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The J-hook thread!

Discussion in 'Glass' started by natural farmer, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. abcd5432

    abcd5432 Well-Known Member

    So use that without the angle adapter on the EVO. Like that. That's how I was using that style jhook.... Now that you tell me to just flip it over... it makes far more sense and is far more comfortable. Rofl... You learn something new every day... I literally never use it because its so ridiculously uncomfortable.ll Now I see what I can do.

    I could attach it to something like this!

    Ugh, makes far more sense.

    I'm like a smart guy I swear.
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  2. JCharles

    JCharles FC 06/06/2017 | ACMPR 26/07/2017

    Toronto, Canada
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