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Studying & Vaping

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by HerbalSquirrel, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. James C

    James C EDM and vapor enthusiast

    While this may seem dumb, study high -> take the test high.
    Study sober -> take the test sober.

    I rarely study high because I feel like I am less efficient and easily distracted, even if it is more fun. But on those rare occasions if I've studied primarily under the influence, I vape a bit right before the exam. For me, its easier to remember the things I've studied in the high mindset during an exam if I am high during the exam as well. But overall, I just don't study high, and vape after I finish all my work for the day.
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  2. Enchantre

    Enchantre A short, pithy statement

    Even more green state
    I should probably mention that I did, indeed, graduate. On time. With an excellent evaluation on my final project (40 page business plan with charts, numbers, ratios, etc.). And I did it almost entirely while stoned. Granted, "stoned" for me is probably barely affected for most people.
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