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Sublimator XLR

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by PlanetVape, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. MileHighHuman

    MileHighHuman Well-Known Member

    Yeah i do agree the dishes can put out the same size clouds. But i have to say something about the sublimator is just very very smooth in my opinion.

    Ill say its hard to go back after getting accustomed to the sapphire's taste. But anyways, i also agree about the atomizer getting gross. But every vape or device has some type of maintenance.

    Ive found cleaning the atomizer completley every few days, along with torching that bottom atomizer screen everyday keeps things up and going great.

    My atomizer isn't too old, but it does not have any Ti or SS logo.

    i assume that maybe the labeled atomizers are available/sold with the new xlr mini kits?

    I had assumed maybe the handle with logo is titanium and then the atomizer with the holes in the handle is stainless steel. This is just my assumption from looking at the items for sale from Planet Vape

    Im pretty positive mine is stainless steel, but i was just really being curious to be honest.

    Anyways. I know its just been discussed the Sublimator is not the best for concentrates, but has anybody tried it with some concentrate pads?

    I attempted 2 small and 1 medium sized dab on heat level #8. And i got super smooth convection clouds from my concentrates. The clouds were not as big as if applied to the heating element head, but it worked.

    I'm really prefering convection style concentrates. The EVO VapeXnails produce nice convection vapor in my opinion, but are just too messy and require an inhale technique that I'm not fond of. So now I'm trying to figure out/see if the sublimator can replicate that experience while also making things much easier as well

    I was wanting to crank the temp up to see if i could get bigger clouds or faster extraction. But was curious to the ignition point of the stainless steel concentrate pad. My google search showed 2,750 degrees F, but I'm not sure if this is correct and wanted to confirm here before attempting to crank up to temp #10 or #11

    (Attempted with no atomizer or olite screens for full airflow)

    Then about your comment on the denim working to unscrew hot atomizers. What temp do you have your sublimator set at when you do this?
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  2. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    You can put concentrate pads in the ELB of your evo bro. I stopped using vapexnails in favor of that a long time ago (quicker clouds, better taste, more even heating and more consistent flavor throughout the bowl - vapexnails taste like ass as the vaporization progresses). With that said, convection dabs do not compare to low temp SiC or sapphire dabs for flavor and I never use my highest quality material in this way after having compared the two.

    SiC dabs can provide the same clouds as the sub with a much less restricted draw and easier cleaning. This is why I unequivocally recommend SiC e-nails for dabbing over the Sub.

    With that said, I would 100% agree with you that concentrate pads in the flower section of the sub would make for much tastier rips than dabbing those concentrates onto the heater. Also the sublimator's main atomizer bowl is wonderful for less than full melt hash ;)
  3. MileHighHuman

    MileHighHuman Well-Known Member

    No longer own my EVO. But i agree with your statements about it.

    The reason I'm so against the Dnail dishes is purely because of personal problems. Im not downing its vaporization abilities in anyway. Its because my lungs react too much when i use my enail (and sub v4)

    Ill say my v4 is somewhat better on my airways than my enail somehow. But my body personally prefers convection style concentrates. Ive found i can do 1 or maybe 2 at most conduction style dabs before my nose starts pouring to the point that i need to keep tissues next to me. But, i can do multiple convection dabs without triggering any of my respiratory issues. So please understand I'm not saying the SiC/Sapphire dishes are bad. Im just saying that they are not meant for me personally. Plus the few convection dabs I've done have actually tasted really good and not to mention super dooper smooth.

    Hate to ask again. But it'll be safe to use the concentrate pads on temp #11. Correct?
    It'd be nice to ramp up the extraction speed compared to the previous attempts on temp #8
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  4. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Member

    Looking for a desktop Vape for about 3 Months now. Stopped combustion (for about 3 Months now yay) with a Flower Mate 5.0s Pro and bought VapCap -M- about 2 weeks ago together with fat mouthpiece to use it with water piece. Its more the way i want to vape, like i smoked before: fast 1-hit stuff. But with flowermate i also liked the taste and feeling of a session, got used to it in this 3 months. But not using it since i have the dynavap.

    Anyway, looking for a desktop vape, cause youtube guy tells theyre level over portables. Wanted the sublimator for about 2 months, then ppl say there is better stuff for flowers. Cloud Evo (damages quick?), flowerpot (not available in europe except GB?), herborizer Ti (similar efficiency for half the price?)

    So im confused now, its black friday weekend and sublimator and other stuff are now for little price, so its the best timing to do it now. (was planned in 2 weeks anyways)

    I really want to buy the sub today, reading this forum for weeks now, saw that things went quiet around sublimator and i was wondering why.

    Comparision Herbo Ti vs Sub for example, very interesting
    grasshopper vs sub also, cause i tried the grasshopper once and it was hardest vape so far, but i can only afford one and want a desktop vape.

    What do you ppl suggest? And sorry for my crappy language, dont use it often.
  5. stinkytofus

    stinkytofus Well-Known Member

    I suggest sticky brick brick maxx with a hydrabomb from dhgate plus colibri butane 300ml from amazon


    A vape u can keep and use forever
    The only con is you will have to keep on buying butane but the vapor production and effects are more than worth it
  6. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree

    Man, if you live in Europe and wanna use flowers BUY AN HERBORIZER TI!!!

    Listen to me... I also stopped smoking this may, and the herbo ti was my first vaporizer EVER and i was a bit scephtical about vaporization in general. The first time i tried the Herbo ti it changed the game. Trust me and dont waste all thoose money on a sub etc. The herbo ti is just perfect
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  7. Poostuff

    Poostuff Well-Known Member

    From what you’ve posted the Sub sounds like exactly what you need.
    This thread is quiet because the Sub sells itself & no one seems to have too many issues with it.
    I post here every 6 months or so but just to say how great it is.
    Once heated, the Sub consistently provides the biggest smoothest fastest hits of all the vapes I own. There’s no hit & miss, just one huge hit after another.
    It’s not a session vape at all it’s designed to be a powerful one hitter.
    If you decide to buy one you’ll never regret it & it’ll make you glad you gave up smoking.
  8. Teedub

    Teedub Well-Known Member

    @JohnnyMauser We are in the sub thread so sub for win - of course. Personally I'm sub>evo and If I was buying again I would get the sub 3 or herborizer.

    Desktop and portables don't compare, not even a mighty comes that close to the desktops mentioned.

    Bit off topic prolly should be in ask fc

    Work out what format works for you, price etc They are all good vapes.
  9. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Member

    Thank you very much so far,

    That may be truth, i dont know much about your smoking habits before, guess a bong dude with tobacco/weed like other europeans? But... the herbo TI is your one and only vape, so you dont had the chance to compare anything.

    For me i started with the flowermate which was a present of my dad, he decided to continue smoking, but for me it worked. Maybe cause i wanted to stop smoking time before this and had lot of hope that vaporizers work for me. And of course they do. Friend of mine get hyped by me and bought himself vapcap and grasshopper, vapcap on my suggestion (before i ever had one). Because its cheap and effective. He continued smoking 2 days after, but says that he likes the vapcap very much. I could test his grasshopper and vapcap, so i buyed a vapcap for little money. I was really impressed by the grasshopper on the bong, its much harsher and more effective then the flowermate. At the end of the evening i was like... yea i dont need a sub, i can get a grasshopper. But its 250 euros min, half of sub, needs batteries, and many ppl say it breaks very fast.

    As i started with flowermate, i really soon discovered the sublimator on YT. And said to me, thats for me, exact what i need. Ok cant afford, but if.... i watched every vid about sublimator and read about every thread. Seen very curious ppl on YT like mariuanaman etc... and all i wanted the last weeks was this thing.

    There was only 1 guy who tested both on youtube, he said that sub has a little denser vapor then the herbo ti, but if you get the right settings with herbo, you can get the same amount of clouds. He bought himself the herbo, so dont know if he say so because of that fact. (hey, its not so much better, so i dont have to regret that i bought herbo then sub.) The fact i looked for so much info about the sub, i posted it in here and not in the ask FC thread.

    Yea i hope thats the reason. There are much cons about sub, some say its not worth its money, get a herb you have nearly same effect for half money. Then about the "sublimating" thing, theres no prove that this is what happening, or just good merchandise. But if its only merchandise, its a lie, and its not much comfort to pay for that. Then this video from enrico with broken herborizer, "im really set up that happend" (or in other words, dont happen with my product, cause stable metal isnteead of instable glass) which is not really symphatic in my eyes.

    Theres so much going on about this thing in my head, also thinking about theres a hype about almost every vape there. So its very difficult and i have to be very critic about what ppl say about the vapes and why they are doing so.

    I know this is a self made problem, but i want to do the right decision. Have in mind that poostuff told earlier hes sorry for everyone who decides against the sub. So im thankful for all answers and thoughts, even if they dont help with easy decision, they satisfy my decision more cause i had a large base of cons/pros.
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  10. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree

    Johnny, i smoked 2-3 joints a day for 8-9 years with some bongs from time to time and i know what being stoned means :brow:

    The herbo TI will just stone you MORE with LESS material. You can spend 600€ on the sublimator or 300€ on the herbo ti. The sub was my first choice when i was looking for a vape, but now i know i made the right choice with the herbo ti.

    Trust me and you'll be happy. Im not a fanboy kid!!!
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  11. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Member

    I smoked Bong for 15 Years, every day between 10 and 50 bowls, sometimes more. Joints never satisfy me. Its kind of a big surprise that i could stop smoking with the only help of a flowermate....

    More with Less material is the same that the sub does and it looks more efficient then the sub, cause of the atomizer. Maybe the Herbo TI has better flavor, but same or better effeciency? Price for me atm is to decide between 492 euroes for adapt-a-ss-kit (it would like 562 for Ti) or 260 for herbo ti. (both without bubbler stuff)

    I have time until monday, maybe one of this is out of sale then, so the decision would be easier. *g* But i guess not. Thanks Pustupillo for youre opinions on this, i appreciate.
  12. Mixio

    Mixio IlVaporOne

    Sublimator is the best choice if you want something strong...very strong...
    I've sent a pm to you for an Apollo like new ;) at half price :worms:
  13. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Member

    Like to buy one from a shop in my country, where i can go when something doesnt work properly or its about guarantee. Nobody here who has sub AND herb ti? Missing the sublimator fanboys here....

    since i asked... there were 1 vote for logvapes, 2 for herb ti, 2 for sub, and 1 guy who want to sell a sub (so its not a vote for pro). We are in the sub thread, so sub for win. of course ;)

    where are the sublimator fanboys? ;)
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  14. Teedub

    Teedub Well-Known Member

    IMO the sub looks pretty bulletproof compared to a HerbTi (glass bowl mainly). And I went through 2 dud evos before i got a third working one (and I'm literally worried everyday it's gonna crack).

    I would get a herb Ti, if only considering price and wanting this type of interface. Logs are different to smoking bongs.

    I think you just have to work out what you want, the 3 im talking about are all excellent at getting vapour into you, and are like smoking bongs but - better. All have their own pros n cons, that's vapes.
  15. JohnnyMauser

    JohnnyMauser Member

    Time runs out... Sublimator or HerboTi? Atm im about to get the sub 3.0 kit for 500.... and dont think so much about that price ;) but i know me, getting ordered at 23:59 all is possible *g

    decided for the herbo ti, maybe another time for sub, when im not satisfied with the herbo.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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  16. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree

    good choice man... Herbo ti will satisfy you 100% and im sure you are not gonna buy a sublimator at all.
    the herbo is 90% glass airpath!!!! the sub is 100% metal.

    This how i use my herbo TI:

    15 minutes of pre heating at temp 6 (with the heater sitting in the empty bowl obviously), than i put my LITTLE ammount of herb in the bowl and enjoy it :science:

    waiting for your experience
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  17. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    @JohnnyMauser, did you make your decision?

    Originally I wanted to buy the Sub after my first testings. But it's a pretty huge setup, vapour a little to harsh for my sensitive bronchias and the flavour not the best. And it works mostly with conduction and radiation heat in use with the mystical "equilibrium".
    But it's a real heavy hitter for sure. Very impressive.

    First I decided for a Herb Ti. Tiny, awesome flavour, very smooth vapour, suitable for low temp, pure convection w/o preheating the bowl, and enourmous production of vapour. Awesome.

    Since two weeks I've the NewVape Showerhead too. Not so nice and tiny as the Herb Ti but it's performance is a bit better in all called points with an incredible even extraction. You've more factors for fine dialing your personal sweetspot(s) with the SH.

    Now my SH is my daily driver as a desktop in my living room and the Herb Ti the one for my bedside table and for bring it along to friends. Don#t wanbt to miss any of them.
    Would I've to choose again I would go with the SH - for use with herbs!

    To choose the right one you have to ask yourself for your own needs and preferences.

    - Taste
    - smoothness
    - vapour developement
    - extraction
    - convection/conduction/radiation
    - herbs only/dabs/dd

    Last week I've tried the Sub again and - I would go with the SH again for MY liking. But the Sub is such a hard hitter. Maybe I'll buy also one in the future....but probably not worth the additional (high) costs.

    Overall you cannot make anything wrong with each of them regarding effects. They are the trinity of desktops.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
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  18. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    EDIT (couldn't edit the last post anymore)
    If you are looking for torchable desktops look, as called, at the Sticky Brick or SBJunior with waterttol adapter or for fool prooved use the Supreme S3. Got mine two weeks ago but couldn't test it up to now.
    Had two bowls now - unbelievable cloud heaven!
    Looks ugly as shit but is small and portable. You can get nice taste and vapour is all milky way.
    Dense as cream. Recommandation!
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  19. Poostuff

    Poostuff Well-Known Member

    I haven’t tried the Herbo but I like what I’ve seen. Those glass bowls look tasty but expensive to replace if you bust one. Well done for finally deciding, I bet you’ll love it.
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  20. ripped

    ripped Well-Known Member

    Where are the Sublimator fanboys? Hell we’re using our subs and getting ripped not worrying about what we should buy next, our subs are still running fine and getting us baked.

    Only thing I’ve replaced in a couple of years is some screens and a longer whip when mine got to much resin in it. I bought the titanium master kit and use I it daily and about the only thing I bought extra was a glass tube and a titanium dabmaster...money well spent!
  21. mccleud

    mccleud New Member

    Hi people!

    My sublimator is two years old, and I do not why… the flavour of my herbs is bad.

    I clean my sublimator and bongs in a daily basis. I use a big ultrasonic cleaner for the bong. I put regular water and soap.

    Fort he titanium components, I clean them with a small ultrasonic cleanner. I put osmosis water, soap and bicarbonate of soda.

    I think I have a problema with the cleaning. Could anyone help me please?
  22. Justpassedu

    Justpassedu Well-Known Member

    Longisland , NewYork
    1st thing you can try is some high percentage iso alcohol as regular soap and water will sometimes not clean everything even if you are using a ultra sonic cleaner. This should really help strip some of the resin/reclaim that has built up in the parts. I like to warm my iso up a bit for a quicker cleaning , than everything gets rinsed with water after and dried.
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  23. mccleud

    mccleud New Member

    Thanks justpassedu,

    It has been a long time since I put my sublimator at level 12, and I forgot this option. Thanks... I will do it in a few days.
    I clean my sublimator everyday, so I do not think that is the problem... but I will do it.

    I was thinking to throw it away, and buy a new one... but I have a friend that works with glass and I asked him to change all titanium parts to glass. I will received it this week.

    Meanwhile I use a vrip. This friend of mine changed the final part that breaks constantly, and now it is a very good vaporizer.

    However, I prefer the sublimator because of the atomizer. It strenthens the flavour... I have asked a 2mm tube (atomizer) between two 18" male adapters... so I will have lots of fun diciding with is the best vaporizer in some days.

    I can put some pictures if you want.

    Regards, and if anyone knows any other way to help me... thanks very much!
  24. MileHighHuman

    MileHighHuman Well-Known Member

    For cleaning the atomizer? Alconox. No questions asked. ISO is also good. But alconox has mine looking like new everytime.

    Im interested in your old (now new glass) sublimator unit
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  25. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada

    Please post up Some pics!!!?
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