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MUSA Wooden Vape

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Plug-in Vaporizers' started by f2j, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Dude you guys are the shit.

    Thanks for the push!
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  2. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Glad to hear they're working out!
    Hit you back in PM.
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  3. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Damn dude I tried out 3 different forms of concentrates after work (I left early cause I wanted to play with my MUSA, [after a 6 week break I'm using my sick days half way into the day lol] ) and knocked myself out only to wake up to @MUSA Vaporizer answering the bombardment of questions I throw at him daily. Then. Passed out writing this cause the effects became apparent that they were still active about 5 minutes into Futurama. Here's what I was working on last night.

    I Just got done testing a few concentrates with the MUSA and it definitely does the job.

    Used some Original Nectar FECO Oil (FECO flavored lol? I'm not sure how to describe Full Extracts taste cause even though they harvest different strains there's still a common taste in them from what I've noticed), Alpine Brand Live Resin (Skywalker OG or OG Kush [I was watching some intense scene of a movie and couldn't stop scratching at one and had already peeled off the other], and finally, I scraped a good ~.15 off the edges of the container for Nameless Genetics Sauce (Forbidden Fruit x BlackBerry Kush) from my lady's purse so I swear it tasted like her perfume. But it toasted them ALL like they were nothing.

    This thing is a beast of a device and throughout the years I was always able to Justify the Purchase of other Vaporizers that Ultimately were not bad Vapes, but also not worth all the money I spent on them combined. Only to loose A Massive chunk to resale+S&H+Gas to the PO, and this is the only device to have me look back and say:

    I regret not having this MUCH Sooner [I mean from when it was actually released] because it makes me feel like I wasted a tonne of Money on vapes that had NOTHING on this MUSA. Not even an ENano I've decided.

    I'm gonna stop by my Cousins house today and match the MUSA side-by-side to an EVO cause I haven't used one since around when he got his AA degree in like May/June. I have not used a FlowerPot yet but am excited to try it against one, one day but have no idea of anyone who owns one in town and I'm not about to go to the local "Hang out Spots" asking random (almost kids, at least they look REALLY Young but it seems like the Tail end of the Millennials are mainly shorter but maybe I just don't pay attention) people if they own a FP Showerhead, cause I hear they're slightly better than the VROD for herbal material only?

    Anyway I'm ripped so sorry for the long ass essay. Even though he's never tried Moonrocks, it feels like this device (in the ELB) was made for them. Pre heat the ELB A little and put the Moonrock anywhere so its touching the side as well as the bottom and when in use will sort of break apart, leaving a lot of concentrates on the walls and bottom (now the top) and the rest drops fown onto the cap screen which has just enough mesh to absorb the small amount of concentrates instead of it accidentally dripping through or sliding down the Post.

    Accidentally posted this but it's Super long anyway. Thanks guys
  4. bizwaxzion

    bizwaxzion Enigmatic Cannabist

    This kind of post will have me taking another look at a @MUSA Vaporizer. Perhaps I need one in my collection.
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  5. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    I think it's really hard to do straight comparisons between Vapes cause some people have just as much love for the Company/Maker as they do the product and it sometimes gets off the topic of Vaporizers so here's my refresher EXPERIENCE with the EVO.

    I did get a chance to stop by on the way home from work to try out the EVO but not enough time to break out the MUSA, Honestly it's cause he had his Fiancė/Wife-ish person over who is a notorious Clutz but also cause I wanted to get home thru the traffic cause there's no way to beat it...you just have to ride it thru lol. Anyway it's just as everyone says. It's an EVO + Whatever Magical Power Log Vapes have on your material (and concentrates for that matter, seriously it feels like you took a sleeping pill with during your session.)

    If you like those Vape rips that feel exactly the same as a bong rip:
    immediate effects, the Coughing fits, the burning of the lungs. The EVO is your device.

    In this case I do believe they're comparable. Equal in many ways and each has their specialties and neither have anything wrong in design.
    An immediate thing that I noticed was how hot the rims get on the EVO's. You would think the MUSA made them just as hot but I went to pull one out of the EVO (I was already used to grabbing a hot MUSA ELB) and almost tipped it over trying to let go of the ELB but my fingers hadn't released it yet! Needless to say I left shortly after the event while leaving him a good 2 drops of Live Resin for the very close encounter with a new Post (Bamboo they call it right?)

    Just so you guys have an idea of how much material is a session. I use 1 full 18mm Basket Screen (the EQ/TUBO kind and not the RBT ones) of material with a drop of Live Resin or if it's just material then I use 1 & 1/4th of a EQ basket. With @DDave MOD It really does turn into a Water wand Dynavap; Even though the Vapor will almost White-wall the Native Draw Stem the Halogen Bulb kinda hinders how much vapor you're getting until you see a little clearing and realize HOLY SHIT that tubes been full of vapor the whole time.

    DDave's MOD white walls like a Dynavap and is so thick not even the light from the bulb can pierce it. It is an awesome mod and double functions for larger amounts if you take a nug and hand tear it into "mini nugs" and just throw them in the adapter's screen and it acts like the WPA screen and kinda how DBA was saying how the WPA is eye level so you can see the material morphing into ABV. And you kinda can from the shadows they cast but I think it's cool to watch how the nug will expand a little then as you pour it out the nugs just hit the jar and turn to shake.

    I can go on forever about this thing but I'm straight monopolizing the thread so im gonna check out unless something that's not a normal thing for the MUSA happens. Cause so far I'm repeating just about every other persons experience with the device, It's beyond awesome and can't believe how much it stretches your material out, How can you go wrong with a device that only has 2 things that can go wrong, and it's such beautiful cuts of wood. I love the smell of Walnut and it just adds to the experience.

    The Gauntlet of Concentrates The MUSA has and will continue to endure. Too tired to list them all but I'm in a Legal State with a Medical Recommendation. Every thing in the bag is different but the waxes are 2x Bubblegum 1x Skywalker OG and everything on the table is different types and forms. Trust me. It Manhandlez Concentrates.

    BTW: Renaming that Forbidden Fruit x BlackBerry Kush Sauce in the top right to "Purfume Sauce" lol

  6. MUSA Vaporizer

    MUSA Vaporizer Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Thank you very much for this exciting storry!
    And thanks for your lovely words<3
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
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  7. Lozo

    Lozo Well-Known Member

    I've been really enjoying my Cherry Musa, thanks @MUSA Vaporizer for this great vape. For me the configuration as pictured is working really well, I can just leave the basket and load in there while I'm working at my desk and pick up the percolator when I feel like a hit.

    So far extraction seems to work best with the basket filled half way, very easy to combust with the Musa. I have set my dial to 5.30/6.00 if off is at 12 and full power around 10.

    Lots of vapour production with this thing. Not quite at FP level but not far off either. Few times I was sure it was smoke and not vapour filling the glass.

    All in all a very nice, simple and effective vaporizer [​IMG]
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  8. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Hey, just a quick question. How do you guys prep your ELB's?

    I usually torch mine but if I can get rid of that super metallic flavor while still keeping it nice and shiny that would be cool :).
  9. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member


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  10. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man.
  11. Lozo

    Lozo Well-Known Member

    Been using the Musa with the water adapter that was provided with a small percolator bong. I have a screen pushed up into the male end of the water adapter to form a base so any material sits flat at the bottom of the adapter. I needed something solid as I like to stir a little and having a loose screen sitting in there didn't work as bits would fall through into the bong. Also having a screen pushed from the top downwards deep enough so it wouldn't drop out when emptied would mean I'd need to starting digging herb out of the 'bowl' formed by the screen

    Love watching the vaporisation process

    I was getting a hot spot in the load and uneven heating so I moved the mesh that surrounds the bulb up a little and it's made a big difference. Initially when I got the Musa I thought that was packaging around the bulb so removed it doh! Reinstated it by taking the vape apart. It's lovely to see how simple this vape is and how effective.

    The Musa is now my daily driver :)
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  12. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    It's a crazy cool vape and I just ordered a knockoff Rattle Can. As simplistic as the MUSA is I can't being myself to treat it like an ENano and run it 24/7.

    I had my first like, Kind of combustion. By all means it cherried at the front of the load but died out pretty quick as I draw just a tad harder to drop the initial temp, I just let it heatsink too much on this occasion. I think I just like the 2 minute 30 second heat up for quick extraction and 12:15-12:30 for a full flavored concentrate experience at 3 minutes.

    I hate combusting on devices you've already familiar with lol. A watch is extremely helpful with this vape. Would be really cool to have a base made for the MUSA with a magnet for like a kitchen timer or something.

    My stem was inbetween making it worth Stem Milk and cleaning it for that boost in flavor ='(
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019 at 12:32 PM
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  13. Lozo

    Lozo Well-Known Member

    @Azn2101 I have mine on if I'm working at the desk most of the day but it's off other times. I've combusted in the Musa several times too but I got too curious seeing how far I could push it. I'm finding a finer grind for the water adapter is working well.

    I only use flower and haven't needed to do any heat soaks but sometimes I do leave the Musa in place however I haven't noticed much difference with a heat soak, are you getting better results this way? Very curious....are you using it direct or through water etc ?
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  14. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    @Lozo I've found that there is a very small soak that I'm guessing comes mainly from the mesh sitting above the bulb and maybe a tiny bit from the Glass post. I've noticed that the heat soak matters more when using the @DDave 18/14 F/F adapter & draw stem for full nug extraction or Moonrocks, Turn it to a little less than ~13:00 and leave the adapter and stem in the MUSA for 5 minutes. Remove the stem and place the 14mm DDave basket screen in the end of the stem then reinsert and the basket screen makes contact with the center screen in the adapter to secure the load. If you wanted an ENano-ish draw use the same method but with fine ground material and you get a little loss in flavor but it's the equivalent of a "one hitter" bowl only being able to pack about .7 in those tiny basket screens that are awesome for so many things.

    Almost finished testing the Mods & concepts fully, like the Dyna-A-Dapter and stem packing the joint of a glass like the TUBO stem and am really surprised on how they worked out. The Dyn-a-dapter/S&B capsule stem from @Aezhenn has made the better cloud producing mod and the TUBO Bent Stem in an 18/18 F/F Grav Labs adapter is the one that gives you those wispy long drawn out exhales.

    Really excited for the Custom Art Spiked Bent Stem to get here but I realized that I'm probably just gonna use it a few times then store it in somewhere cause the horn on it looks too cool and if/when it breaks I'll break a little inside too lol.

    I really couldnt give it a good "Thru Water" definition yet as my D020's MP cracked a little that requires the cork & whip from Lamart to use without cutting my lips or mouth and really restricts the draw.

    I'm pretty lifted and unusually sick. An interesting combo cause I have a really good immune system and get sick (maybe) once a year, and has definitely helped me understand & respect people who use Cannabis to substitute for their medications, even if it's just for an undetermined amount of time and not chronic ir dull blown illness, but since the doctors can't tell me what's wrong they can't treat me with medications =/

    But anyway I really enjoy the dry extraction tube, just such intense flavor and efficiency with the ELB with a 2 minute H.U.T. at 11:30 for a mid coarse grind. Will let you know about efficiency thru water when the Rattle Can arrives. Can't tell you too much on flavor as everything tastes off but the effects are still very strong and noticable with the MUSA =)
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  15. Azn2101

    Azn2101 Well-Known Member

    Ok so @DDave I finally found a way to make the Dynavap work just as well as it would with a WoodScents and it's as simple as a @DDave attachment and a 14mm male rig that slims down to a Dynavap Tip diameter, this one was $15 USD.

    The actual DDave adapter w/o screen is going through an iso bath but is the exact same


    After a long quest of attachments it turned out to be the apparatus itself :science: Muhahahahaha.

    Feel much better today. The human body is weird as all hell...

    You use antibiotics to help other infections heal, yet if you take too many or a combination of some that aren't good together you can develop an even WORSE infection (C. Diff)???

    And all the pain and inconvenience of not eaening a paycheck aside they sent me home for the remainder of the Quarantine from the hospital because I was already home for ~1 week (:hmm:) and now am looking at $308(labor)+90(Cleaning materials)+??? For Steam cleaning all furniture & Hot Washing all clothing, and Deep Cleaning the floors cause they didn't diagnose me with this bacteria (that's part of that .1% that most hand sanitizer and cleaning products don't work on) for that prior week =/.

    14-21 days in this house...alone....and it will only have been 2 days in a few hours

    Stages of my sanity as portrayed by emojis: :\, :cry:, :disgust:, :bang:, :mental:, :freak:, :lmao:, :myday:,:rip:, :zombie:.

    I think that's actually a pretty accurate portrayal...except the ending haha. But seriously, you can only vape and watch so much TV before it gets really old and your tolerance is thru the roof. I have an N64 but it's missing a power cord and a controller.

    You guys are my only outlet to society lol.

    Loving the MUSA as always. How often do you guys wax your logs? I try and do it once a week but since I'm low on supplies I think I'll push it another week.

    My bad I always post a page almost every time. I usually find myself getting my posts merged if I don't collect all my thoughts before I finish.
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