solo stem "kits" and faster shipping ... just thought I'd post here too.
    10. Adobewan
      Thanks Ed. Looking forward to my Colobolo.
      I wanted to reach out and make myself available to you regarding marketing and design work. I'm a movie storyboard and concept artist, as well as currently doing G's marketing over at THC Scientific, and just did an ad for PlanetVape.
      If you have any needs I'm very interested in product trade outs.

      Thanks again Ed!
      1. Ed's TnT
        Ed's TnT
        I thought that was your order for the coco solo, I appreciate your business an your reaching out bro! I am very interested in what your proposing and would like to know more. Can you send me some links of your work, would like to see what you have done. Pls tell me more, you can email me directly at ed@edstnt.com hey thanks again and I look forward to talking with you more.
        Jun 14, 2012
    11. Ed's TnT
      Ed's TnT
      Giving it hell!
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