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Mobius Glass

Discussion in 'Glass' started by treecityrnd, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Alvinhwang63

    Alvinhwang63 Well-Known Member


    I was wondering why it doesn't work with your ligers as I just bought one and didn't want it to goto waste if I can't use it.

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  2. ensabbahnur

    ensabbahnur Hash Vacuum

    Kickin it live in the 775
    I have a really slow draw on my Ligers to prevent material splashing over the insert into the bucket and making a huge mess, and my draw rate doesn't create enough pull to draw the water up enough to start the recycle function, Ive found this to be true for me with every single recycler Ive ever used with them.

    The Liger will fit and "work" with the Recurve, but getting it to actually recycle with good function might be difficult. There are others on the board that use other recyclers with their Ligers and have no issues, or at least don't mind cleaning their nail a lot.
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