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Aug 4, 2015 at 11:03 AM
Nov 2, 2011
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Apr 1, 1991 (Age: 24)
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America's Hat
Vaporizer R&D


Evil Genius in Training, Male, 24, from America's Hat

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Viewing thread Dynavap VapCap, Aug 4, 2015 at 11:03 AM
    1. kingscar
      Hi I sent an question through your website and posted on your thread but I havent got a response. I ordered a week ago and there has been not confirmation email or anything. When will you ship?
    2. samuelbou1
      still waitiiiiiiiing
    3. samuelbou1
      i have the same issue as cjext, ordered from ur site sept 25th and still got no answer since then. SCAM?!?!?
      1. samuelbou1
        Dec 14, 2014
      2. CentiZen
        HI there Samuel,

        I can assure you I'm not a scam! I'm really sorry for the issues communicating with you; I've been responding to your emails but they don't seem to be getting to you.

        I think it would be best if we communicated via the PM system here instead of email. I am going to send you a message and we can go from there.


        Dec 15, 2014
    4. cjtex
      Ordered a high performance battery for my Solo Sept 24th, took my payment, received a confirmation and order # 599 for my order but no other communication since. No response to my inquiries on the web site. Please updated me on the status
      1. samuelbou1 likes this.
    5. rthunt
      Ordered a battery for my Solo early Sept, took my payment, received a confirmation and order # 554 for my order but no other communication since. No response to my inquiries on the web site. Please updated me on the status
    6. Techmuse
      An news on when another batch of your mini vvps's will be available?? Mighty interested
    7. chowbot
      Hey, ordered an HC battery pack sept. 16. Tried messaging you through the site with no response. Please let me know if this order is coming anytime soon and tracking information.
    8. Newbro
    9. vok420
      Hi Centizen. Last week (Aug 12) i order my HC battery and i have e-mailed you two times to confirm if all is ok with my order, and i have no reply. my order is in "processing" on site... Can you confirm to me and also say me an approx time of when it'll be sent? Thank you. :)
    10. pw154
      Hi, I placed an order on July 16th, and have e-mailed you a few times as well with no reply. Could you provide an approximate ETA please? Thank you
    11. Helsaber
      Hey Centizen. I had placed an order for an HC battery pack on Monday (July 28), do you have an approx time line of when it'll be sent out? My solo has stopped working completely and was apart of my daily routine :(
    12. L7WEENIE
      Hey Centizen, is there anyway you could give me a better shipping timeline for the HC battery packs for the solo? Say if I were to order one today, would it still be approximately 2-3 weeks before it ships? I read your posts in your thread, and truly appreciate the effort and dedication to helping others, but in your last post I never saw an actual timeline for shipping.
    13. DJ Colonel Corn
      DJ Colonel Corn
      (I mean the hc batts for Solo)
    14. DJ Colonel Corn
      DJ Colonel Corn
      Um .. says on your site to 'pre-order one now to get...' ... but I can't find where to order one anywhere on the site..... any ideas ? WOuld love to get on the waiting list....
    15. MR.LTAB
      Quick question I ordered a hc solo batt from your site heard some awesome reviews. I'm wondering roughly how long before u have them in Stock again?
    16. SpartyOn
      Hey there! I was just wondering if you have any batteries in stock for sale. I would have preferred the high performance model you sell but the stock replacement one would be fine for me as well. Thanks!
      1. CentiZen
        Hey there SpartyOn! Sorry for the lack of stock at the moment! I'm doing the best I can to get enough parts to finish off this waiting list for good. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting a battery you can join the waiting list and get a battery as soon as they become available.
        Mar 14, 2014
    17. Imsaucie
      Hello, just wondering what the status is on the tracking number, I got my order completion email but no tracking number. Thank you for your time.
      1. CentiZen
        Sorry bout that, I thought I'd worked the system so that it sent you your tracking number with the Order Complete email. Want to PM me your order #? I'll be able to look up your tracking number from there.
        Mar 10, 2014
      2. Imsaucie
        Thank you! my order number is 161 and it's a tracked parcel to Florida. If you would PM me the tracking number that would be greatly appreciated, thanks again.
        Mar 10, 2014
    18. rekrab
      hey man just wondering if you guys take paypal on vapepower.ca
      1. CentiZen
        Certainly do! You can use it with your account or as a guest with a credit card.
        Feb 14, 2014
    19. Tamataz
      Was looking at that youtube video for a kickstarter about a circuit drawing pen....ofcourse i see you in the comments haha.
      1. CentiZen
        Haha yeah I sure get around. Are you into electronics at all?
        Nov 22, 2013
      2. Tamataz
        I LOVE electronics. I have nowhere as much understand as you do though haha. I went to a tech school for electrical and got a job as a apprentice at a high tech plastic producing plant. (plastic for bulletproof glass, paint protection and other military shit and stuff for the company M3)
        Nov 26, 2013
      3. Tamataz
        (stupid 420 chr limit) The giant room where the film is made, is a double door entry system where you have to wear booties, hairnet, and a suit, it was pretty cool. And a fucking pain in the ass when you forget to bring enough bolts/tools/wire/whatever in.

        I love checking out gadgets. I really want to buy your bigger battery pack for the solo but dont have funds ATM. SOMEDAY!!!
        Nov 26, 2013
    20. me2
    21. Tamataz
      Hey man if you need a beta tester for those battery packs I'm your guy!
    22. Quetzalcoatl
      Hey man, just saw the little bit at the bottom of your sig; hope you're doing alright and get better! I'll keep you in my thoughts.
      1. CentiZen
        Thanks man; it means quite a lot. I'm going to miss spending as much time here as I used too; I've made a lot of good friends. Thanks for the well wishes.
        Nov 13, 2012
    23. thesoloman
      hey man i came across your post about wanting solos to test your moded batteries, if you ever want to unload the crappy solo i may be interested, i need to replace my plastic housing, because it has been chipped on 3/4 corners.
    24. billydee103
      hey i read somewhere on here that you had an herbalaire for sale.still got it?
      1. CentiZen
        Aug 5, 2012
    25. CarlosSpiceyWeiner
      Hey CentiZen, I have a DaVinci that i only used 2 times thats for sale. I have a Paypal account.
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    Apr 1, 1991 (Age: 24)
    Home Page:
    America's Hat
    Vaporizer R&D


    [ UD/HI/PD ] - [ EVO ] - [ Sub ] - [ HA ] - [ Solo/Air ] - [ Lotus ] - [ Indica ] - [ Inhalater ]
    Current Projects:

    - High Performance Arizer Solo Replacement Batteries
    - OEM Arizer Air Replacement Batteries
    - Mini-VVPS: Variable Voltage DC Power Supply for Logs

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