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I don't even know what I want anymore... Portable? Desktop? Mighty? Extreme Q? Volcano? Please help!

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by TwisteD, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    @TwisteD - I recommend getting one really good desktop vape for your needs. I work at home and adore my vape station. It's so nice having a world class rig always at the ready, and it will open up new experiences for you the mflb couldn't.

    Any high end desktop will do and have its pros and cons. Luckily, there aren't as many of them to research as with portables. I also vape through water whenever possible and recommend it.

    I have one or two of these set up at all times and they all work great - Volcano, silver surfer, electric Supreme, Flowerpot, Herborizer, Evo, VripTech Heat Wand, and a number of nails. At any point in time any one of those vapes can rule the roost, but they all take turns. Lately the Herborizer has been winning out the most because it fits me perfectly. I like a bowl with a small heater on top I can remove for stirring, the classy look and feel, and that it works so well with my glass.

    Take some time to find the right desktop for you and get to that next level. The mflb sounds like it is still working fine for you while out and about.
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  2. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    A nice analogy:
    There are many sweet things in life - but does honey taste like sugar?
  3. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    I've decided and I'm going for the OmniVap XL for my personal outdoor use, what's the best place to buy it right now? I want the Titanium one.

    I'm going with this one because I need a portable that's "on demand" (and not a session one because I like quick hits everywhere) and also, where batteries are not a problem or carrying it around. Any final thoughts about another vape I should take a look if I love the indestructibility of the MFLB, the stealthiness, how awesome is that I can vape a little or the trench full, that I can use it on demand and not as a session vape, etc... I still love my MFLB.

    1. Difference between FlowerPot and Herborizer TI? Which one is better? I don't use wax at all for now, so what should I be getting? I have a small straight tube bong, I use it with my MFLB, it's fine... What items do I need to use each one of these vapes and how much am I going to be spending? Pros and cons of each one?
    2. How does the e nano compares to the FlowerPot/Herborizer TI?
    3. Can I use a torch lighter in a windy place? I've never used a torch light before...

    I'm sorry but I work most of the time (even that I work from home coding can be very time consuming) so I recurred to you guys because... You guys rock and have these things and can give me an honest opinion without being paid or something. I love y'all!

    And now, to answer most of you! Sorry if you replied and I didn't quote you, I'm tired but I wanted to answer most of you guys tonight.

    Thanks a lot bro! I'm falling in love more and more with the Omnivap XL, I just love that I can carry it around without worrying about charging it, I love joints and blunts so I don't really care that much about temperature control, I just want to stop combusting and start saving weed, also, my health!

    When I only use my MFLB, I can make a 1/4 oz last me 1 week, so yeah, if I'm smoking I can easily finish 1/2 oz in one week, I used to smoke 1oz per week but holy fuck that was expensive.
    To be honest, thank you so much for your input, I've decided, the OmniVap for sure will be brought, what's the best place to buy it?

    Anyone can help me with what do I need exactly to get a Flowerpot or just the essentials of it to start using it? What am I going to be missing?
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  4. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    Enano seems pretty sick to be honest, I could be using both at home, alternating between Enano and an Omnivap XL. Can you get really baked with the high temperatures of the eNano? I mean, I want something that gets me baked at night and something that gets me just a bit high during the day for home use.

    I don't see many people suggesting me a volcano here, is it for the price?

    How much am I going to spend with the "bare bones essentials"? What I'll be missing? Does it matter that my bong is small and not from a good brand? It's brandless lmao

    What's the GonG adapter? I honestly think I'll go with the eNano, many of you guys are suggesting it, it's not expensive as fuck, it's something better than MFLB + PA I think so theres a win win situation for me there and plus I'll get the OmniVap XL. Btw, how do you carry the Mighty around? I mean, in which public places have you used it? I use it literally everywhere as I said in my first post.
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  5. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    Damn, thanks for the prices! I mean, I'm honestly looking into the FlowerPot, Herborizer TI and eNano, I see more people suggesting the FlowerPot and the eNano, I would like to know which one is better (my guess is FlowerPot) but yeah, sometimes I want to vape just a bit and sometimes A LOT so I guess this would be ideal for me because sometimes I just want to get stoned and getting high at high temperatures sounds sick, I honestly didn't mention this in my first post but I do like getting VERY HIGH and sometimes slightly high, I've been smoking for 11 years and daily for 8. I love that I can microdose in my MFLB too! And OmniVap XL is a must for me, I have a small glass bong that I use with my MFLB water adapter, I guess that can work with the other vapes too.

    Another point for FlowerPot! Oh man, OmniVap XL and FlowerPot or eNano seem to be leading here! Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion, means a lot to me since you have tried MANY vapes so you definitely know which ones are the best and which ones aren't. I remember 5 years ago asking for very specific questions and everyone suggested me the MFLB, I still love it but I deserve and upgrade because I love myself lmao.

    Oh yeah, I need something on demand for outdoor and something that I can use on demand and as a session for home use. I'll add this to the question list but feel free to answer me too please! Also, the OmniVap XL + eNano combo seems nice, I just want to know like the pros and cons of eNano and Flowerpot.

    Mighty would be a nice Christmas present too... Vaping is so much fun and I only have the MFLB lmao.

    For now I can tolerate the MFLB as a stealthy piece, I definitely get the OmniVap XL to get high quickly outdoors. Now, Herborizer TI vs Flowerpot, pros and cons? What suits my needs better? I need something I can take small hits or big hits, depending on how I'm feeling, high temperatures at night and lower temps at day (talking about desktop vaporizer). Is the Volcano the father of them all? ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE DON'T BE NOISY SINCE MY BROTHER IS BOTHERED BY THE NOISE AND NOT BY THE SMELL LMAO. Sorry I wasn't screaming I'm just... A bit high and I wanted to let everyone know about that little BIG detail. His room is next to mine.

    English is not my first language sorry, what does this mean? I mean, I get it in spanish but still, I don't quite understand this quote.

    Wow that took a while, thanks a lot everyone! I love you guys.

    I'm having so much fun, this anxiety before buying and while deciding which ones do I want for my next half decade at least is nice.

    Everyone have in mind that I need stuff that lasts a LONG time... Like the MFLB has lasted me. I love y'all, time to go to bed! Take care!
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  6. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    Wow, that was a lot to read! To avoid going through it and making a huge post in response, I’ll just try to cover the main things I think you want to know.

    1. Dynavap.com is a good place to buy the Omnivap XL...someone else might know a place that sells them a little cheaper or has a discount code, or you could wait for a sale from Dynavap.

    Right now they’re doing limited runs if anodized titanium in different colors if you’re interested.

    I’d also buy extra screens (they last but could get lost), and maybe some degummed hemp fiber if you think you might want a filter to keep any larger particles out of your mouth. Dynavap sells that too.

    Oh, and a magnet would be useful for removing the cap and/or holding it on your desk if you don’t buy a Dynastash which has a magnet in it.

    2. For the FlowerPot, the minimum you need is an enail controller, a 20mm coil, a head, a bowl and some extra screens. Oh, and a bong/bubbler/j hook/etc. to put the bowl in.

    NewVape sells a decent controller and coil (and they just started selling a battery and cage for it for people who want portability).

    They have some decent Chinese glass too. I like the stereo matrix I got from them, but it’s a little cheaper direct from China if you can wait.

    For bowls, some people have preferences for older models, but they could stick in your glass so I think most people prefer the newer PanHead and ShovelHead bowls that are adjustable to your piece and don’t stick. The only differences between those bowls are looks and a little more or less metal.

    The main choice to make is the head. Here’s who I would recommend each one for:

    The ShowerHead for anyone only interested in flower and not concentrates, or who wants great flower performance and is happy with dabbing off of titanium.

    The VRod for anyone who is into concentrates and is willing to use NewVape’s controller and coil or who wants to find another compatible coil or do some soldering to use it with another controller.

    The Wrap-Around (or D-Nail compatible Wrap-Around) for concentrate users who want to use a different brand of controller/coil and are willing to sacrifice a bit of performance on flower.

    The VRod and Wrap-Around do also need a dish for concentrates, and they cost another $10-60+ depending on what you want.

    You do also need somewhere to put the hot head while it’s not in use, but that could be as simple as a coffee cup or an ash tray or something. Some people also just buy the threaded post they sell for it and put it I to a piece of wood rather than buying the stand.

    From there you can get whatever else you want and can afford. The stands are nice, the carb cap is a good idea if you use concentrates but optional for flower (it does provide a bit of draw restriction if you like that), double weave screens that are more durable, a handle if you want one and don’t want to make it, etc.

    The things I listed first are all you really have to have though, and since titanium is very tough and enail controllers are pretty reliable it should easily last you 5+ years.

    I wouldn’t try to steer you away from the E-Nano or some other great vaporizers either, but you did say that sometimes you want to use a lot at once...

    With the E-Nano you have the choice of a small load, or a smaller load. With the FlowerPot you can use anywhere from crumbs up to like .3g at once I think. Plus you can use concentrates through it, even at the same time if you want to.

    I hear the E-Nano is still pretty hard hitting for a lot of people, and if you don’t mind reloading more you may be totally happy with it, but if you know you want larger amounts in a single hit sometimes the FlowerPot is the better option there. You may find that you need less flower than you expect with either though!

    I’ve never tried The Herbirizer either, but the design does have a lot of similarities to the FlowerPot and plenty of people like it so I’m sure it’s also a good option.

    I think it’s cheaper than the FlowerPot, at least in Europe, and I don’t think it has the same concentrate options available, but if it looks good to you and you can get a better deal on it, I think it’d also be a good option. The Evo and some others too. You already know which one I went with though. :)

    Lastly, on the Volcano, it still gets a lot of praise and I’m sure it’s a great option for the right people. I was about to buy one myself when I learned about the FlowerPot, but what really changed my mind was thinking about how the Volcano is used.

    You load a good amount of flower into the chamber on top, you put a mouthpiece with a large bag attached to it on the chamber, you turn on the fan and it blows up the bag with vapor, then you breathe the vapor out of the bag. You should use it all pretty quickly after filling or it can start condensing on the bag a lot and start tasting stale from what I’ve heard.

    Some people like this style and it’s got some possible advantages, but to me the FlowerPot is just a lot more simple to use and I can use exactly the amount I want at any time.

    Since you asked about noise, the Volcano is also the only one of these that really makes noise (due to the fan that fills the bags). You may make a little noise with the others if you run them through water, but you can also use them dry and there won’t be any significant sound unless you make yourself cough. ;)

    I hope that answered most of your questions!
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  7. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    I don't have a vapcap, but researched quite a bit about it and it seems like a great choice. I've heard the titanium ones are shaped to have more powerful convection that other ones.

    In this case make sure you have some heat resistant pouch/case you can put it in after you had these quick hits. Since the tip that you heat up with a torch is exposed and won't cool down in seconds.
    It's not as on demand as MFLB. The MFLB doesn't have any heat exchanger that would stay hot for a while and it only makes just enough of a quick heat inside of it to vape, and it's well insulated with its wooden casing.
    I only have a nano, but I think the flowerpot is more powerful and can do dabs. But E-Nano safer (the flowerpot is like an e-nail that can also vape herbs, it's got hot exposed metal that I wouldn't feel safe around).
    I don't know much about herbo, so I won't comment about that one.

    I believe it would be more wind resistant than a bic, but if you really want wind resistance, you should get one that is marketed as "wind resistant".

    IMO Omnivap + E-Nano would be an amazing combo that would have you perfectly covered for both indoor and outdoor use!

    Absolutely, unless you are some snoop dogg level kind of heavy user, lol. Since you can get satisfied with a MFLB, which is much much weaker that a nano, then yeah, you could get totally baked with the nano.
    I recommend the adjustable stems/adapters, so you can slide the screen down and make more space for your load. Then you can pack 0.1g or maybe even 0.2g in one bowl.
    And E-nano is very easy and quick to repack and can also finish a bowl very quickly. I could put 0.1g in there, finish vaping it through my bong in 1-2 minutes, quickly reload, finish another bowl in another 1-2 minutes and so on.
    I could vape 5 bowls in nano in less time than 1 bowl in MFLB. And the MFLB bowl isn't really much bigger than nanos.

    Probably a bit, but I think mostly because it doesn't seem like the kind of vape you would like. On other places they still view Volcano as a king of vapes, but on FC we are more open minded to other great vapes that can fit different needs much better. IMO in todays standards, Volcano would be best for parties and for some medical users. That doesn't seem like what you want.

    Small bongs are better than big ones for use with vapes. Just make sure you get the right size of adapter. 14mm or 18mm?

    I have both nano and MFLB and I haven't used MFLB in years. The e-nano is just so much better. With MFLB I have to be extremely careful to hit it just at the right ultra slow speed to make it work. And then I could get a decent hit.
    With the nano, I just hit it, don't control/restrain my draw speed at all and it gives me 10 times better hit.
    A GonG adapter is the connection between glass parts. Your bong probably has one on the input end if it has a glass bowl or downstem.
    This is an adapter that has a female GonG on the bottom and a male GonG on the top. The top part could connect to the bottom.
    If you want to use the E-Nano with your bong, you have to get a bowl that has a matching GonG to your bong on the other side.
    For example if your bong has 18mm female input, you should get a bowl with 18mm male on the other end, which is this one:
    This one has a bowl on the top, and a 19mm male GonG on the bottom (18mm can be interchangeable with 19mm).

    In a way that it's older that all of them and was the beginning of vaporizer mainstream.

    E-nano is silent, flower pot too i think. Arizer Air is silent, vapcap is clicks when it's heated and clicks again when it need reheating. And the torch hisses. The volcano has a noisy air pump.
  8. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree

    Omnivap XL... you made the right choice man :tup::nod:

    Some usefull tips (personal):
    1 DONT charge your chamber 100% full of herb, stay 80%, the click will be louder with no risk of combusting.

    2 you are not forced to use a fine grinding, i go with a medium grind and work perfect, complete extraction.

    3 IMO singleflame torch lighter are the best for the omnivap, you will have more control on temperature cause the flame is smaller and you will be able to be more precise (the flame more near the top of the cap, the lower temperatures and the fastest the click)

    4 play with the carb hole (little learning curve here), if you draw with the hole completely closed you will find a thicker (some times harsher for the throat) vapor. At the end you will need to become a flautist :lol:

    Waiting for a your review after it arrives to you!!
  9. arb

    arb Well-Known Member

    I am not sure why it seems like a lot of the volcano "negatives" are non issues.
    I leave mine on roughly 18 hours a day and it never has any problems.
    You can load as much or as little s as you want and no glass to break.
    Zero mess extremely efficient lasts decades you can tweak the bags as dense or wispy as you want them.
    Nothing easier than a bag of vapor.
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  10. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry everyone for the big mega post I did yesterday, I just wanted to answer everyone!

    Before finally deciding for the OmniVap XL, I want to ask about the PAX3, I'm not seeing many people suggesting me one, can I know why? How does the PAX 3 compares to the OmniVap XL? Can I use the PAX 3 on demand? Like the MFLB?

    I'm worried about this:

    Does that mean that I have to finish every bowl I load with the OmniVap XL? Can I just take a few puffs and put it away for later like the MFLB? Or some herb will be wasted?

    Honestly, right now I'm deciding for portability between the PAX 3 and the OmniVap XL. Thoughts?

    For desktop I have on eye: eNano, FlowerPot/Herborizer TI. I want to order today or tomorrow if possible once I have decided for sure what I need with the help of y'all, love you guys!

    Thanks a lot man! The FlowerPot seems pretty sick to be honest, I'll look more into it! Seems like a really nice vape for home use. I only vape/smoke herb right now, no concentrates and I already have a small glass bong (18mm I think).
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  11. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    Oh my God guys, I'm having an anxiety attack because I'm thinking about this:

    -VapCap M instead of OmniVap XL to see if I really like them
    -PAX 3 (I love 10 year warranty, how it looks, how much it holds but I'm not sure if weed is a bit wasted and the battery life)

    I'm not sure tho. I could go with FlowerPot and OmniVap XL or FlowerPot and PAX 3... I'm not sure, damn this is hard, I thought I was ready to order but man....

    Can you use the PAX 3 as desired and not like a session vape? Would you guys suggest a PAX 3 or an OmniVap XL? What's the main difference between the VapCap M and the OmniVap XL?

    Oh man this gives me a lot of anxiety but it's kinda fun, I just want to invest well my money :uhoh::cry:
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  12. stinkytofus

    stinkytofus Well-Known Member

    U need a desktop, a portable, and a backup portable

    Desktop i highly, highly recommend sticky brick maxx with a glass piece that sits on top, 160 if u get discount on the $200 msrp, glass is $30 from dhgate, $120+ from cloud evo, colibri butane from amazon 3 for like $18, if u desire milkyness this setup imo is second to none, puffitup is a great place to get the maxx

    Portables u can get a lilbud, its similar to milaana but no maintenance required, i would just get the barebones for $150 and get the milaana short glass stems, easier to clean, im not a big fan of wood stems that lilbud provides, im kind of ocd so germs is a nono, u can purchase at vapwood.com

    The third i would go for a hazev3, best backup imo, easy to clean, i would recommend da vinci iq as well but the heat doesnt dissipate well in summer, it gets too hot, winter time or under 75 degrees its not bad, they also have a case for it, ghost mv1 is also excellent but i would wait another 6 months for them to fine tune the app and vape and iron out all the bugs

    Butane vape:
    Sticky brick maxx is for home use as a desktop
    $160 + $30 + $20 = $210

    Convection vape:
    Lilbud for home or out and about
    $150 + 2 sony vtc6 for $12 + two glass stems and screens is around $30 + xtar vp2 charger $17 on ebay= $209

    Haze 3, this guy hits hard if u pack it nice, usable with water pieces as well
    $125 at vapornation, wait for it to be back in stock + water tool adapter is like $25 =$150

    $210 + 210+ 150 = 570, not bad, cheap, u roll joints u kill 1 oz a month easy, thats like $200-300 a month, its a worthy investment to get vapes and much healthier overall, i go thru on average .40 grams a day, i put the vaped buds in a glass container to make edibles when i have around 1 oz worth

    Grinders you can get kannastor gr8ter v2 and storz & bickel, best two grinders on the market imo

    Ghost mv1 $300 or da vinci $280 if u have budget for it

    All bases covered
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  13. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I have never used a Pax, but I try to use my senses and judgement to listen as widely across the board as possible to all the market feedback on the various devices and how they compare/rank.

    I personally would never consider any Pax model. They just aren't good enough and even if there are limited, very obviously better choices at present, Im sure there will be before long and the Pax 3 wilp be very outdated and not as satisfying or effective.

    The Omnivap XL. Well I wouldn't say the same thing about that at all it is regarded very highly as a truly excellent vaporizer and will hold this reputation for a long time to come. Infinitely more popular and more highly rated than the PAX models. Even in the eyes of those who have the very best desktops in the world the Omnivap XL is incredibly highly praised and rated.

    The 2018 M model is also very popular and highly rated and is an improvement on the 2017 model. The XL Omni will be a touch cooler/smoother than the M. It also has the bonus of being able to adjust the airflow without needing to use the carb.

    Otherwise the main difference is aesthetic. And of course the Ti tip vs the M's SS tip. Another option is to get a Ti tip as well for the M. It has better airflow, possibly a higher convection ratio, and better taste I believe. Also Ti heats up faster but cools faster too.

    If I was you I would forget the Pax 3. Time to be looking forward and moving forwards in the vape world, not backwards and downwards to yesterday.
    The Omni or M are more current and capable of serving a role alongsideany other device and will hold their appeal and high popularity for a long time, until Dynavap improve them further or somebody else spices up the game as far as portables are concerned.

    But I would also very strongly recommend the Flowerpot. If it is a possibility- if you think that it would serve you well and fulfill a very useful need to have a modern, super desktop which takes your enjoyment of herb to the next level in both a recreational and medical sense....

    I would encourage it very much because it is the best flower vape available except for maybe the Glass Symphony which some experienced users prefer. But the FP has the best options also for concentrates and is far more versatile, and infinitely more robust/less breakable.

    So I would say, if I was you, I would without question want the Flowerpot. That alone would make me very very happy to have that as my home DD.
    And if I could have the XL Omni as well that would be swell. Failing that an M is no hard life by any means, especially if you can get a Ti tip for it as well.

    Hope this perspective can help a little. Keep us posted.:2c:

    Edit @TwisteD no rush to order if you decide on the Herborizer Ti. Hes on holiday it seems, no shipping until 13/06. The Ti is also an exceptional desktop. Very close to the FP on all fronts but not quite as good, but this is only because the FP is such an exceptional, revolutionary device.

    But if you are interested in the herborizer you may want to wait because there is a digital version due for release anytime now it is already overdue. It will have a more powerful heater to heat up faster and maintain temperature more consistently as well as more accurate and precise temperatures.

    I am going to get this model myself because I have tried many top models including the Flowerpot but I cannot tolerate the Flowerpot due to unusual allergy type reactions to specific vaporizers which do not make much sense to me or others.
    Especially in that I can tolerate the Herborizer ti very well without an allergy reaction to the vaporizer of the vapor it produces specifically as with the Flowerpot.

    The Flowerpot would be my first choice but is not an option for me and the herborizer is certainly no meagre consolation at all and has some features which some may actually prefer. So I have waited all year so far for the release of the digital version.

    And with regards to your question above about the Omnivap and whether you need to finish the load all in one go you absolutely do not you can just take one hit, two hits, three hits anytime you like as soon as the cool down click has occurred your load will not be exhausted or spent any further and is preserved for your next hit.
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  14. just_the_flu

    just_the_flu they say im crazy but i have a good time

    in front of my screen

    ...honestly if you can, get the flowerpot and a vapcap (M or omni) and you probably wont need another vape for a long time... i would get an omni over a m if budget allows...

    ...if your on a budget, get the M and enano, still cannot go wrong...

    ...i wouldn't look at a 10 year warranty as a reason to buy a pax...

    ...good luck...
  15. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    I had a MFLB 4 my 1st device!
    The 13 batteries wasn't stealth 4 my liking?

    I use a very old SOLO in the garden.
    The "M" I like as well.

    EVO, NANO, SSV, LSV indoor's.
    My HEAT WAND even work's!


    Prices R all over the place.


    Some need Bling
    Some want Function
    U decide?

    I have a MINI VAP in my TV room.


    I have even more vaporizer's i don't use often.

    Some collect ? Some medicate?
    Waste $ it`S da thing to do!

    A NANO is a low $ investment?
    EVO 4 some?

    I have a "Q" that work's with a @DDave kit (budget kine)
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  16. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    As you can see from other responses, opinions are all over the place. I get arb defending the Volcano, and if I made it sound like a bad vape I didn’t mean to, I just decided a bag system was not something *I* wanted to use every day.

    On the Pax 3, it has plenty of happy users, but unless you really want a very small battery powered device it is not one that a lot of users with high end vaporizer collections turn to often.

    If you do really want something in that small battery powered group, I hear a lot of recommendations for the Fury 2 right now (cheap, powerful, convection so it preserves your load, etc.).

    The VapCaps are somewhat unique in using primarily conducive heating while still preserving your materials with a quick cool down.

    I also saw Sticky Bricks mentioned, and you may love them. I hear they also do high temp hits well (with some risk of combustion), but since you’re heating with a torch as you’re hitting it you will be breathing in a bit of what’s coming out of your torch and some people are not happy with the taste or with breathing it at all. You also have to use a torch every time, and for me at least that would get tedious compared to having an electric desktop option, but you may feel differently.

    You do have a lot of good suggestions here, but these are the ones I would narrow it down to based on my experience and a lot of reading:

    FlowerPot, a log vape (E-Nano or other), a VapCap (Omni or M), Evo, and Sticky Brick (if you want to always use a torch).

    The Herborizer is good but, according to @Alexis who has used both, not quite as good as the FlowerPot. The Glass Symphony is interesting and if it’s not too large and breakable for you it’s worth considering, the Volcano is good, but I don’t personally love the bag system, the Pax 3 is fine but not outstanding in most ways apart from portability, and the Ghost MV1 can give great results but it’s a first generation product and it’s had some issues that make me think it won’t be in great shape 5 years from now.

    There was also a recommendation for the Li’l Bud, and that or the Milaana, Splinter, iHeat, etc. are also very nice options. They’re not always as easy to get though, since they’re all made by individuals here who don’t have large factory production lines, and they do require a little more technique to get great results while avoiding combustion.

    In that category I’m most interested in the Nomad (which has a long waiting list), but the others seem nice too. If they’re more your thing than the other options though, they are also great and effective vaporizers!

    As you can see from my signature, I went with the FlowerPot (ShowerHead although I’m also interested in the VRod) and the Omnivap XL which I think are a very nice combination.

    I do still really want a Nomad - they’re beautifully designed inside and out and they are pretty portable battery powered convection devices, but most others to me are more “I’m interested in trying that” than “I’m really missing out by not having that”.
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  17. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    Just to increase the confusation i'll throw in some more :p - the Plenty (no glass to break ;) ) and Aromed are also good, very reliable home options. Quite different but good in their own ways...
    In the end it's all about personal preferences / habits, eg i've never been a big water pipe user during smoking days and that hasn't changed much with vaping...
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  18. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I did have the Aromed for some time. Now if I was having a gloriuos dream where the Flowerpot was my home device, and then I woke up to discover that the Aromed was my main medicating tool....I would be very depressed!:rofl:

    No kidding though, just to put some perspective in it. Moving forwards, excitement, possibility, adventure! Seek it, have the best fun your money can afford, and above all it is about health and maximisimg it with your route of administration.:)
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  19. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    Aw c mon - in the back of your mind you are probably still missing the increasing light while hitting the flower pot :lol: ;) In the 'whip vape' category the aromed is still my favourite choice (ok there aren't too many)...
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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  20. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    There is some truth in what you say. A little while ago I did find myself missing aspects of the Aromed. The way it subtly creeps up on you and almost feels like a drunken state.

    The Aromed was just too awkard to use, many design flaws and was not capable of satisfying myself alone with all the time in the world.
    In comtrast, the Flowerpot is just about the easiest vaporizer to use and could satisfy a bunch of people easily sharing it.

    I say all this but I dont use the Flowerpot myself, not an option for me but Im glad to have a useful perspective to share for others benefit hopefully. :nod:
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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  21. tfrank

    tfrank Active Member

    One of the main reasons i believe the flower pot, vap caps, and other strong metal vapes are highly suggested and recommended is because they almost NEVER need replacing and continue to perform over and over again. Eventually if the time ever does come literally all of the parts needed to be replaced can be bought individually. You'll never need to spend a fortune keeping your favorite devices up to date and in great condition.
    On a seperate note of the vap caps cool down concerns ordering a silo from interplanetary development could help with pocketing since the case is metal as well should disperse alot of heat. It also is a nice stealthy add on to quickly hit and go. This all being said you choose to go the butane way keep a lighter handy! ( i ordered my silo but haven't tried yet can comeback and edit once i test)
  22. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    THANKS EVERYONE! No PAX 3 or anything, OmniVap XL will be! I'll be ordering it tomorrow!

    Guys it has been a rough week, a lot of work but right now I'm smoking wishing I had the OmniVap XL. I see myself using it everyday. I'm going to read more deeply all the posts to know which desktop vaporizer should I order.

    To be honest I'm really digging the eNano, it's like an improved version of the MFLB + Power Adapter. I want to start vaping less and less to be honest and it seems that the eNano is great at saving weed. To be honest I don't like concentrates so I won't use the FlowerPot (in case I get that one) for wax or oils, is the FlowerPot an over kill for me? When vaping I'm using 1g per day with the MFLB, to be honest I want to spend less and less and weed and I think that the eNano is a bit cheaper than the FlowerPot, I mean, the FlowerPot seems fucking awesome but for me I THINK that's a bit of an overkill... I don't vape with more people in my room maybe with one person at a time but not huge quantities, anyway, I'll have the OmniVap XL to be rotating it too in case I have more people here.

    OmniVap XL will be like $190.
    I have $310 left. Like I said, I have a clean small glass bong, it's decent, I don't use wax or concentrates, how much will I spend in the stuff I need to vape awesomely with the FlowerPot? It seems that with that money left I could get the Deluxe E-Nano Kit but I'm not sure if I can get the FlowerPot for that money and if the FlowerPot performs better than the eNano at that price well, I'm going for it!
    The other one that had my attention was the Herborizer TI but as far as I've read it seems that the FlowerPot is better, like I said, I use herb only but eventually I MAAAAAY use wax but to be honest I rather not.

    I'm tired, sorry, I'm going to bed, it's late and my questions have been answered probably, I love you guys, I know the OmniVap XL will be an awesome purchase!
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  23. tfrank

    tfrank Active Member

    Trust your instincts man. All of us are suggesting our favorite vapes based on info you've given us. If you see one that has been recommended enough and is catching your eye i say go for it. Both the enano and flower pot will last a while ( although flowerpot will last longer most likely) i dont see either of them breaking anytime soon and both will be able to get you where you need to go in no time. Just take all the info and weigh the pros and cons of both to pick which one you want. here is just a few.
    Flowerpot pros
    -can handle large and small quantities
    -mostly metal for longevity
    -concentrates are and option
    -some learning curve
    -Does take initial investment plus some accessories
    -exposed very hot metal(can be dangerous if not careful)

    I dont own an enano so i cannot attest to the performance or build quality maybe someone else can. I will however say it looks like a micro dosing champ. I am wondering if it performs any better than a portable of that same style though since its a desktop. seems so small already why not make it portable (maybe for the desktop allure unless it actually performs better)?

    Best of luck though man im sure you'll be happy with anything recommended to you from here!
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  24. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    The only way they are similar is the durability (the nano being more durable because it doesn't have a fragile fine screen like MFLB) and tha fact they are build from same materials (both made of hardwood and stainless steel and both having a tiny lightbulb indicating the power).
    That's where the similarities end. The MFLB is purely on-demand conduction vape with very little heat consistency and little performance.
    The E-Nano is small but powerful convection vape. There's a world of difference in how they vape. The MFLB has to be hit extremely slowly and many many times to finish the trench. The nano can be hit with 100 times more force, almost like a bong and can finish the bowl in 2 hits. I think its also much more efficient than MFLB. Yesterday, I took out my MFLB and vaped one trench in it. When I couldn't get any more hits in the MFLB, I put the ABV in E-Nano bowl and got 1 big hit, delivering as much vapor in that single hit as all the previous hits in the MFLB combined.

    I loved my MFLB when it was the only vape I had. And I still admire it's ingenious design, how they managed to make a functional vape so tiny powered only by a single AA battery.
    But when I moved on to convection vapes, I never looked back.
    Jsut thr fact that I don't have to carefully restrain and control the speed of pulling means so much. hitting MFLB is pain in the ass. Hitting a convection vape is no brainer, you just stick it in the mouth, inhale without any restrain or cotnrol, and get 10 times more vapor anyway.

    I do think so. I magine stepping up from the MFLB to something like flwoerpot would be like going from little joints to large dab bangers.
    I think even E-Nano will surprise you how much more powerful it is compared to MFLB.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  25. CaptVapor

    CaptVapor Well-Known Member

    Just my opinion but the Dynavap vapes aren't as "stealthy", if that is what you need. Heating it with a butane torch looks EXTRA druggy, whereas some plastic vape like the Mighty (you said too large) or Crafty (less battery life but very portable) just looks like you are hitting some e-cig juice.

    Just imagine sitting in a park rotating the Omnivap in your fingers over a blue butane flame - crackhead alert! I do concede that if stealth isn't an issue it's a damn fine vape.

    I hardly use my Omnivap anymore for this reason, it just gives off the wrong vibe. At home I really like the Glass Symphony XLR, it's comparable to the Flowerpot except replace the titanium with an all glass pathway, if that interests you. It will take you to the peak of your stoney abilities :)

    (perhaps the downside here is you have to be a little more careful, given the glass nature of the Symphony, also it takes up a little more room and is a lot taller than the Flowerpot setup)

    There are some great on demand portables being made as well, check out the Lil Bud for an all wood (except for the heater) solution. All wood (no glass!) means nothing can really break, means you can shove the vape in your backpack and not worry about it.
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