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Positive Feedback

Discussion in 'Tips and Feedback' started by vtac, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. btka

    btka Well-Known Member

    Seller/Buyer: Danksta
    Description of item: Milaana
    Cost of item: $155
    Payment time: Fast
    Shipping time: Same Day
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: was a pleasure to deal with... can recommend him...
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  2. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    Seller: virtualpurple
    Item: MVT
    Cost: 120
    Receipt of item: Within a few days, very fast
    Rating out of 5: 5 easy...
    Comments: Flawless transaction and a super nice guy to deal with. He even threw in an Ed's stem, a water tool adapter and hemp fiber in case I ever want to pursue concentrates. Very happy.
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  3. stoneleopard

    stoneleopard Active Member

    Seller: @lazylathe
    Item: Herbo Ti
    Cost: 350
    Receipt of item: Fast enough
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: Great guy, but you knew that already. No issues.
  4. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    Buyer: @jeffp
    Comments: @jeffp is a great guy to talk to and do business with. He was patient with the oddness of my work and sleep svhedules! I have enjoyed chatting with Jeff and I would absolutely repeat business, 5/5!
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  5. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    Cellar: VoodooChild
    Description of item - MFLB
    Cost - 40
    Shipping time - very fast, within two days it floated through my keyhole
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: Everything's in great shape, nice guy to deal with. Even threw in a water tool adapter. Very happy with transaction.
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  6. kaisersosay415

    kaisersosay415 Well-Known Member

    Seller :@/labpong
    Items : sb dynavap m and Blackwood nonavong with no tip or cap
    Comments: solid person. Held items for almost a week and kept in touch through sale. Thanks so much
  7. Farkas

    Farkas Do you know about the bird?

    Seller: @InterplanetaryTanner
    Description of item: coarse grind plate for Kannastor GR8TR Vape Grater
    Shipping time: Same Day
    Rating out of 5: 5
    Comments: Came through on an item I was looking for for over a year. Ordered on a Saturday, received two days later. Great transaction and recommend him.
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