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Need some opinions

Discussion in 'ABV' started by drewdrew122, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. drewdrew122

    drewdrew122 New Member

    Im looking for my first vape. I want something portable that can vape dry herb and have looked at pinaccle and t vape and skycloud (didnt look good) but i want to hear some input.
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  2. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    +1 for the Solo

    Anytime someone mentions a portable, and doesn't need a quick-hit-then-stash-away session, I recommend the Solo.
  3. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    Buddy I should be receiving a Tvape today or tomorrow. Can update later. Stay away from that Cloud thing (China crap). Solo is awesome. With a wooden stem totally portable but not tiny. Many like the Pinnacle Pro but there seems to be many problems with it now and the manufacturer does not seem to be supporting his customers (in my view). In fact if you look at the Pinnacle Pro thread you can see the manufacturer actually verbally abused (well through a message so not verbally but you get my meaning) one of his customers recently. If I were you I would avoid it for the time being. Solo is absolutely reliable and a terrific choice for your first vape imo.
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  4. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    Check out the Lotus vaporizer. It is relatively cheap and produces some nice taste and clouds. Learning curve isn't too much.

    Works just like a spoon bowl, minus combustion.
  5. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Hi, it seems that you are looking for a portable vaporizer, as a first vape a pluggin vape is better imo, it will give you more satisfaction (HA 2.2 is a very good choice!).

    But if you really want a portable (and I understand that) the Pinnacle Pro seems to do a good job if you like the design and the all plastic device (and the harsh taste!), not my cup of tea (although I never try it).
    For the T-vape it seems there is a learning curve but I never try it, I don't think ir's good choice for a beginner...
    The Skycloud is a crap only for oil (and you are looking for a flower vaporizer, isn't it?)

    If you have enough funds the Xp is a very good choice, no learning curve, powerfull, stealth, longlife battery is exceptionnal and capsule are easy to use (taste is not the better but clouds are amazing!)

    If you want to save money the Firewood is a very nice vape, very tasty but there is a learning curve here.... or the flame powered vapes (lotus, Vapman, Gnôme, Vapocane, Vaporgenie), they can give you a lot of satisfaction.

    There is many others good portables vapes at + or - 200 USD: Solo, Ascent, Firefly, NO2,....

    The first choice is the more difficult cause if you will be disappointed you can stop vaping and it will be bad for us, for you, for your lungs and your family, vaporisation was one of the better things happened to me this last year, I wish the same for you!
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  6. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    Hopefully the alerts help you find this thread, they moved your initial thread to the ASK FC section. I suppose mods should PM the user(s) about the move?

    I really enjoy my T-Vape for public use, I don't ever feel like I'll be hassled when I'm using it. @Mr. Gweilo 420 captures the perspective of those vapes pretty well, or I agree with everything he said.

    @PPN There really isn't much of a learning curve to the T-Vape users just need to initially be aware that you have to press the button or it wont create vapor. You shouldn't expect a huge cloud quickly because its conduction. It takes about 15 seconds to create enough vapor that would satisfy most, as the temperature rises the clouds will get bigger.
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