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Positive Feedback

Discussion in 'Tips and Feedback' started by vtac, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Kozzmozz

    Kozzmozz Infinite realities, infinite possibilities

    Seller: @Vapodudule
    Description of item: VAS FLUSH (eu) - Specifically: Lotus vape with extra's
    Cost of item: fair
    Shipping time: fast within Europe (2days) (was maybe a bit expensive as the package was a bit oversized for the product.)
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: good packaging, clear communication and professional attitude.

  2. 61reissue

    61reissue Well-Known Member

    Seller: @UnixRasta
    Description of item: Mighty
    Cost of item- More than fair.
    Shipping time: fast and efficient
    Comments: my 2nd deal with @UnixRasta and both were prefect A++++
  3. u812many

    u812many Active Member

    Seller: @Kurtdigglur
    Description of item: Pipes IH w/ batteries and 2018M
    Cost of item: fair considering current wait times
    Shipping time: super fast, received in 2 days
    Rating: 5/5
    Comments: items received as described, good communication, quick shipping
  4. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Trader: @EVlL 55
    Description of item: DNail SiC & quartz dish/matching carb cap/Space Glass rig/assorted drop downs and nail bodies/flat coil
    Cost of item: Traded for a EFS gridded donut incycler
    Shipping time: Fast-
    we both used usps priority
    Rating out of 5: 5:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
    Comments: @EVlL 55
    reached out to me about an ad I had up in Classifieds that I was looking for DNail SiC setup. Life got in the way and I was unable to purchase from him. Appreciated his reaching out, just had to pass. Fast forward 3 months and I spied an ad in Classifieds, @EVlL 55 was looking for an EFS rig that I just happen to have. Great!! Contacted him and we exchanged pics/questions/etc. Agreed on a deal and both of us sent out the following day, after which we provided each other tracking info. My bounty came on a Sunday(just 2 days) and was packaged like I would expect from an FC veteran(plus it smelled like pleasant fruity, berry, tropical scents upon opening the box...maybe just amazing scents from his home or a spritz of some very pleasant deodorizer, either way, box smelled heavenly lol)with all gear clean and zero canna smells or residues. Everything was as I was shown in pictures. Completely satisfied and would absolutely trade or purchase from this great member in the future.

  5. EVlL 55

    EVlL 55 Well-Known Member

    my Dnail gear/rig for SILVER420SURFERs
    EFS incycler.

    the EFS was professionally packed in an inner box and bubbled up perfectly.
    ...there was also a bag of swedish fish!!...was...

    the piece of glass is an EFS,..my third,..and from what i see as far as Justin or EFS goes,..could be my last...i fully believe the gridded donut percs are the best iv used..and after using hangers and spinners w/ 1,2,3 hole diffusers lately it was amazing to palm this and feel that perc do its work.
    SILVER420SURFER really came thru with a quickness and delivered what i thought was a total crap shoot of a request...thanks again buddy!
  6. KidFated.

    KidFated. We Don't Even Live Here..

    The Cold Shoulder
    Tradee: @V-apE
    Description of item:7 Fins! Count em!
    Cost of item:5 fins! 1-2-3-4-5!
    Shipping time: when he said he would!
    Rating out of 5:5!:tup::rockon:
    Comments: Thanks man! I’m keeping this business card!
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  7. V-apE

    V-apE ☼⚡⚡☁☁ ⚡☼☁⚡☼⚡☮☮☮

    Description of item: 5th gen DV Ti Tip
    Cost of item:4th gen 7 fin tip
    Shipping time 5 days

    Rating out of 5:5
    Comments: He's really one of the good guys......Thanks Brother!:clap:
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  8. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Terra Australis
    Seller/Buyer: @luke00978
    Description of item: Tubo X with RX3000 mod and 4 batteries
    Cost of item: £140 delivered
    Shipping time: Quick, wasn't expecting it to arrive so soon
    Rating out of 5: :leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf::leaf:
    Comments: Easy communication, super quick to respond and no dramas. My first purchase off the classifieds, couldn't be happier.
  9. HughJundys

    HughJundys Howie Feltersnach

    Las Vegas
    Seller: @davesmith

    Description of item: 1 decorative glass body for DynaVap
    Cost of item: $107

    Shipping time:
    Roughly 1 week from UK to Las Vegas
    Rating out of 5:

    Responsive, great attitude, skilled craftsman. I will buy from this person again. If you are looking for something like this stop looking and do yourself a favor. Buy from @davesmith. You'll be glad you did.
  10. Kozzmozz

    Kozzmozz Infinite realities, infinite possibilities

    Seller: @HindelangGG

    Product: Sticky Brick Junior walnut

    Shipping: cheapest option in one week within western Europe.

    Overall: Clear communication, fair price, well packaged.

    Excellent transaction, no remaks.
    Thanks @HindelangGG

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