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Studying & Vaping

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by HerbalSquirrel, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. James C

    James C EDM and vapor enthusiast

    While this may seem dumb, study high -> take the test high.
    Study sober -> take the test sober.

    I rarely study high because I feel like I am less efficient and easily distracted, even if it is more fun. But on those rare occasions if I've studied primarily under the influence, I vape a bit right before the exam. For me, its easier to remember the things I've studied in the high mindset during an exam if I am high during the exam as well. But overall, I just don't study high, and vape after I finish all my work for the day.
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  2. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    I should probably mention that I did, indeed, graduate. On time. With an excellent evaluation on my final project (40 page business plan with charts, numbers, ratios, etc.). And I did it almost entirely while stoned. Granted, "stoned" for me is probably barely affected for most people.
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  3. luckypucky

    luckypucky Covered in Peepaws

    Oh I tried to start this kind of discussion in another part of the forum but not much movement.. I see it was here! aHA!

    I'm not alone in studying on MJ! It has done wonders for me and I used to be a 3.0 student but going back to school 10yrs later after my bachelors (just like everyone) I found that studying on MJ pref a good hybrid and my GPA is now a 4.0 and I absorb the information so well. I never smoked or did any drugs till 26 (just MJ) and even then I never used it frequently until I got REALLY sick where I had chronic nausea for a year until I convinced my doctors to test my gallbladder functionality (meanwhile they are calling me cray cray) once they found that was it and removed it.(until surgery I was usin it daily just to get through the day.. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone!). Soo after New Year's Day out of the hospital 2014 A week later I was back in school with MJ of course plus the time I put in focusing on the material really worked. It also relaxed me before a test and made it so I never blanked.. Didn't worry about it even after taking the test. It felt easier? Everyone is different I know but given the right strain or combinations of strains if you mix I definitely think studying with MJ can be an effective tool..
    And I guess this is also a bump!

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  4. Euphoria

    Euphoria Well-Known Member

    I graduated with a degree in Mathematical Sciences and spent near all of my final year vaked. I learned a bit of material and also realized which direction I wanted to go with my thesis whilst stoned (chose something concerning fractals, google it if unaware, at the very least there's some amazing pictures).

    Learning new concepts stoned took quite a lot longer as you tend to attack the problem from ALL the angles, too many angles! Pursuing any problem from so many angles may be more time-consuming but it's certainly more thorough. I felt like I'd mastered the few concepts I learned when vaked.
    However, I inevitably left the study until last two weeks and needed every waking second to be properly utilized so I didn't get to vape whilst stoned when it mattered.

    I think I'd need to be more interested in the subject for that to work. It would have to be something I'm passionate about. Maths is fine, but there's few in the world who consider it fun. If you think you're part of the few, then YouTube some linear algebra and just grab onto the edge of your seats!

    On the other hand, I'd say there's not many uninteresting subjects if you're stoned enough! Just comes down to willpower then :p
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