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Post your "Close Call" stories

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by CentiZen, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    Hey there guys... after a very harrowing drive home last night I am interested to hear of close call situations that you non-medical vaporists have gotten into with the police.

    I'll start with mine; and I'm still shaking.

    So last night I was driving home from a friends house. My friends are combustors and I am the only real vaporist of the group. So of course my clothes and hair reeked of green smoke. Now; since I recently had to take a break from the herb; I didn't have any with me, and I had purposely left the only vaporizer I brought with me at my friends house so that they could use it while I was going without. That decision probably just saved me a criminal charge.

    So I pulled up to a R.I.D.E. stop and got greeted by a friendly and young officer; one I didn't recognize, which in a small town is strange. He smelled me immediately; and asked "How much pot do you have in the car". I said none; which to my knowledge was correct. He had me pull over and came up and asked if he could search my car. I told him that unless I was being forcefully searched I would like to protect my right against unwarranted search or seizure. So he placed me under arrest to search the car that way.

    The whole process was quite corgil. I was shitting myself on the inside but I through my experiences with social engineering; I've become quite good at acting. I was respectful to the officer, and he was respectful back. He let me put on my coat before getting out into the cold air and all sorts of other niceties. Two other officers showed up to make sure things were good and started making conversation with me (conversation... yeah. Like I was going to fall for that).

    Then, it happened. The officer pulled a dirty arizer stem from my bag; that I didn't even realize was there. It was a PVHES too :( . He gives it to the other officer who tells me what I already know; that this could be reason enough for them to charge me with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of an illegal substance. God damn I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Of course at first they thought it was a crackpipe; and I had to quickly demonstrate to them that it most certainly was not; and they gave me the benefit of the doubt after I hastily explained the design of the Solo.

    To make matters worse; they found a tiny, pretty much empty bottle of hash oil; which is something that could have gotten me mandatory jail time with the new and utterly horrific "Tough on Crime" act passed by Harper in this country. I could barely stand, could hardly keep my voice steady and thought I was going to throw up. I thought I was fucked. After I quit; no less!

    Luckily, the officers took mercy on me. I'm a fairly "good kid" on the record books; never been charged before or in trouble with the law. That certainly helped. I've no doubt that conducting myself the way I did and showing them respect was my saving grace. They took my PVHES and vial; which quite honestly I would be happy to never see again; and made me sing "Jingle Bells" to "test my sobriety" (seriously). And then they let me go.

    I really dodged a bullet; and to be honest it was only by the grace of the officers that I did. I must say, I have a new found respect for the officers in my town. And the moral of the story; if you are ever pulled over and are going to be searched, be respectful. It might just be what saves your ass in the end.
  2. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member

    Good story Centizen ... most police are nice friendly people, and they are just doing their job. Not only for your own sake should you be polite and respectful but simply because they deserve that respect.

    "Tough-on-crime" or not, possession for small amounts (< oz) doesn't get prosecuted generally speaking, as it's a waste of tax payers money. Generally speaking that will result in the charges being dropped and you having to offer a "donation" to a local charity or something of the sort.
  3. Cereal_MF

    Cereal_MF Green goes to brown, n that's what I stand for.

    I dont want to go into too much detail here, but the other night I was SURE that I was fucked. So basically, I realised that the situation was out of my control and in the hands of the officer, and I prayed for that slightest sliver of hope that I would not get fucked (because I knew in my heart that I dont deserve to get fucked for a crime of this nature; say what you will, I just know that I have no malicious intent, so id be a waste of space in a cell)... the 'prayer' or whatever you want to call it actually WORKED.

    This has made me seriously consider my priorties as well as the notion that maybe i really should simmer down a bit, maybe even take a t-break seeing as how when i was praying for things to go my way, I was in such despair that I told myself I'd quit all of my habits (compulsively getting high, drinking, cigs, etc.)
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  4. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    In general in Ontario (of course there are exceptions) the Crown does not want to see a charge for simple possession and nothing else come before the court. If the police charge you, it's usually because you've been a dick. If it does go that far, as JCat says, if you have an otherwise clean record it is likely that you will be offered the alternative of doing community service and getting the charges dropped.

    It wasn't nearly so lenient here back in the 70s when I had my close call. I was driving back from picking up a quarter pound in ounce baggies, so I was vulnerable to an automatic trafficking charge. My friend and I are sampling the score and the car reeks of dope smoke. We're driving along an unlit stretch of road when my headlights fail, so we pull over to try to fix the problem. We're poking around under the hood in the dark giggling like schoolgirls and we hear someone say, "Evening, gentlemen, what seems to be the problem?"

    When I turn around I nearly crap my pants. Standing there is probably the youngest cop I've ever met, I swear he didn't look 18. My buddy and I look at each other and he kind of squeaks out that the headlights stopped working. So the cop, ever helpful, says, "Oh, let me try them," and he opens the door and puts his head inside the car! I swear smoke poured out as soon as he opened the door. Unless he had no sense of smell whatsoever, he had to know we'd been toking. I almost threw up, I felt so sick inside.

    So he tries the headlight switch, nothing happens, and he says, "Yeah, they don't work. You'd better drive straight home. By the way have you seen a (some kind of car description)?" We shake our heads, he hops in his cruiser and takes off. I think that was the night my hair started to turn grey.

    Then there was the time I was at a party and I tried to pass along a joint and the guy said, "No, thanks." and I laughed and said, "Why, are you a cop?" and he said, "Yes, as a matter of fact," and flashed his badge. He sure cleared that room in a hurry. Turned out he was just an off duty cop who was fine with us smoking, he just didn't do it himself, so I don't really consider that a close call.
  5. HSIHP

    HSIHP Well-Known Member

    A few friends and I went on a month and a half road trip last summer spanning from Florida to New York. We hit up a few music festivals on the way and camped in state parks all across New York, Penn, West Virginia, and North Carolina. We had just gotten out of a festival when headed over to a state park in New York to hang out in the Ithaca area while we planned our next move. We got there right after sunset, set up camp and walked around to check out the campgrounds.

    After some dinner we were just sitting around in a circle listening to music. By this point it was about 10 o'clock but since we were still on "festival time" it still felt pretty early. We were drinking some whisky that we took from one of the confiscation bins on the way our of the festival and were passing around a bowl (at this point I was still combusting) really thinking nothing of it.

    As soon as it got passed to me for the second time I saw him walking up on us, flashlight in hand pointing to my lap (where I tried to hide it). HE said, "good evening gentlemen, who's got the dope?" As I was the one who he saw with the pipe I spoke up so no one else would get in any trouble since we were all holding. He reaches for the pipe and tells me to grab my stash. I picked up my pouch that I was carrying everything in (and I mean everything, and extra pipe and a few other elicit substances) and carefully pulled out the just under a quarter I had bought just two days ago. I handed it over and he asked me, "is there anything else in there?". I replied " I don't think so." He said "You don't THINK so?!" I quickly took back my statement and said no, nothing else. To this day I feel like there was someone watching over me because I have NO idea why he didn't check the pouch. It could have gotten real ugly for me real fast.

    After this he took out IDs and went back to his car to let up sweat it out for over a half hour. He came back with his partner who combed our campsite looking for what ever else he could, still not looking in my pouch. We ended up getting away with nothing more than an underage drinking warning for a friend of mine (his 21st was 3 days from then). Some pretty scary stuff and the pretty infamous in our group as the time we were all almost f'ed.
  6. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    Awesome thread-idea Centizen, I suspect this will be filled with hours of fun to read stories over the years. Subscribed :tup:

    My close call was a rather big one fortunately/unfortunately. Not in terms of the story but more the crime itself. I think I'll prefer to wait another 5 years until I can no longer be charged with it before I feel comfortable sharing it on the internet, sorry :lol:
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  7. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    my closest call isn't as close as the others here, partly because the more tolerant laws here.
    one time a few years back I was going to celebrate liberation day in the city with a friend. first time, usually liberation day went by pretty much unnoticed, since I live 10 km from the city. what I didn''t know was that there were policemen at the entrances to the citycenter,searching everyone that entered. here you can't be charged for anything if you are over 18 and have less as 5 grams on you, but I was 15/16, and didn't know how much I had on me, but it was probably around 5 grams(harvest from my first grow, I combusted then and rather took way too much with me then run out if more people showed up to share with)
    luckily they were only searching for weapons and alcohol(you can drink alcohol in the citycenter, but only from stands there), I was only asked to take my zippo out of my pocket to show what it was, no questions about the bulge in my other pocket(wich was from the sandwichbag with weed)
    had a great day after that, barely smoked any of the weed though(we also ate spacecake and were already very stoned from that)
  8. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Ok, this is weird. I have been partaking in illegal drugs for over 40 years. There was a time back in the early 70's when we used to go to concerts most every weekend and before every concert, we'd drop acid and tried to time it so that we came on to it at the beginning of the concert, but invariably we would hit traffic and start peaking enroute. Then, during the concert, we'd smoke weed. On the way back home, we'd smoke weed. On the weekends that we didn't go to concerts, we'd drop some other hullucinogin, be it peyote or shrooms and go camping, or river rafting or hiking, etc etc etc.

    During the week, I would light up a joint and smoke it on the way home, EVERY night. I was a district manager of a retail chain, and I'd go around to the stores and pack all the managers noses with coke, including mine. Would take a few cross point mini-whites (speed) to keep the edge on and when I finally got home, I'd take a quaalude or a seconal to take the edge off so I could sleep and then start it all over again the next day. Smoked 3 packs of cigs a day also. Did this for over a decade.

    Before that, when I was in high school, we'd drink at parties and I remember driving home so drunk and that everything seemed to be melting on the other side of the windshield. Couldn't see a damn thing.

    Now the amazing thing about all this is that not only didn't I accidentally kill anyone in the process of driving under the influence of whatever, but that I'm still alive after all the years of drug abuse and now, at 68, I'm running 20 miles a week and in great shape (other than a plumbing problem). Amazing..............

    But what's REALLY amazing, and in keeping on topic of this thread, is that I NEVER, EVER, through all of this, had ANY close calls with the law..............ever.

    And that's why I firmly believe that guardian angels DO exist................. at least for some of us.
  9. Cereal_MF

    Cereal_MF Green goes to brown, n that's what I stand for.

    The whole guardian angel thing is bs to some until theyre in a situation where help from the outside is your only hope. Thats usually the only time when most of us can muster the strength or focus to actually 'call in for help'
  10. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Funny thing is, is that I never called in for help. It's just like there was this protective dome around me through all those times. It was like, "Ok, you're being an idiot, but we're not going to let anything happen to you."
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  11. mvapes

    mvapes Surrounded by the healthy!

    On Shakey Ground
    I was pulled over about 9 months ago in SC - right on 95 between bum fuck and nowhere. Being a Jew in the south I understand at times could back fire on a man in this position. Of course on this day I get a rookie officer that decided it was time to teach me a lesson. He said that my license was coming back as invalid when he ran it and asked if I was up to anything funny. At the time I was making a trip from NC in which I was moving to Florida from and bringing numerous items to my new home. One of those items was one of my flat screen tv's lying on my back seat - looking at me and the friend making the trip with me the officer assumed we were probably moving stolen goods and immediately asked to search my car. I knew if I denied them the search I was screwed but at the same time I knew I had 5 vapes in the car as well as about 5 grams of the sticky icky! I'm sure your all imagining this was going to be a sad day for this Jew as I was thinking the like! Well, after searching my vehicle and actually hitting his head on the overhead compartment where I had the infamous Ziploc bag that would have sealed my doom - the dumb fucking redneck missed everything I had in the car! Once he realized he had nothing he had no choice but to let us go I headed to the closest store over the GA border where I could buy a fresh pair of underpants. Moral of the story - If your name ends in sky, itz, baum, or stein - don't speed in the south!
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  12. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    Man, I have had a couple of these...

    Once as a dumb young punk kid (19-20 timeframe) I got pulled by 2 officers for speeding. Of course I was carrying weed (and had a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook in the back seat). I knew for sure that I was going to be introduced into the criminal justice system that night. The only thing that saved me was his radio - "Requesting all available units, Suspect is wearing a black Raiders jacket and is headed south on Brookmere lane" I think my license and other documents were thrown at me as he ran back to his car (telling me to not be seen here again)

    Its one of the things I dig about being older now.
    1. They tend to fuck with you a helluva lot less.
    2. You tend not to do (as) stupid shit to get them to want to fuck with you.
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  13. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    Way back in the day, when I was an insensitive young lad, I was almost caught leaving my fling of the moments place, by her sister...who I also had a lil something with a few months before, so what happened was....oh wait, these are cop stories, my bad. :D
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  14. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    So you are saying that you date only criminals? :p
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  15. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    i got a good one... i was 18, my brother 15, and my best friend 17, all of us under the legal drinking age of 19. anyway it was homecoming in this small town which i kinda grew up in.
    i was driving my first car, big old boat of a car 76 couger.
    i did some crazy wild stuff in that beast, it could really move with the 351 cleveland engine it had. and it look pretty cool too.
    anyway me my brother and my best friend were going somewere, cant even remember were now.
    but we had oil spread up on some papers. real messy all over a pack of smokes and on the seat and everything.
    we used to roll these peace joints made with three or more papers in the shape of a peace sign.
    so you get the picture a few dumb ass kids driving around doing stupid shit lol
    i also had a 60 ouncer of crown royal in the trunk (good canadian wiskey}.
    anyway i drive right through a 4 way stop. next thing i see is flashing lights sure enough the cops. i pull over were screwed i think.
    they have us get out search the car like i said oil all over the place and a peace joint my brother threw on the floor in the back. we have a 5er cant remember which one of us had it at the time.
    but im thinking we are seriously fucked my brother is wereing a shirt with a big pot leaf on it that says "im not as thinks as you stones i am" lol
    they ask me to open my trunk so i do they see the bottle of wiskey. "thats not your bottle there is it" one of them says, i hang my head and say yes its mine
    he looks at me and says "no i said thats not you bottle there is it" i quicky say umm.. no its not.
    he says thats what i thought you said. closes the trunk writes me a ticket for going through the stop sign and lets us go i coulndt belive it.
    when i look back now i really dont belive how they let us go.. who knows what could have happened luckly i can say i never ended up killing anyone or my self.. i cant belive the stupid kid that was me soo long ago...
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  16. Steele Concept

    Steele Concept Transformer Tubes Manufacturer

    Back in the day I was pulled over for being out after town curfew as we were young and too old to be out late. Luckily I had my girlfriend with me and she had a purse we threw a variety of not so legal stuff into.

    Like AGBeer was saying, these stories all share something in common.

    Being young and stupid driving around late and/or intoxicated with substances on one. AKA doing stupid shit.
    When you get older you tend do do less stupid shit and cops know this, so they don't tend to mess with you as much.

    Moral of the stories here: Drive sober, don't have stuff on you.

    Great thread BTW!
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  17. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

    Centi, was that provincial or muni police?
  18. Jeppy

    Jeppy Pure Vaporist

    NorCal Vapor Garage
    I have never got caught smoking weed. I'm 49 years old and I smoked in class, in school, and never got caught. One time I was smoking in the back of the library. I took a hit and headrushed, and fell out in between two large full length book cases, with my leg kicking like some dork. It was very LOUD!! When a teacher got to where I was, I had barely recovered, and when she came around the corner, I just looked at her all crazy like, "What the hell are you lookin at"? At lunch in High school I would jump in an unlocked car at school and get high in it. Jump out and take off. The 1970's. The good ol days.
  19. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    And such GREAT music !!!!!! Good times...........
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  20. Jeppy

    Jeppy Pure Vaporist

    NorCal Vapor Garage
    You 'damn straight'! :cool:
  21. treeman

    treeman Well-Known Member

    I was pulled up hundreds of times as a kid, got a good few stories but this is the best one I can think of right now.

    Near my house, in the middle of a city is nice woody area running along the river, some of it is fairly dense woodland but its not a big area at all. Anyway there was this spot right up a steep hill that allowed you to look down and no one else to look up, convenient as anything. Even when I was like 10 years old me and my friends would go there and make a little campfire and stuff, was very chilling.
    Anyway, that was my doobie spot for some time, when I was 16 I went through a phase of only smoking pure weed (round here its standard practice to mix with tobacco), anyway I'd tried small joints and blunts but I was smoking far too much money for a kid of my age and I had a nice little bubbler which I'd brought with me.
    I got there and there was a few of my friends already there, also indulging in some weed. So we get chatting and stuff and I guess we made a bit too much noise (they can't see you up here but they most certainly can hear you!). Anyhow, I'm standing there, actively hitting this bong and I just saw the top of the policeman's cap pop up from the hill, brain going 1000 miles an hour I just said "5-o" and TOOK THE FUCK OFF! Seriously I was flying though this bush, not even sure if I was getting chased, I had some of my friends follow but I wasn't sure if everyone was there. Decided that I'd be faster going through this bush as oppose to round it (I didn't have the same tolerance back then), I ended up getting stuck in this bush and losing my glasses. Made it through, stashed my bong and weed in a different bush before strolling nonchalantly along the path.
    Met up with some of the boys at the park and we parted ways, turns out my good friend had been caught but he didn't get in trouble, just lost his weed. That evening I returned, got my weed and bong back (no glasses though), the bowl in the bong was still loaded! And yes I did smoke it up.

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