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Sublimator XLR

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by PlanetVape, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. MileHighHuman

    MileHighHuman Well-Known Member

    Yeah i do agree the dishes can put out the same size clouds. But i have to say something about the sublimator is just very very smooth in my opinion.

    Ill say its hard to go back after getting accustomed to the sapphire's taste. But anyways, i also agree about the atomizer getting gross. But every vape or device has some type of maintenance.

    Ive found cleaning the atomizer completley every few days, along with torching that bottom atomizer screen everyday keeps things up and going great.

    My atomizer isn't too old, but it does not have any Ti or SS logo.

    i assume that maybe the labeled atomizers are available/sold with the new xlr mini kits?

    I had assumed maybe the handle with logo is titanium and then the atomizer with the holes in the handle is stainless steel. This is just my assumption from looking at the items for sale from Planet Vape

    Im pretty positive mine is stainless steel, but i was just really being curious to be honest.

    Anyways. I know its just been discussed the Sublimator is not the best for concentrates, but has anybody tried it with some concentrate pads?

    I attempted 2 small and 1 medium sized dab on heat level #8. And i got super smooth convection clouds from my concentrates. The clouds were not as big as if applied to the heating element head, but it worked.

    I'm really prefering convection style concentrates. The EVO VapeXnails produce nice convection vapor in my opinion, but are just too messy and require an inhale technique that I'm not fond of. So now I'm trying to figure out/see if the sublimator can replicate that experience while also making things much easier as well

    I was wanting to crank the temp up to see if i could get bigger clouds or faster extraction. But was curious to the ignition point of the stainless steel concentrate pad. My google search showed 2,750 degrees F, but I'm not sure if this is correct and wanted to confirm here before attempting to crank up to temp #10 or #11

    (Attempted with no atomizer or olite screens for full airflow)

    Then about your comment on the denim working to unscrew hot atomizers. What temp do you have your sublimator set at when you do this?
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  2. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    You can put concentrate pads in the ELB of your evo bro. I stopped using vapexnails in favor of that a long time ago (quicker clouds, better taste, more even heating and more consistent flavor throughout the bowl - vapexnails taste like ass as the vaporization progresses). With that said, convection dabs do not compare to low temp SiC or sapphire dabs for flavor and I never use my highest quality material in this way after having compared the two.

    SiC dabs can provide the same clouds as the sub with a much less restricted draw and easier cleaning. This is why I unequivocally recommend SiC e-nails for dabbing over the Sub.

    With that said, I would 100% agree with you that concentrate pads in the flower section of the sub would make for much tastier rips than dabbing those concentrates onto the heater. Also the sublimator's main atomizer bowl is wonderful for less than full melt hash ;)
  3. MileHighHuman

    MileHighHuman Well-Known Member

    No longer own my EVO. But i agree with your statements about it.

    The reason I'm so against the Dnail dishes is purely because of personal problems. Im not downing its vaporization abilities in anyway. Its because my lungs react too much when i use my enail (and sub v4)

    Ill say my v4 is somewhat better on my airways than my enail somehow. But my body personally prefers convection style concentrates. Ive found i can do 1 or maybe 2 at most conduction style dabs before my nose starts pouring to the point that i need to keep tissues next to me. But, i can do multiple convection dabs without triggering any of my respiratory issues. So please understand I'm not saying the SiC/Sapphire dishes are bad. Im just saying that they are not meant for me personally. Plus the few convection dabs I've done have actually tasted really good and not to mention super dooper smooth.

    Hate to ask again. But it'll be safe to use the concentrate pads on temp #11. Correct?
    It'd be nice to ramp up the extraction speed compared to the previous attempts on temp #8
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