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Studying & Vaping

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by HerbalSquirrel, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Elluzion

    Elluzion Vapeosaurus Rex

    Perfect post for during finals time.

    I was actually not going to vape my week of finals, but ended up giving in. I have just been vaping at night, after 8 hours of solid studying it is definitely a nice break, but the only thing is if i do it too late (such as right before bed), i wake up more tired than I normally would.

    I don't think that I could study high, maybe slightly. Enough of a high to concentrate, but not completely shredded... :D
  2. caseball2051

    caseball2051 Well-Known Member

    I sat down today and vaped a stem in my MZ and banged out a study guide. I was shocked how quick I did it. It definitely helps me focus when I use it before doing schoolwork. hate being vaped in class though, i almost never do that.
  3. Pappy

    Pappy shmaporist

    Pot is great for creative writing, music composition, poetry, painting, etc. But don't take a good thing too far. :D
  4. He-Man

    He-Man Prince

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  5. Jackson1303

    Jackson1303 Aspiring vaporist

    I've known some people who can study high and some people who can't. I know someone who scored a 2310 while stoned during the SAT's. I honestly don't know how that is possible but I do know he stayed high 24/7, while he kept his 4.6.
    Crazyy shit
  6. Elluzion

    Elluzion Vapeosaurus Rex

    I also think that this is definitely strain dependant as well.

    check out http://www.leafly.com/explore

    one of my favorite websites to find strains based on different characteristics...
  7. Carbon

    Carbon Well-Known Member

    Just shows someone who's a functional pot head. When you toke up 24/7 your tolerance level will allow you to do many more things normally than would the casual toker while they're under the influence. Add that to the fact that with enough consumption your brain pathways will mildly rewire themselves to operate more effectively while under the influence.
  8. Nycdeisel

    Nycdeisel Well-Known Member

    Just because one may have a tolerance does not mean that they wont experience different effects from different strains, like the rest of us do.

    I believe that there are many variable roles that play into just one single experience, and the specific strain has a lot to do with it. But so does your mood before vaping, and just like anything can turn on a dime, you cant often predict just how you will feel once it all comes down to it.

    I dont know if I can 'study' while vaping. I do remember, however, that being high during classes is super weird feeling.
  9. BL4ZE

    BL4ZE Well-Known Member

    I had a teacher who once made the comment that if you study drunk or high you better take the test drunk or high so that your in the same state of mind lol :lol:
    She had to know me and my buddy smoked cause at the end of the semster she gave me the topic marijuana and my buddy alcohol.
    We even went by her house one day to turn in some work, and she had a big garden out back and made the mention of herbs, and i guess from the expression me and my buddy had, she goes no not that kind! lol

    Anyways I think it works for some and others it doesn't. For me I think it helps to an extent cause if i'm not high i'll second guess myself during a test, but with a little buzz i'm more relaxed and can think better... but it depends on the subject as well i guess.
    And i'm sure the strain you use has a lot to do with it, sadly where I live I don't have access to everything like those in the medical states do.
  10. NiceLungs

    NiceLungs Account Closed

    Early on in undergrad it's easy to get away with getting lit prior to studying or classes. As the material gets more difficult most people that I know who are in undergrad who are upperclassmen cut down on their consumption.

    I drastically reduced my consumption later on in undergrad and for most of grad school. The research points to cannabis affecting short term memory. To stay sharp and remember all the mundane details I feel it's important to not be impaired in class or whilst studying. Moderate intake after studies are done seem to be fine as long as one isn't rushing the studies to get lit.

    Just remember kiddies after school you can always blaze freely. Once you get your degree, no one can take that away from you.

    A gentle balance :)
  11. stonedwarman

    stonedwarman I got paid to kill people.

    Everyone is different, and (unfortunately) the only way to find out if you can do well on a test after studying while high is to try it. The results maybe disastrous though lol. But I will say that if you study while high, take the test high as well. Doesn't really make sense to study high and then take the test sober. I did that for a couple of my upper level classes with varying degrees of success (A to high C range). Don't think I will be trying that in grad school though.
  12. NiceLungs

    NiceLungs Account Closed

    Good point Stonedwarman

    It's not like it's impossible, but why make it harder?

    I'd rather spend a shorter amount of intense focus on study then get high later :)
  13. Titamius

    Titamius Developing Connoisseur & Vaporist

    Canna-da ;)
    I can go to a test ripped and ace it, but I cant vape and study, I just get too demotivated and end up going out to do something or chill and listen to music. I find that weird because for work Im best when Im just kinda high.
  14. nucleo

    nucleo Active Member

    When i get high, i have a good time, in fact i'll share a story with you.

    I dropped out of school, got a job, did that for 7 years then decided that although i was the best at what i did, and was the fastest too, and was one of the oldest who'd been working there, they just wanted new people so they could pay the same wage indefinitely.

    Anyway, i knew that by dropping out of school i wouldn't have a degree or whatever. I did like school but i was born with a condition that i do things faster than other people, like when i was small i used to walk before other kids, ect.. with of course the negative side to it, such as trying to run before i could walk and kept falling over. So i decided to fuck school because i wanted to learn what they took all year to teach in a couple of months.

    When i dropped out i still had the internet and i learn all the stuff i wanted to learn, i started learning about 1 thing then moving onto the next, it was fucking amazing how much knowledge you could get at the tip of yours fingers. Even though there was so much knowledge, i got drawn into all the online games and just decided to waste my life. Anyway during this whole time i was high, like everyday, all day. I never used a vape and the high was different, kinda like it was only a matter of time before i fell asleep and such. So after a while i got used to it then started doing 3-4 days straight of online gaming and such, doing all the stuff that a kid would do to be the best of the best, but where people would log off i would stay online and continue.

    Now i'm going for my cisco certificate and iv'e already gotten passed my ccna, aiming for the ccie with no experience. I have learned all of this thanks to my volcano vaporizer in the space of a few months, without any fatigue of studying, no mind block, no depression, in fact when i start studying now it's no different than playing an online mmorpg for 3-4 days straight, cept even better... I get to draw the image in my head.

    I can't say getting high and studying is for all subjects and all areas, and i can't say it's the same for everyone. But the bottom line is, i can't study unless i get high, cause it's just too fucking boring. I have read some people have problems doing maths and they forget this and that, but that's only because you haven't studying long enough and you haven't gotten comfortable with the routine. It used to happen with me too, but unfortunately because it was small things like that which ruined my high, i made sure that i was able to do math and calculations while i'm high.

    Remember, you choose what you want, how it happens and if it happens, but don't expect it to happen overnight. It takes time for your brain to adjust to it, and if you leave it for too long, you might find yourself back in square one, but if you do get to that point, there are benefits...

    Those benefits are the reason why it's illegal in the first place.

    SSH all the way!
  15. Homie

    Homie "I Need An Eighth"

    I stick with strains that I can function well with like OG, and some sativa hybrids. I get real into studying when medicated...
  16. skyline

    skyline The Connoisseur

    I totally wish I could study high.... then I wouldn't be on a T-break right now. But then again being on a break helps me regain some perspective so it's all good.
  17. haydenxxl

    haydenxxl Well-Known Member

    The most work I got done this past year in college was when I would wake up, roll a fat ass joint, and tell myself i can not smoke it until I get everything done on my list that day (studying, work out, reading, practicing, etc.)

    You would have thought I was working towards a crack rock, i immediately went from 2.7 to the deans list. lmfao
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  18. Peloton

    Peloton Vapes Hard

    I just can't do it. I've tried, oh believe me I've tried. End up getting sidetracked too easily if I'm elevated, maybe partly because I'm a naturally curious person. Nowadays, it just works for me to get all of my day's responsibilities out of the way before vaping. Then I can let my mind fully relax as I float away on a vapor cloud....
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  19. dirtpie

    dirtpie Well-Known Member

    I can't say I used vaping to help with studying while I was in college, but I did use my SSV to actually do the work I needed to.

    I found that the SSV was perfect for helping me sit down and work on one thing for a long time. I didn't get the SSV until the second semester of my sophmore year, and my grades started improving a lot because I was actually doing my assignments after I got my vape.

    Since I had no problems or worries about leaving my SSV on 24/7 it was the perfect companion for working on a project that would take 15+ hours. I could leisurly sip on the hose whenever I would start to feel anxious or tired of sitting in a room.

    It also would work as a motivating factor too. I would reward myself with a sip after every 25 annotated biblyogrphy entries, or after grading a few papers. The rewards you can get from vaping were much more practical and conductive to getting work down than the rewards I used to give myself before I had a vap. I used to go and hang out with friends, or get a drink after doing some schoolwork which would ultimatly kill what ever productivity I had going. I just could never get myself to finish up whatever I had started once I would stop.

    I just found everything about the experience of using a hands free set up from the SSV conductive to sitting down for very long periods of time, while enjoying yourself with minimal effort. I really wouldn't have to think about the vape experience at all which would keep all of my focus on my work.

    The aroma top was also very nice addition to making everything smell nice. It's much easier to work in an environment that smells wonderful.
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  20. BaMbAaAChA


    Take 1 hit and give it a go!!! I finished uni like that!!overuse it.. and u can lost a weak or two :D
  21. Cereal_MF

    Cereal_MF Green goes to brown, n that's what I stand for.

    Thats wut they say; be in the state of mind u studied in. Whether that's sobr, on adderall, weed, or drunk (maybe not). I was always high though, so I cant verify it since I would be biased as hell.
  22. laidplains

    laidplains Member

    Biology major here...I find studying vaped helps me relate whats happening at a cellular level on a larger scale. Also makes solving genetics problems pretty intriguing. I love my purple days before labs as well :smug:
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  23. mr_

    mr_ Active Member

    I've had very good luck doing a quick study sesh in the car before the test while smoking/vaping.

    In fact I've managed a 3.3-3.5 GPA through college being stoned 90+% of the time. Finished my BA in 3 years too, almost always stoned, and in many cases using little effort.

    As long as you can handle it, do it, if you can't, wait and use it as an incentive like others do.
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  24. NotPotRelated

    NotPotRelated MFLB Pro

    I dont think cannabis has a direct effect on studying unless your really high to the point where you cant concentrate. It relies on things like sleep, diet, mood etc.
  25. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    Yes, this is an old, old thread... but I do struggle with this topic.

    Getting vaped just enough to make sitting down and doing my studies tolerable, without giving me the "I don't give a flying fuck"s.
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