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Studying & Vaping

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by HerbalSquirrel, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. HerbalSquirrel

    HerbalSquirrel IckyStickyStuff

    I'm a college student who just switched to vaporizing 2 weeks ago - !! And I am so glad I did.

    Well at the moment we are having our final exams and stuffing info into the brain has to be done fast and effectively.

    I personally experience that when vaporizing a good Sativa Hybrid - "Nebula", I can comprehend information more easily. Yet the next day I can barely remember a thing - especially when learning definitions or large content. When I really want to make sure that i'll remember I don't vape before going to bed - which i personally love.

    I know that studies have shown cannabis to effect the short term memory but I still believe strongly (or hope strongly) that there is a wonderful strain or method or anything else that can turn my high into an effective learning force?

    What are some of your methods to study effectively when being high?
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  2. Frickr

    Frickr Well-Known Member

    St. Louis
    everyones learning processes are differant. short term memory only lasts a few seconds and holds only 7 bits of information. thats not much when you think about it. so i dont see how smoking cannabis would have any ill effects here.

    if there is something important that you need to study, i would just take a hit or 2 off your vape. not enough to get you ripped, but enough to give you a clam mellow buzz. this is what works for me as it focuses my attention to what im doing.

    just dont let your vapors get in the way of your studies.
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  3. mnmlh

    mnmlh Well-Known Member

    As someone who made it all the way through grad school, I can say that cannabis just doesn't help with studying, remember material or executing what you've learned. I have several friends who went through law school and finally had to "put down the pipe" to pass the bar exam.
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  4. the electrician

    the electrician Well-Known Member

    depends what subject you do, if youre a proper academic like me and took maths or something then the only way to get by is to be stoned all day. i wrote a bunch of projects while off my tits, pretty sure i went to a few classes in the same state and probably revised wrecked as all hell too

    but if youre doing some bullshit exercise in memorising information, like law for example then fuck it. youre probably best off killing yourself nevermind getting stoned
  5. Happycamper

    Happycamper Sweet Dreams Babycakes

    A long time ago I found my short term memory was so effected I used to forget what I was talking about in a conversation, all the time. As in mid-sentence. (When I wasn't stoned) However this was when I was a flight attendant, and possibly it was effecting me in a way differently because of flying. Due to things like constant dehydration, effects of working at altitude, less oxgen in blood, extreme tiredness, jetlag, cosmic radiation, etc)

    It got so bad it was the reason I had to stop using grass. My memory came back to normal after a while.

    I stopped flying a few years ago. however now I have been smoking/vaping again for about 2 years solidly, and I haven't been able to recreate the effect as before.
  6. DevoTheStrange

    DevoTheStrange Ia! Ia! Vapor Fthagn!

    Somewhere in the mountains.
    I could never mix MJ and studying.
    however I have noticed there are some times I learned something while high, and I could not remember it for the life of me sober. In those instances I tend too remember if I get high again.
    now that's an odd one to explain
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  7. luchiano

    luchiano Well-Known Member

    Just take some magnesium and soy lecithin daily and that should help with memory or just take some sun chlorella because it has magnesium along with other minerals.

    Make sure you take some calcium witht he magnesium to balance the two minerals but like I stated if you just want to take both plus get more just take sun chlorella.

    Mineral seems to regulate key brain receptor involved in learning.


    soy lecithin
  8. HerbalSquirrel

    HerbalSquirrel IckyStickyStuff

    Thanks for the fast reply,

    I agree that vaping or getting high in general just pulls you down while studying - In general it helps after the exam to "Forget" the info i have learned, by not thinking about it.

    When I want to focus it does help me to vape small amounts - as suggested by Flickr.
    I feel this has become an advantage with vaping than with smoking. I'd feel really "hit" after smoking a bong - and especially lazy (even on a Sativa).

    @Luchiano: - I like supplements - I'll deifnately buy some supplements that you suggested and report on how things are going.

    This is pretty interesting - because I do also forget what I have been saying during the sentence or in short time. Is this really a side effect from flying or because the high affects your concentration (dosage dependent) and thus you can't focus during a conversation?

    I also feel that the effect lasts me a day after as well - when I vaked the entire day before. It affects me mostly when switching between languages - I forget words or can't properly formulate sentence - lol.

    I mean a good method from my point of view is to use MJ as an incentive or an award.
    When I finish my studies - i always reward myself, getting done faster and efficiently... Its just hard to say no to a vape hit while studying or not being able to hit at night.
  9. Mr. Natural

    Mr. Natural Have vape, will travel

    I totally agree, HS! I smoked all through college and law school (and that was over 30 yrs ago), but my approach was always the same: work is work, and play is play. I always had my "herbal cocktail" as a reward after studying and/or working. I was even smoking every night DURING the bar exam (3 days), but always after I was done frying my brain on the exam review! :peace:
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  10. HerbalSquirrel

    HerbalSquirrel IckyStickyStuff

    High! :)

    How did that affect the information you learned the next day?
    I mean was it moredifficult to re-use or access the info when you were vaped before going to bed or going to bed without any "cocktail" :) ?

    Just wondering - cuz for me it did make a difference - i mean its easier to remember the stuff when you didn't vape the night before, but even when i did the difference wasn't so great that I would choose not vaping at night over vaping lol....
  11. steiner666

    steiner666 Serial vapist

    Lost in the clouds
    I never liked getting stoned and studying (like reading text books by myself or solving equations or whatever) because i always forgot what i was doing and where i left off, and i'd get easily distracted. Another main reason i didnt mix studying with getting vaked is because i only vape a couple times a day, and i like doing it when i'm going to be doing something more enjoyable so the buzz doesnt go to waste.

    However, I've always loved getting baked before lectures and labs and such. I'm able to think more abstractly and comprehend things and ideas better when i am. But it really depends on how the information is being delivered. If it's a professor giving a lecture in his own words about something he fully understands, or an audio/video or active presentation, i do better. But if the person is just straight reading from a book or presenting material in an agonizingly long/wordy powerpoint presentation, i get so sick of listening to them just read because people dont emphasize things and often get to be a bit monotone when they're just reading out loud.
  12. Derf

    Derf Well-Known Member

    New York
    To me that is an oxymoron. I can't be high and count on learning effectively. The two just don't mix very well. I noticed that it has significant effect on my motivation, memory, and cognitive skills.

    I would suggest moving your studying to earlier in the day, and vaping to later at night. Thereby trying to separate the two instead of combine them.
  13. itriplots

    itriplots Well-Known Member

    It can definitely be done, I study high about 2/3 of the time and after 3 years ive managed to keep a 3.8 GPA. The secret is to not get really high, just high :ko:. The combination of studying sober and high seems to work the best for me because it gives me two unique points of view on a subject which ultimately leads to better understanding of it. But, this works for me because im a chemistry and math double major. My studying involves doing math problems and some memorization. It is especially helpful for frustrating math problems (most of the hard chemistry is math too). If I get bogged down on a problem I can take a little smoke break and come back to it with a fresh new perspective. In that sense it even gives me more motivation to get my work done because I dont get nearly as frustrated and it also helps me sit back and think about how neat it all really is.
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  14. steiner666

    steiner666 Serial vapist

    Lost in the clouds
    Well said. I do this too, but with my tech support job, and i've managed to hold the job i have for longer than my non-smoke/vapeing friends have managed to hold theirs, and longer than some of the high-stress nicotine+caffeine addicted previous employees managed to stick around here for. Now and then the job gets stressful and you just want to put in your notice or quit on the spot, but then i go and sneak a few tokes on my LB and i've got things back in perspective: It's not the end of the world if something goes bad at work because its only a small trivial part of my time on this earth, let alone whatever existence comes after, but I gotta stick with it if i want to be able to pay the bills, drive my shiny car and have anything to vape in the future :lol:
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  15. ioright

    ioright Cloud Connoisseur

    Im just in my first year at uni, but so far I don't believe vaping is really detrimental to my studying. Of course, there have been those times when I smoke past my 'study zone' and then its game over. Its all about finding that balance between "I just want to melt into this couch and eat until I can't anymore", and "Lets just get this shit over with". Im in political science with my major in the arts, so I am doing huge amounts of long boring readings...a few hit of the iolite just makes it all the much more tolerable.
  16. sundancekid

    sundancekid Well-Known Member

    hi all

    this is my first post - joined actually to offer my input/information on the extreme q ( I love it! ( own magic genie magic flight box), and it is only because of information from forums like these and input from all of you how post and a special thank you to electrician he thinks outside the box (will explain different post)

    i have adhd and take Ritalin and concerta for it (my age 52) and there are studies and i am proof and have discussed this with my MD /shrink ADD specialist at major nyc hospital and YES to some brains THC has a positive brain learning/using function - just like Ritalin is speed to most yet in brains with add/adhd it works in reverse and slows the brain impulsivity area and allows the brain to process without blockage..........

    thanks to all you guys for posting information because people like me have been sucking it down and now its time to return the favor .........

    More to FOLLOW
  17. HerbalSquirrel

    HerbalSquirrel IckyStickyStuff

    High :)

    Thats some nice info - keep us updated on that!
    From my personal experience I know that ritalin works well for me - I am not diagnosed with adhd but got my hands on some and using it while studying. I must say that it really worked well - I was focused and everything went in fine like a sponge. But after my exams I mean - when they were entirely over I just felt as if I damaged myself forever since I wasn't able to focus quietely. I mean I shouldn't have taken it anyway -

    With THC on the other hand - I really feel *Only since I vape - quit mixing with tobacco* that it has increased my creativity while drawing / painting or composing songs which I do in my freetime.
    (Using a hybrid - mainly sativa)

    It also relieves me from those stressful situations at uni - where others nearly loose their head and panic, weed helps me to get back down to earth and focus and see things objectively.

    I'm currently cultivating 3 types of heavy Indica strains - since i've had sativa all year round.
    Was also wondering if these will give me a nice body - couchlock - leaving out the heavy sativa effect in the brain maybe then allowing me to have more focus... still got bout 56 days lol it'll take a while till I can find out...
  18. Blaze

    Blaze Well-Known Member


    Im a junior in college and a political science major... I am also prescribed ritain for adhd.. but its more of my reading is ridiculously thick and deep.. so I take a ritalin and vape... i start reading and i get so into my book.. im reading plato, aristotle, socrates, thucydides... and what not and i ace all of my classes... i usually vape before i go to write papers and churn out amazing work...

    Drugs effect people differently.. THC is no different.. my girlfriend gets sleepy after vaping/smoking... i do not.. i actually become more awake.. so its just a personal preference or how the drug effects you..

    just my 2 cents..
  19. caseball2051

    caseball2051 Well-Known Member

    Well, thought id bump this as i thought i might have some new input!

    I learned about memory in my psychology class today. One of the concepts was context dependent memory. The principles main idea is that youll remember things best in the same environment that you learn them in. Our teacher used the example, if we study in the car and take the test in the car, well perform better than if we study in the car and take the test in her office. The idea is that you might make connections outside of the material that are in your environment.

    So, in theory if you vape and study, but take the test without the vape you might not remember as much as if you vape before the test. Gives the "study high, take the test high, get high scores" quote some backbone.

    What do yall think?
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  20. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    I think you like to get high! ;)

    Just teasing. It's an interesting theory. I would think you would make visual associations when in the same situation, ie look out the window, see a tree, get visual cue and make association with an aspect of subject studying. I think it would also have to depend on how high, and I agree with Blaze; it also depends on how the drug affects you.
  21. quomist

    quomist Rock the Casbah

    I can't mix vaping and studying at all. I'm doing my thesis for my MSc right now, and I cannot concentrate on research articles at all. I keep losing myself in my head and other thoughts.
  22. kifenehma3ak

    kifenehma3ak extremeQist

    i live high... the only way u can do ANYTHING high u need to be convinced u can do it, u know really convinced that there is no problem.

    wake up, smoke a bag or 2, eat, watch something, when u feel up for it study, keep studying until u can no longer, vape, eat, and repeat... vape, eat, study, sleep, repeat. woooow i hate routines!!
  23. wilf789

    wilf789 Non-combustion-convert

    Since I started my tolerance break a month and a half ago I've actually missed more lectures, and have probably done less good work too, than when I was blazing all day every day.

    Now that may well have something to do with a large increase in how much I've been drinking ('cause being sober is just far too dull) but I would definitely agree with Blaze above. Some people are genuinely better at working while stoned, some people are much worse.

    However I also think a major factor in it can be what subject you're studying. For example I'm a History major, but I also take a Philosophy class each year. I find reading History articles high is a lot more difficult than reading complex Philosophy high; History will take twice as long blazed, while Philosophy will take half the time and vice-versa. Maybe something to do with History being a lot more factually based, and Philosophy more intellectually so. Also maybe being stoned allows your brain to more easily grasp the points behind the deep Philosophical arguments, whereas with History you just need to read and remember, but your mind keeps getting distracted by more fun, high thoughts!

    Blaze said he does PolSci, a lot of it classically based by the sounds of it. As far as I know Classical political theory is a lot more philosophically/sociologically based than the more modern stuff, and so I think would fit in with my rough theory above. If anyone here is a scientist (Quomist perhaps?) and has to read a lot of factual research articles etc. maybe they might find it more difficult to read those while stoned?

    Just a thought... and I think the most prevalent factor is still that everyone is just simply biologically different so will be affected accordingly.
  24. kifenehma3ak

    kifenehma3ak extremeQist

    plus it depends what one is studying...
  25. momatik

    momatik Well-Known Member


    Finals time again :)

    I agree with a lot of what has been said.

    I think it depends on my mood, but more often than not my study sessions benefit from one or two hits from the vg.

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