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MUSA Wooden Vape

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Plug-in Vaporizers' started by f2j, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. josephleone

    josephleone Member

    I just ordered one Musa. Super excited. Will report on the experience.
  2. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Hey,there dude ! Welcome to the forum,i am glad someone pulled the trigger on this wonderfully looking vape,was considering on getting one for myself, but sadly it is not a financial possibility now,so i would have to wait better time$ :)). Please do report back on your experiece and also make some photos :) !
  3. MUSA Vaporizer

    MUSA Vaporizer Member Manufacturer

  4. josephleone

    josephleone Member

    I got my Musa yesterday!
    First impressions are good. The taste is super smooth! It looks beautiful!

    Will report back after some time and testing.
  5. josephleone

    josephleone Member

    The honey-moon is over! Finally after a week oh thorough "testing" I am ready to comment on the Musa.

    The main unit. From the left. Musa vaporizer. 14.5mm adapter. Glass tube. Container.

    Close-up on the power connector. The beautiful wood.

    First things first, this thing is a looker. Oh yeah. Not only does it look cool turned off, but it also looks sweet turned on. While using it in a dark room, it reminds me of a lantern and I might add, that passing a lantern full of awesome taste to friends and the visual pleasure of looking somebody take a sip from a wooden lantern is worth something on its own.

    Assembled. You can see the light bulb inside the glass heating tube (a fine sheet of mesh covering it).

    The power cables. Not the prettiest, but works.

    On off switch on the side and a temperature knob on the front. Right now set to about 3:30, thats where I like to start.

    Heating. You plug it in and dial the temperature and give it a few minutes to warm up. As the heat element is actually a halogen lamp, the higher the temperature the "brighter" the lamp will get. A nice hint. The power adapter and temperature switch is the eyesore of the setup. Its rather primitive, but it gets the job done. After about a week of use I have got used to the temperature knob and feel confident dialing in the right temperature. Does it get hot? I have done a few hour long sessions, and I was able to hold it in my hand without getting burned. Yes it gets warm (and maybe just a little hot), but can be handheld without any real inconvenience.

    Fully assembled, power on.

    Quality of vapor. Its top notch. I usually start a session on lower temp, get nice smooth tasting mild clouds, amazing taste. After a couple of rounds I crank the temperature up a little and get them big nice lush tokes. The temperature gauge may be a little cryptic at first, but that is nothing an observant mind cannot overcome. I do not own a bubbler (yet), so all my sessions have been straight up clean Musa. The glass tube does a good job cooling down the vapor. First time I used the vape, I went too far and accidentally combusted the herb, and this may sound weird, but it tasted more like something roasted than something burned. Though with long sessions, when I am trying to get all out of the herb, the vapor does get just a little hot and dry, so I do feel just a little discomfort, but nothing as bad for me to stop. I must emphasize that all this "testing" was done together with my partner and she did not bail once and neither of us smokes, so if we can manage, then you can do.

    A look inside. You can see the light bulb behind a fine mesh sheet.

    Oven. Oven is a mesh container. Simple enough, just two pieces. I like the fact that I dont have to pack it full. I once packed it full, had a session with 4 people. It worked, but now I prefer a half filled oven. I found out that you can actually stir the herb with your breath if the container is half full only by momentarily pulling harder. This works a treat, I dont have to stir at all during a session, resulting in a evenly baked bud. When packed full, I do find that the herb in the bottom does get vaped more and comes out more dark brown if you dont stir. But the design is such that you would have to wait for the container to cool of before trying to open it for stirring.

    How far I push my herb.

    Efficiency. Once you are friends with the temperature knob its amazing. You can put a pinch in and get vapor production. Easily get your bud coming out very dark brown. The vape has a lot of power, goes to 300C (570F), well above anything I will ever need. So you can really fine tune it to your herb and style, making most of your herb.

    Top view. After a week of use.

    Ease of use. This is by far my favorite part of the vape. I just like using it. Plug it in, check the temperature dial. Grind some herb. Fill container. Once you are ready, throw container in, put the adapter and glass tube on top and start inhaling. Slow long pulls work best, I just put a few fast "sips" in there to force the herb to move around in the container. It works at every angle! You can do it sideways, upside down, laying on your head, it just works. Great for groups and friends. You dont have to go through a set if instructions for everyone. Just grab it, and slowly breath in. And it dust looks so cool to pass this vape-lantern around, has a more "ritual" feeling to it, touch of magic.

    Pro-Tip. The glass adapter and container are a tight fit. You can actually have the container "stick" to it. This makes removing the container super easy. Just take off the glass tube, make sure the container comes out with it. So now you have a on-demand vape.

    Maintenance. All you need to clean is the glass tubes and the container. Just a few q-tips a month and heat the container with a flame torch. This is where the extra power comes handy. Drive the vape to those high temperatures (manual refers to this as the "burn-off mode") for a few minutes and you are done with maintenance. Simple enough.

    My extra glass heating tube and light bulb (12v 50w Osram).

    Repairs. This is where this vape shines. There are only two things that can fail on the main unit. The glass heating tube and the light bulb. I got an extra of both, so I am set for long time. You only need to overcome a few hex screws to open it and do the all the repairs that will ever be needed. Top scores here!

    Bottom view. A mesh window for air intake, cork bottom protectors and two holes for the hex screws.

    It may seem that I am being overly generous with my review. I did a lot of homework before I ordered the Musa. I really wanted something that will last me for years to come and would be efficient on the herb. This vape delivers. Its not only that, its also beautiful to look at (except the power adapter), its beautiful to use (works at every angle). Works both as a session and on-demand. It is easy to do DIY repairs. It really is a no fuss vape.

    The magic lantern.

    I would rate it 9,5/10.

    Happy to answer all your questions.
    I dont know the maker of Musa. This is was my honest review.
  6. sixstringsmash

    sixstringsmash Well-Known Member

    Can't believe I haven't seen this thread until today!

    @josephleone very nice review! I see that it uses a halogen lamp to heat up, which sounds very nice. The only other two vaporizers I know of that use this type of heating are the Apollo and the Herbalizer.

    I know you mentioned heat up time is a few minutes for you but that sounds a little odd to me because of the halogen heat source. Most halogen lamp vapes I've had the experience of using have been able to heat up to full temp in under 15 seconds. I was wondering if you might be able to try turning it on from cold and counting how many seconds it takes to get warm enough for a good milky hit.

    This vape is definitely on my list now and I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors @MUSA Vaporizer. If you're still selling these things in a few months when I have some more money you can count me in on one of these!
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  7. josephleone

    josephleone Member

    Oh and I forgot one important thing. The artist behind this vape is a great guy. He answers with both speed and honesty. It was a pleasure!

    Thats a good question. I went by the manual on this. I usually just turn it on and, clean up the container, grind new herb, fill the container and pretty much start. I wish I had laser temperature sensor, so I could measure the temp while heating up to give you a scientific answer.

    I dont really turn it off that much. Once I start I turn it on and when I am ready call it quits for the night, I turn it off. Use it pretty much as an on-demand vaporizer next to my desk.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 17, 2017
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  8. cgod

    cgod Well-Known Member

    Im high reading this... you have my just sold me the vape lantern i bet you can see the clouds blowing into in the dark !!!
  9. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
  10. Cheesequake

    Cheesequake Convection Enthusiast

    What's the price on this bad boy?
  11. josephleone

    josephleone Member

    I paid 250€ + shipping for it. :)
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  12. MUSA Vaporizer

    MUSA Vaporizer Member Manufacturer

    thats one great review! thank you very much!

    how do you rate the vapor quality from 1-10? @josephleone
  13. Ambre

    Ambre New Member

    I have had the Musa for a while now and this vape is AMAZING!!!
    I agree completely with this review and would even bump it up to 10/10 rating.
    This vape is so versatile and beats everything I have tried.
    I bought a whip kit from the Arizer ekstreme q and now I can use it as a whip vaporizer aswell.
    And it works great!!
    The vapor quality, ease of use and the good build quality of this vape ended my search for a desktop vaporizer. And it is a beauty aswell, I turn it on and leave it on for the duration of the night.
    I also vape hash with it.
    I put the hash in the lid of the easy bowl and draw slowly at first so the hash melt a bit and gets stuck and then pull normaly, and it works great!!
    Usually I have to sandwich the hash with herb but the Musa takes it right on.
    This vape ROCKS big time!!
    I absolutely love it!!!!
  14. josephleone

    josephleone Member

    I wanted to take some more time to answer this. In short, 10.
    I cannot fault it in terms of taste, it is simply perfect. Been really pushing it the last weeks and Musa is holding up amazing. I can do a whole bowl with little sips, slowly increasing temperature. Or I can do massive clouds, get that cough going. What I find amazing is how the taste develops. Going from fresh as a perfume in the beginning, to mild roast like coffee. The taste is so pure that I can now easily tell how far am I with the bowl, so I already know how much more there is left in the herb, all that without even looking at the herb!

    This will serve my household for years!
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  15. CarouselOnFire

    CarouselOnFire New Member

    I appreciate seeing the reviews so far!

    A few questions that I don't remember seeing answered:

    - Is there an auto-off or safety function on this device?
    - How warm/hot does the device itself get on the exterior?
    - Do the ELB-style baskets come with it? Are they different than VapeXhale?
    - Is there a concentrate adapter/nail/tube?

    Thanks for the early reviews/photos!
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  16. MUSA Vaporizer

    MUSA Vaporizer Member Manufacturer

    Hey @Ambre

    thank you for your lovley words! i really enjoyed your post.
    Its a pleasure to me to give you guys the musa experience!

    There is no auto-off or safety function. but you can leave the vape theoretically 24/7 switched on.
    (i dont suggest this, because it takes lifetime of the halogen bulb - although its easy to change the bulb)

    The vape gets warm, but it doesnt feel uncomfortable while holding it in your hand

    For sure there is one herbcontainer with the vaporizer. The elb-style basket is the original vapexhale basket.

    I dont sell a concentrate adapter/nail/tube. But you can use concentrates for sure with something like cotten/stainless steel sponge.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Best regards!
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