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Magical Butter

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by mmenzie, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. sixstringsmash

    sixstringsmash Well-Known Member

    Hey guys so I just received my MB machine the other day and am pretty excited to use it! Unfortunately due to a shortage of herb and inability to get any more for the next week or two I won't be able to use it for the purpose of edibles yet. In the meantime I was thinking of using the recipe for essential oils to make some aromatherapy oil to put in my underdog. Has anyone had any experience making anything like a mint or clove essential oil? How would you compare the aroma and strength to something bought in the store?
  2. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    It's a great machine, I really enjoy having it. While I can't speak to making essential oils with it one way or the other, I basically approach the acquisition of an ounce's worth of herb two ways (I'm on a budget). My first experiment with the machine was with a mix of a half ounce of bud and half ounce of organic damiana herb (which is like five dollars an ounce on Ebay). It has a subtle psychoactive effect in the form of tea. So half bud, half damiana, then fill to the minimum line with coconut oil. I think overall it was a successful experiment. Not sure I'd do it again because moving forward I asked the guy I get it from (undocumented pharmacist) if he has anything old that he wants to get rid of cheap let me know. So, half price for "old" or 'shake." Old meaning like two or three months. That's really the way to go. Good luck with the machine. By the way there's going to be a smaller version coming out at some point.
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  3. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

  4. HerbieVonVapster

    HerbieVonVapster Well-Known Member

    Been enjoying mine the last couple of weeks. Ran a bunch of avb to test it out. Happy with results. Made the emu pain recipe from magic butter site...um huge mistake stain city so have 2 cups of not sure what to do with stuff. Kinda a bummer cause it works so well when applied.

    Awesome that's my only issue is amount needed to make each batch. It's great for some not so much for others. To commit to a ounce or more per run is a lot for me. Be nice to do smaller amount.

    Overall pleased with machine had a couple years worth of abv stuff I was thinking of tossing and least found a use for. Works well in the evening knock pain down enough to get 5-6 hours of sleep.
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  5. Bipola

    Bipola Well-Known Member

    I got one of these about a month ago but am only just making a batch of butter with it now.

    I used about 250g of melted butter and just over 14g of decarbed herb (not ground as I read it was better not to pre-grind), two tablespoons of sunflower lecithin, but... it's still about an inch under the minimum line.

    I know it says DO NOT UNDERFILL in the precautions in the manual, but I didn't know what else I could do other than add the same amount of melted butter again and make super weak butter which I didn't do... I guess the amount of solid butter isn't necessarily going to equal two cups of melted butter? Maybe I should melt more, I didn't measure it in cups as I thought that was about the right amount (or just over it)

    Will it still work?

    There wasn't much I could do once I'd added the butter/bud/lecithin haha I can't exactly take it out and save it for later...
  6. Pyr0

    Pyr0 Stoned Roses

    Wirral, U.K.
    I don't have a magic butter machine (I wish I could get a 240V one in the UK) but would it have been possible to add water, then drain it off later?
  7. Bipola

    Bipola Well-Known Member

    It says do not add water in the manual, but I realised what I'd done wrong right after my previous post... Thanks for the suggestion though!

    250g of butter equal = 1 cup so I was meant to use double the butter. I feel ridiculously dumb for making that mistake but I melted 250gm more and added it then started the cycle again, it had only been going for about 5 minutes... but now the machine is beeping - wtf? I hope I haven't messed it up... I was trying to be so careful to follow the instructions to a tee as well!

    Edit: Read the troubleshooting tips and it says it beeps if it's under the minimum line, but weirdly it didn't beep when it was way under it, then I added just enough to get it over the line and when I turned it back on it wouldn't stop beeping. Turned it off again and used a spoon to slosh around the liquid so I could just barely make out that it was above the min line then when I turned it back on it went back to working normally again. Hope restarting the cycle doesn't f it up in some way though...
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  8. agentshaw

    agentshaw New Member

    You can!
    I've just ordered the 240v model from Austrailia and its on the way!
    The shipping adds a chunk but its worth it for me.

    I'm new here, just signed up to let you know really - I'm not sure on the rules on links yet - its just the website with a .au added.
  9. Kit Von Kat

    Kit Von Kat New Member

    I'm a Medical Marijuana patient and I would like to make my own tinctures. I cannot, (because of one of my illnesses), digest edibles - but I can put a drop under my tongue and absorb it sublingually!

    When I initially thought I would try oil that my LP was selling to medicate and see how it went. I didn't really think of how much it would end up costing me if it worked and while I use it only occasionally, it's very handy and discreet to use. But it's expensive, so I would really like to do make it myself..safely.

    Ah my safety. Safety is key for someone like me who also suffers from ptsd (among many other things) lol. So, I am really not into danger. Ever. I'm also not into big, ole ventilation fans blowing around my condo's kitchen keeping it cool so it doesn't explode. That would mean it was dangerous. Yay know? But is it?

    There is the Magical Butter Machine that I found advertised on one of the sites that I frequent and I'm thinking of giving it a whirl. In no order, here are my most pressing questions, for now;

    1. Is it safe to use inside? It's a plug-in appliance (counter-top) for the kitchen, yet I see people advising each other to ventilate well - even better, cook outdoors. Any truth to that? (I couldn't find a write-up addressing that issue in their manual)

    2. Do I use Vegetable Glycerin or do I have to use Everclear? I'm afraid of anything with the possibility of kaboom.

    3. Is Vegetable Glycerin safe?

    - if it works -

    4. How do I figure out how much to start with when I start to medicate? I titrated with the oil I purchased from my LP, but I used their guidelines for their oil, which will be much different than this, I would presume.

    5. How do I know it's potency? I will know (obviously) the THC/CBD %, but how does that change once it has been made into a tincture?

    Any tips - anything at all would be helpful. Thanks so much.
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  10. witka

    witka Member

    Anyone tried MB2E vs The Source extract craft?? which is better
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  11. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain
    You can use Glycerin which is non flammable. It is cheep by the gallon on Amazon. Nothing like the shelf life of alcohol which last pretty much for ever, but it lasts a long time. Add a teeny bit of citric acid to help it last, also available on Amazon. In either case store in a black glass jar.

    Is it safe to drive to the store without a seatbelt? Probably. I just did an alcohol cook and did it out side. I would never do anything like that indoors or without supervising it. The MB web site doesn't delve deeply into safety concerns, lol.
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  12. witka

    witka Member

    1. Is it safe to use inside? It's a plug-in appliance (counter-top) for the kitchen, yet I see people advising each other to ventilate well - even better, cook outdoors. Any truth to that? (I couldn't find a write-up addressing that issue in their manual)

    The MB Machine, is very safe, it is mainly used for ooils and butters, i've heard it isn't great at tinctures.
    ventilation is a MUST when dealing with the alcohol or butane methods. (commonly known as QWISO QWET or BHO)

    2. Do I use Vegetable Glycerin or do I have to use Everclear? I'm afraid of anything with the possibility of kaboom.

    3. Is Vegetable Glycerin safe?

    I've avoided glycerin , just cause i'm too lazy to research if it's safe or not..

    - if it works -

    4. How do I figure out how much to start with when I start to medicate? I titrated with the oil I purchased from my LP, but I used their guidelines for their oil, which will be much different than this, I would presume.

    5. How do I know it's potency? I will know (obviously) the THC/CBD %, but how does that change once it has been made into a tincture?

    Any tips - anything at all would be helpful. Thanks so much.[/QUOTE]

    under the tongue doesn't NEED to be an alcohol tincture.

    WHen I got my ACMPR i though the same thing i'd just buy the oils.. but they are hella expensive

    making your own is trial and error, but it does allow you to play with dosing

    important things to consider:

    Decarb decarb decarb ( heating your herb up to activate the thc/cbd (i'm told the new MB machine MB2E can decarb inside the machine) which is a plus

    How fast acting do you need..

    this can depend on your illnesses, chronic pain and epilepsy and such need faster acting then other stuff..

    Stay healthy avoid vaping/smoking as much as possible... just makes sense if this is *medicine* IMHO

    Absorption (obviously smoking/vaping and intravenous are always fastest)

    Nasal spray 10mins
    sublingual (under tongue) 15-25 mins
    rectally 15-25 mins
    topically 20-40mins
    Ingestion- HOURS

    First Pass Metabolism... !!!
    simply put.. How "HIGH" do you need to feel..
    Nasal/rectal and topical are very low 'head high'
    the absorption avoids the liver, unlike ingestion which gets u super high a few hours later.

    what *I* do is make 2 different potions.. High thc in Coconut oil , taken sublingually or topically or rectally depending on how bad my pain is.

    I am trying to master a Nasal spray, with aprox 5%thc 13%cbd

    I use a very basic method to make my stuff ( i wish i had a MB machine)

    decarb herb in the oven in a sealed(not tight) mason jar (placed on a cookie sheet) , 220 for 40 mins, burp after 20 mins so it doesnt explode.

    mix into oil stovetop double boiler. strain

    it's smelly but its safe..

    Potency depends on how much oil you mix into
    the idea of concentrates is to make it powerful so you use less
    Unless you can test your end product.. it's kind of a guessing game.. you can try playing with this

    i made coconut caps which was 20grams in about 250ml of coconut oil, made 60 -1ml bullets and they are powefull as hell....

    Also I use sunflower lecithin which increases potency.

    Theres a good long thread called 'my first cannabis caps" on this forum you should check out... but i copied this cuz i think it is a good guide.

    **** I've found that the minimum for a positive experience is 28g (ounce) material, and 236ml (US-Cup) of virgin coconut oil. personally I've found 42g material, and 236ml of virgin coconut oil, to be just perfect.***

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  13. mayanhippy

    mayanhippy Permaculture regenerative LivingSoil

    Doing second run of coco oil.. nd my machine seems to messing up. The blade keeps running every 10-15 secs.. and it sounds like its burning, overheating inside. I put for 8hr and was gonna do another 8 hr but im scared it will burn or mess the machine up. Has anyone had this happen to them?? I remember the blade only running every 5mins or so. Not every 10-15 secs....
  14. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I would turn the machine off. You can save all your sludge and oil/butter for later. Test your product, it may be ready. If you bought your MB through the company you should have a warranty.

    @Kit Von Kat I use my MB on my back porch. I have a plug in there and it's covered. It's an electrical device it shouldn't be in an area that's wet. It does have a bit of a smell and it's loud.

    I havent heard anyone on the forum here that has made a ticture with it and have been successful.
    Refer to Green Dragon recipe. We have several recipes for tinctures in the cooking section.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2017
  15. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain
    My first machine had "issues". CS was very easy to deal with and they sent a replacement that I'v now been using for a few years.
  16. BornRedEyed

    BornRedEyed Member

    I am currently in my first ever run of MBO. I am following the magical butter recipe of 70 grams, which is 50 grams of sunset sherbet and 20 grams of a high CBD strain, but forget which one. I decarbed at approx 230 degrees for 35 minutes. Then tossed it in the MBM and put in 3 cups of 151 EC. I have about 90 minutes remaining in the 130 degree 4 hour cycle.

    My plan is to reduce a cup of the remaining liquid and use to make gummy bears. I'll share the results when finished.
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  17. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

  18. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain
    I love that about making butter/oil. You can fine tune for medical use by mixing strains.
  19. BornRedEyed

    BornRedEyed Member

    Alright, everything is in tact and went really smooth. Started with three cups of EC and ended up with two and a half cups finished product after a four hour run. I took a cup and reduced it, but it never got that thick. I may not have let it go long enough not sure...I probably took it down to a little less than a quarter cup.

    As I was making the gummies I licked my fingers and the spoon a few times and once the gummies were set I ate three or four through the course of the evening. I was also drinking some beers so had a pretty good buzz going, so it was hard to gauge the effects from the bears. But I did wake up on the couch around five in the morning, so judging by that I thought they probably came out pretty good.

    Got up this morning for some additional testing and ate just one double size bear with some coffee. After about 45 minutes started to feel it. All in all pretty mello body high. All keep testing but think it'll take about three bears to really blast off.

    So far pretty pleased with the way things turned out with my first alcohol run. Was much easier to strain using EC than when I used glycerine. Next time I'd like to get my hands on some 190 proof and see how that compares.
  20. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    Bears per Cup?
  21. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor

    I have noticed best effects from edibles while waiting at least 48hrs inbetween doses. I feel if i eat then on back-to-back days i get a lot lesser effect on day two. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this too but just something to consider.

    Edit. This also used to be the rule of thumb on acid back in the day. Not that i would take a ton of acid, but i remember the advice.
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  22. BornRedEyed

    BornRedEyed Member

    I got 125 standard size bears and 125 double size bears.
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  23. trichome_renaissance

    trichome_renaissance Active Member

    Just did my best batch of coconut oil to date.....

    Unfortunately I changed a few variables at a time with this batch (used MCT oil instead of standard coconut oil, used carrier oils to aid in absorption, and used nova lift to decarb instead of oven) so it's hard for me to attribute the nice improvements in potency that I'm experiencing to any 1 of those changes. Either way I'm quite satisfied with the batch. I also decreased my mbm2e cook temperature (for the last 2 hours) to 130F since I think the nova/lift gave me a much more thorough decarboxylation.


    15oz MCT Oil (100% coconut derived with a 60/40 split of C8 to C10 composition)
    1oz carrier oils (0.33oz extra virgin olive oil, 0.33oz castor oil, 0.33oz avocado oil)
    1oz liquid sunflower lecithin
    56g unground small buds (btw say 15-20% thc)

    Decarb'd as follows

    2x 14g runs in an Ardent Nova/Lift decarboxylator (1h 40m per run)
    1x 28g run in an Ardent Nova/Lift decarboxylator (1h 40m per run)
    NOTE: each run resulted in identical looking botanicals, so next time I'll do 2x 28g runs

    Cycled in MBM2e as follows

    1 hour @ 160F

    poured in mason jar (botanicals and all), cooled to room temp, put in freezer for 1 hour, then thawed back to room temp before pouring back into mbm2e machine

    2 hour @ 160F
    2 hours @ 130F
    0.5 hour of settling time

    Strain through 190 micron bubble bag, then press bubble bag through potato ricer

    Reclaimed 16.5oz of oil (3% oil loss by volume and also 3% loss of the mg of thc extracted) which will provide roughly 100x 0.5 teaspoon doses @ an estimated 23 - 32mg per dose (see breakdown below)

    Assuming 100% extraction (which is unlikely)
    and 3% recovery loss by volume (which is accurate for me) that works out to somewhere btw 39 - 53mg of thc per 0.5 teaspoon dose (assuming 15 - 20% thc in starting botanical material), But I think it's safer to say that the thc extraction via mct oil isn't going to be 100%

    Assuming 50% extraction one can expect 20 - 27mg of thc per 0.5 teaspoon dose.

    I haven't found any studies indicating what the ceiling for extraction in MCT oil is. For all intensive purposes, I'm drawing a line in the sand and hoping for 60% extraction, or 23 - 32mg of thc per 0.5 teaspoon dose.

    1/2 tsp dose TRIP REPORT

    NOTE: I dosed on different edibles yesterday and the day before, so the following results are in spite of that!

    - swished under the tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing

    @ 0m - ingest
    @ 30m – start feeling onset (2x faster than previous batches)
    @ 2h – peak started (vs. 3 hour mark w/ previous batches)
    @ 5h - peak ended (same as previous batches, meaning I got a 50% longer peak...3h vs 2h)
    @ 11h - come down is still at enjoyable level, still haven’t vaped at all today, still no desire to really
    @ 12h - just some light residual effects and pretty tired / ready for bed
    @ 13h - just some light residual effects and pretty tired / seriously going to bed now

    - Overall intensity is better, effects seem more of a full spectrum….much more body buzz to accompany the head high, with less paranoia than previous batches. The intensity increase is most likely due to MCT oil, carrier oils, and the nova lift decarb. The increased body buzz and decreased paranoia is probably due to a more thorough decarb / less thc-a.

    - Definitely a noticeable energy rush and mental boost from @ 2h – @ 4h (first 2 hours of the 3 hour peak) from the MCT oil, with the 3rd hour of the peak feeling a bit more like an indica couch lock experience / slight blood sugar drop.

    - Saved the processed botanicals and will add them to a future run for further extraction

    - So this recipe is providing 10 hours of enjoyment for me off of a 1/2 teaspoon (2.47ml) dosage and yielding 100 doses off of 2oz of botanicals. Plus I should get more out of the processed botanicals if/when I reprocess them on a future extraction. Not to mention this is my "day off" dosage. For weekdays, I'll reduce the dosage 35% by volume (to 1.6ml) and it should medicate me for the 5-6 hours I have btw the end of my work shift and the time I go to sleep those evenings.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
  24. HippieHitman

    HippieHitman HotBoxin' My Wheelchair

    Recipe for gummies? with alcohol
  25. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    1. Place the gummy bears into a glass bowl.
    2. Pour just enough vodka into the bowl to cover the gummy bears completely.
    3. Cover the bowl in plastic wrap. ...
    4. Taste a piece of the candy on the second day. ...
    5. Remove the gummy bears from the bowl using a slotted spoon, if needed. ...
    Serve the gummy bears immediately.
    Da Machine (thanx Google)
    Add flavor extract, 2 tablespoons/30 ml of honey or agave, and swirl the pan in a circular motion until the MBO mix again resembles molasses; then add the gelatin mixture. Whisk the gelatin mix into the pan with the MBO mix, and begin to simmer the gummy confection over medium-low heat.

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