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Leviathan Pipes (inexpensive American Glass)

Discussion in 'Glass' started by abo27495, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    Okay, it's time for this to stop. It's one thing to tell us once about your experience, Gaffa, and another to keep bringing it up. You've stated your dissatisfaction with how long you have had to wait and now it's time to take this discussion to a private one with Lev.

    You also have the option to cancel your order if you can no longer wait for the product. But any further discussion here will warrant a warning point.
  2. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Newest video, with the Big Mona. Sorry about the delay on the write up. It truly is a unique piece and trying to put into words what it can/can't do, what it excels at and even some tweaks I think it could use. I do love the piece. For whatever anyone may think about it, there is one undeniable FACT.

    Even compared to the 22" monstrosity, any bubbler I own... any piece I've ever hit. This new tube, is a HARD, HARD Hitter. When I'm getting to that point, where I need to switch things up from the HI... I usually switch. I was actually getting to that point, when I got the new glass. But, I decided to stick with it, instead of rolling in the MFLB or VB. Oh Hell no. This piece picked up steam and just kept hitting me over the head repeatedly. The more I vaped, the more medicated I got. Typically I plateau a LOT faster than that.

    Its pull reminds me of the old muscle cars. It may weight a boatload, but when you hammer down on the pedal... nirvana!

    (Blow it up big, HD)
    Click to play YouTube Video
  3. Gaffa

    Gaffa Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had a pretty restless night's sleep. Just medicated and feel better. I'll be patient and wait out for Lev's healthy return!
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  4. flotntoke

    flotntoke thoroughly vaped

    Great vid BDV!! Mona's not in my budget right now :(, but am sure I'll now be dreaming of her. Still lovin my FC lattice - so shouldn't complain.

    Is that the first dab vid we've seen from you? Careful with that hippie crack! Knocks my T right up to high and will put you on your butt in no time.
  5. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    I still hold the Lattice as the best all-around piece. I would put this between the big tube and the bubbler. Its like a scaled down version of a larger piece, that brought along the same draw/hit. So even though the Lattice might hold a higher spot, Big Mona gives you enough incentive to pull her out on a regular basis. She's sweet enough that I'm really going to spend some time with it, because I still want to try different water levels. I'm about as low as I want to go... But there's really about another quarter inch, that has a noticeable difference.

    As for the dabs... tail end of my first gram. Don't know when I'll grab more. I would rather buy an 1/8th of herb Lol. Its enjoyable. I think overpriced and too strong. I do like the experience/ritual of it. Heating the nail, dropping that dab on there with a good hard pull already going. Yeah, its a rush. Don't really "need" that.
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  6. Hoops

    Hoops Well-Known Member

    ...Stay Frosty.
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  7. that herb guy

    that herb guy Well-Known Member

    Now I'm curious to see a 'lil mona' vape video.
    'dat crystal ice perc :cool:.
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  8. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    can't wait for my lil'mona, shouldn't be much longer now :D
  9. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Lil mona are georgeous, if only I had the money...
  10. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    So Lil Mona is the exact same size as the Lev Lattice?

    I thought it was a pretty decently sized bubbler from the videos I've watched. Am I wrong?

    Can't wait to see lil' mona in action. :spliff:
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  11. Puffers

    Puffers Micro-Climate Mastermind

    Cali, Bay Area
    Cant speak for lil mona but imo the lattice is a pretty large volume bubbler
  12. mangok

    mangok Member

    didnt get to the next page, my bad
  13. ODS

    ODS Member

    lev not on FB anymore? i went to check out some of his stuff and i'm not finding it on FB.

    is there a link to see some of the stuff he has for sale? BTW still loving my m&m/leviathan lattice bubbler!

  14. PAZ

    PAZ Well-Known Member

    He's making a website right now, theres some stuff in this thread.

    Sidenote - I think the one thing people have to remember (myself included) is that when you're ordering from smaller companies, things come up. You pay for the quality of the piece, if you want the piece to be at the doorstep the next day, proabbly better to pay more and buy from ALT.
  15. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    The lattice is a huge bubbler. Same size can as some of their tubes.

    Yes, please remember this. I had some issues with how my order went, too, but at the end of the day you need to realize you're not buying from some big company. Leviathan doesn't have someone sitting there answering phones and emails all day. That's why your piece is going to cost so much less than you'll find it anywhere else. It might be late...you might not hear back from Lev for a few days, but it will show up, promise. When it does, you won't care about how long you waited.
  16. Doug

    Doug Just passing time

    I want a lattice so bad. I should have gotten one when they were on sale a month ago. This little infamous thing doesn't cut it. One day I'll pick one up a green one.
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  17. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw Astralnaut

    this is def. the next piece i am adding to my collection.
    am glad he is takin' off and so busy. need to move a couple things (just got a cloud)
    but the lattice has been holding my eye for awhile. want to wait til he isn't
    so overloaded to order anyway (but worried that may never happen :))
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  18. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Couldn't leave the mighty mite MFLB out of the party!

    Click to play YouTube Video

    jam will be the first. Her's was shipped minutes before I picked mine up. I'm betting it has an easier draw, as its a larger can size. That is one change I would make with Big Mona, is change from 55mm can to a 60mm, minimum. Though, I don't think it will come close to the sheer BAM of the Big Mona. I just can't express how hard this thing hits. Not rip your lungs out, but just you'll feel it, especially when the herb kicks in.

    If you're shopping for your first piece... I would pass on the Big Mona. Obviously, I don't fall in that category. I am a collector. Each piece, serves a purpose, or better yet... mood. While she has some "drag" (I hate calling it that), some "chug" and I would say is more suited for combustion and dabs... if you've got the vape for it, or the patience (as you can see, the MFLB paid off) to grow to love something... its a fine, fine, FINE piece of glass.
  19. Looper714

    Looper714 New Member

    City of Champions
    Okay, I have been combusting since I was 15, and am 53 years old. Herbs are a fabric of life for me, and have always been kind to me! I just started vaping 2 months ago, and really enjoy the whole experience. It's still a learning curve, because vaping is soooo different than combusting. I still enjoy combusting, but hit the vape almost exclusively since buying my first vaporizer - the Extreme Q, which I couldn't be happier with (but after reading so much about the LSV, will eventually get one). I also bought the Solo, but that is even more a learning curve for me and am still getting the hang of it. I bought my first scientific piece right after acquiring the EQ, which is a Dirty Rico 12 arm apocoline perc tube. After vaping with the Rico, I am now obsessed with glass, as the Rico provided hits that I have never experienced - no drag, great diffusion, thick milky hits, and great flavor. I have been following your threads on Leviathan/M & M glass tech, and just ordered the M & M tech showerhead bubbler with the detachable mouthpiece (I like the idea of versatility and can imagine some crazy scenarios). Anyway, I envision buying even more glass, as well as vaporizers, with the end result to have different effects from the synergy of various pieces used in conjunction. BDV, I appreciate your posts with all your different pieces, as it has helped me with my decisions, as well as educate me (since I've been smoking so long, thought I knew it all). I'm looking forward to the Leviathan website, and I definitely see more of his pieces in my collection.
  20. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    :clap: ooooh it's on the way?? nice :D I guess it wasn't in todays mail, they came by already, but I will keep an eye open.;)
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  21. Takavor23

    Takavor23 Lev of Leviathan Glass Blower

    Hey guys, I have just sent out every piece on the waiting list. Please contact me for tracking number. The custom piece has not gone out yet tho. We are working on it. Maria yes yours has gone out too. I know its only been a week but we will be gone for two weeks so I cannot contact anyone. If anyone would like to order just please wait until my return.
  22. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    Oops! Did I ruin the surprise? ;)

    Thank you. Glad I could help out.

    As I've said... I'm a collector. From comic books, to glass. If I was smart, I'd sell a couple (FF #47 - 49 first appearance of Silver Surfer... X-Men #94 first appearance of modern day X-Men, #122 [I think] first appearance of Rogue... etc. Sigh...) to pay for my glass. Oh well. I'm a collector, not a seller. :D

    Well, stay tuned. I'm not done yet. Got another piece on the way, soon, I hope.
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  23. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    Oh yeah, looks like a lil'mona is almost here :D should be delivered some time today! I'll be back with a vid and my first impressions.
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  24. deadheadbill

    deadheadbill I can see clearly now the smoke is gone...

    So again, where can you see/order the pieces from? I've checked FB and looked for a website. Is it just a contact the seller and he emails you a list kind of thing?
  25. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    you have to scroll back a few pages in this tread to find the bub pics. There are paypal links with some of the photos for placing the order with. Otherwise, yes, right now you will have to email Lev to set up an order at this point, but I believe he is going to be away for a couple of week or so, as posted a couple of posts above this one ^^
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