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I don't even know what I want anymore... Portable? Desktop? Mighty? Extreme Q? Volcano? Please help!

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by TwisteD, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    The only way they are similar is the durability (the nano being more durable because it doesn't have a fragile fine screen like MFLB) and tha fact they are build from same materials (both made of hardwood and stainless steel and both having a tiny lightbulb indicating the power).
    That's where the similarities end. The MFLB is purely on-demand conduction vape with very little heat consistency and little performance.
    The E-Nano is small but powerful convection vape. There's a world of difference in how they vape. The MFLB has to be hit extremely slowly and many many times to finish the trench. The nano can be hit with 100 times more force, almost like a bong and can finish the bowl in 2 hits. I think its also much more efficient than MFLB. Yesterday, I took out my MFLB and vaped one trench in it. When I couldn't get any more hits in the MFLB, I put the ABV in E-Nano bowl and got 1 big hit, delivering as much vapor in that single hit as all the previous hits in the MFLB combined.

    I loved my MFLB when it was the only vape I had. And I still admire it's ingenious design, how they managed to make a functional vape so tiny powered only by a single AA battery.
    But when I moved on to convection vapes, I never looked back.
    Jsut thr fact that I don't have to carefully restrain and control the speed of pulling means so much. hitting MFLB is pain in the ass. Hitting a convection vape is no brainer, you just stick it in the mouth, inhale without any restrain or cotnrol, and get 10 times more vapor anyway.

    I do think so. I magine stepping up from the MFLB to something like flwoerpot would be like going from little joints to large dab bangers.
    I think even E-Nano will surprise you how much more powerful it is compared to MFLB.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  2. CaptVapor

    CaptVapor Well-Known Member

    Just my opinion but the Dynavap vapes aren't as "stealthy", if that is what you need. Heating it with a butane torch looks EXTRA druggy, whereas some plastic vape like the Mighty (you said too large) or Crafty (less battery life but very portable) just looks like you are hitting some e-cig juice.

    Just imagine sitting in a park rotating the Omnivap in your fingers over a blue butane flame - crackhead alert! I do concede that if stealth isn't an issue it's a damn fine vape.

    I hardly use my Omnivap anymore for this reason, it just gives off the wrong vibe. At home I really like the Glass Symphony XLR, it's comparable to the Flowerpot except replace the titanium with an all glass pathway, if that interests you. It will take you to the peak of your stoney abilities :)

    (perhaps the downside here is you have to be a little more careful, given the glass nature of the Symphony, also it takes up a little more room and is a lot taller than the Flowerpot setup)

    There are some great on demand portables being made as well, check out the Lil Bud for an all wood (except for the heater) solution. All wood (no glass!) means nothing can really break, means you can shove the vape in your backpack and not worry about it.
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  3. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    @TwisteD - get any Vapcap and any of those desktops and get to vaping. They are all good units that will satisfy. There is no wrong answer here...
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  4. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    NANO = cheap, small, powerful however tasty, simple & work's well avec du eau! (Work's with water)
    Whatever float's?
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  5. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
    I say buy one of everything, and help the world's economy.
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  6. vapenerd

    vapenerd Well-Known Member

    This. I love my Omnivap but it's definitely not stealthy. If you want stealth, look elsewhere.
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  7. tfrank

    tfrank Member

    Take a look at the vape critics best desktop vaporizer 2018 YouTube vid. He goes over a few things of almost all the vapes mentioned in this thread.

    Also that ed's tnt looks pretty sweet turn your vap cap into a desktop!
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  8. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    I was about to order yesterday until I read this. To be honest I was seeing myself using it everywhere but then I started thinking where "everywhere was" and to be honest I'm not sure. I was drinking today while eating dinner with some friends and I tried imagining myself using the OmniVap there and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do so, but while at home I'll be more than happy to use it as my main vape while I decide for a good desktop vape.

    1) Which are the good portable stealthy vapes?

    To the people that own an OmniVap:
    2) What vape do you guys use while going on? Let's say "in public"?


    PS: I just want to invest my money the best way possible sorry for the multiple questions!
  9. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree

    TwisteD, yesterday you was doing the right thing, why you changed idea? :lol:

    Omnivap is the only vape i use in public, IMO is stealthy!!!! It take 30 seconds to full extract a 0.1 bowl... Maybe less than 30 seconds..

    You think you will not be able to use it in public? I use it without any problem

    Remember the most important thing, THE PERFORMANCE. The omnivap will extract the f,...k out of your herb and will melt your face in seconds.


    make your order, you will not waste your money with an omnivap.

    There is no 100% stealthy vaporizer imo, is how you use a vaporizer that make it more or less stealthy..
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  10. vapenerd

    vapenerd Well-Known Member

    When I use my Omnivap in public, people look at me like I'm an alien. How is that stealthy? Attracting people's attention is the opposite of stealth. I mostly use my Fury 2 in public.

    @TwisteD: If I were you I'd buy a Vapcap M instead of an Omnivap. Not a big difference in use but a big difference in price. I have never met anyone who regretted buying a Vapcap M.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
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  11. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree


    The problem is: what do you mean with "in public"....
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  12. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    I wish so badly that the grasshopper was issue free - to me it just seems like the best lifestyle choice - people that have them (when they work) love them. Maybe eventually it will get there...
  13. tfrank

    tfrank Member

    I will say that my fury 2 is rather stealthy. It is however a session vape ( you can turn the session off early if you want though). The only time its not stealthy is when packing a bowl but healthy rips even went a step further and made "dosing capsules" so just pop one in and go. This thing practically disappears in my rather small hands. Then again there is only so much stealth you can bring to the vape game so pick your poison on that one. Do more research ask more questions FC and youtube are your friends(dont use youtube as a recommendation basis but more for seeing how it looks and functions. Too many sponsorships. Come here for recommendations)
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  14. Alexis

    Alexis Peace keeper, fun maker and 3/4 time vaporist.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    @TwisteD , one possible thing to keep in mind- you are likely on the very edges of developing a well known and often long running, spiralling condition. It has been seen as incurable in some cases.

    VAS! This may only be the beginninh for you. I am sure it will not stop here. In your shoes, I might just go for a Vapcap for now, keep deciding on the most suitable desktop...and kerp an eye out down the line to add maybe another portable which is easier to use discreetly in public?

    That way you can take good time considering and learning about the options, watching tge market etc.

    This way, okay Im with the guys, the vapcap with torch is definitely not the stealthiest vaporizers at all. But if you get an induction heater for it later on, that woukd completely solve that problem.

    And you will have the top class vape you have decided on at your disposal which CAN be used in public if you take care and it is not too windy, with a super desktop on the way, and the option to add an induction heater or additional portable later on.

    So you would have 2 or 3 vapes maximum to cover all bases and provide some variety and flexibility. And maybe very achievable before the year is out too? Depending of course 9n when Dynavap release their own induction heaters.

    That is what I may consider myself in your shoes. But good luck whatever you decide bro.
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  15. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    The Vapcap isn't the stealthiest vape in the world but it's still a lot more discrete than smoking a joint. I always figure if you can't find a place to tuck away for a second to take a puff it's probably not a safe place to be medicating anyways.
  16. wkndwarrior

    wkndwarrior Active Member

    Yeah - the parts that are not stealthy about the vapcap are pulling out the torch lighter to roll/heat the cap (also handling/managing the tip for a short time after once its hot).
  17. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. I'll wait until december for my desktop unit. I'll get a VapCap M (or OmniVap maybe) AND another portable stealthy vaporizer that I can use in public places so I dont look like a junkie.

    1) Whats vaporizers should I check that are similar or better than PAX 3?(Fury 2 seems great, small and stealthy but battery life is not as good as the PAX 3) and also I need something I can place in my pocket without worrying much like the MFLB.

    2) Do you guys think the OmniVap XL would get me by until december doing like 1g per day?

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate everyones help.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  18. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The Omnivap will not only get you to December, it will get you through all the Decembers for the rest of your life. Seriously. From a design and build perspective, it's a tank and it's ingenious. I've had mine going on three years as a daily driver and I haven't needed to replace a screen or oring. Cleaning is a breeze and unless you break an oring from mishandling or loose one, you won't need to replace them, though it's nice to have extras on hand. The screen is titanium and can be cleaned with ISO or just torched with a regular jet lighter, holding it between some pliers.

    In terms of vaping a gram a day, if that's your usual, you will find that you will be vaping much much less with the Omni. It's a very efficient vaporizer and it will conserve your weed, so you'll be saving money on bud for sure.

    After trying vaporizer after vaporizer, I now only really use Vapcaps. They are the best. They are beautiful, tiny, efficient and built to last. Easy to clean, easy to conceal, easy to heat. They are the size of a cigarette and a small $5 quad jet lighter will heat it in about 5 seconds or less and both the lighter and the Vapcap, Omni or M will fit nicely in any pocket. Anyplace where you can discreetly heat your Vapcap for a few seconds will do, like on your lap while sitting in a car will not look like you are a crack addict. The Vapcap is heated, then upon hearing the click you stop heating and start toking. It doesn't look anything like smoking crack. It looks like you're smoking a cigarette.

    Here's my Omni XL next to my cat. It is 4.5 inches long. The Omni not the cat.


    Here's my out and about set up. An Honest lighter along with my Ti Vapcap with custom Copper Stoned Stainless Steel body and a Paduak mouthpiece and a coin box stash and of course my house key, all nestled inside a keycase. This regular sized Vapcap is 3.5 inches long.


  19. TwisteD

    TwisteD Well-Known Member

    Do you waste herb or something "wrong" happens if you turn the session off early in the Fury 2?

    Sick pictures man, I'm currently trying to find the best place to order my OmniVap XL. If anyone has suggestions to the cheapest place right now or any codes will be appreciated via PM or here, thanks a lot everyone!
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  20. tfrank

    tfrank Member

    Not really all that much. I tend to hit it while its cooling down to get every last bit. Temp stepping is very nice I like to start real low and vape higher and higher temps until theres no vapor(doesn't have to be back to back) and most of the time there is hardly anything left by the time I get to 400+ degrees then I just dump and load a new bowl for next time.
    One thing I will mention is that although fury 2 is great in a lot of ways the battery life can be small. Maybe 4 to 5 sessions from full charge. Which can be annoying.
  21. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    If you like butane a vapcap is probably a good idea. I really don't like fiddling with lighters and rarely use mine. You have a lot of good suggestions already. But for something not incredibly expensive that will last for years and has little that can go wrong I'd recommend a log. They aren't as flashy as some of the other vapes but are powerful and simple. Someone has mentioned an enano. I have most of the logs and they each have different strengths. However, if you are considering a vapcap, you might want to check out Ed's whisperscent log. It uses a vapcap as the stem so that you end up with both a desktop log and a portable vapcap in one vaporizer. And the wood is beautiful no matter which you get. Besides the vapcap it comes with more accessories than the other logs. And is well under your price limit.
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  22. Skunkport

    Skunkport Member

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    First off, I'm a noob vaper so take my advice for what it's worth :p

    I definitely wouldn't say a Vapcap was stealthy, having to heat it up is going to look fairly obvious.

    Background - skip if you don't care
    I've only just registered but I ransacked these forums before I bought my first proper vape, I chose the Fury 2 and while I don't have anything to compare it with, I'm seriously happy with my first 6 days vaping.

    I've smoked since I was 16, tobacco and weed, always wanted to quit the tobacco part (it tastes disgusting and it doesn't even get you high, who came up with that crap?) but I've never been keen on pipes, can't afford to smoke blunts of skunk all the time. 40 now and tried a friend's vape, a fury copy, and I was amazed how good it was. Little research brought me here and I found out a few things that convinced me the fury 2 was worth paying extra for over the copy, for example the copies have to be taken off charge after 2 hours apparently because they don't have auto shutoff and it'll screw the battery. I'm a stoner. Who gives a stoner something that has to be remembered or it breaks?!

    I had been cutting down on cigs and increasing my weed, so last week I was smoking around 10 joints a day with about 5 cigs in them, I switched to just vaping weed and not only have I saved the cig money, I'm smoking much much less weed than I normally do. I was trying to keep it down to 1/2 oz a week and usually failing. In the last 6 days I've not even vaped a full 1/4 oz, my guy texted asking if I was alright because I haven't ordered.

    Actual vape stuff

    The Fury 2 is total stealth. It's practically invisible in my medium sized hands and if people see it? Does not matter. With the popularity of Ecigs lately, nobody gives you a second look when you're walking down the street puffing smoke from an electronic device, might get a muttered 'douchebag' occasionally from hardcore smokers at worst.

    I haven't had a problem with the battery yet, but I haven't really been out using it a great deal and I top it up as often as possible using it at home. I don't see it being a problem though because it has a micro-usb charging port - I can use the 10,000mh xiaomi power pack I bought for my phone to keep it charged up and ready. The power pack is actually slightly bigger than the Fury 2 but still easily pocketable.

    I see people making the distinction between session and on-demand vapes and I don't really get it in this case. I stick my hand in my pocket, click the button 3 times, wait maybe 20s (25 officially but I vape at 190 mostly, seems to get there faster) then start smoking. It's quicker than I can roll a joint, so maybe I don't understand the terminology yet but it's certainly on-demand enough for me. As tfrank already said, hit it while it's cooling down to clear out any last bits of vapor and also help it cool down a little faster if you're refilling. I find I can get a couple of sessions out of a bowl at 190c and still be getting good vapour, according to a vaping temperatures chart I found on here I'm just leaving mostly sedative effects behind at that temp. So my ABV goes into ajar for when I can't sleep.

    Fury 2 worship done, I'm considering buying a vapcap M for emergencies/power cuts/the inevitable zombie apocalypse (will YOUR vape survive being covered in brains?) ect and I expect to love it given the reviews here, but there's no way I can use it as casually in public as the Fury 2 given it's not legal in the uk.
    I'm also looking at the E-nano or maybe one of those Ed's Woodscents Aromalog little maggie above just mentioned if they ship to the uk.


    Fury 2 good for stealth, but everybody should get a vapcap as backup. You don't want your battery to run out when you're hiding from zombies and need a hit and the zombies have eaten the power-plant workers.
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  23. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I like the Fury 2 also. And prefer it to the vapcap but I've already said I don't like butane. But I had the impression stealth was not an issue. The log and vapcap combo seems a good choice for someone wanting both.
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  24. Phenix

    Phenix Well-Known Member

    interesting discussion for sure.
    You are considering spending some sums. I do not own a FlowePot but I am using a Subilimator for some while now and from what I read the FP is a fine vape!
    However I still love my butane powered vapes, exspecially the vapman, Stickybrick JR and vapcaps.
    Sure you can get a omni: it is nice, well-built and will last long. But is it needed? not really. Consider pickung up a used vapcap M (2018 or earlier version, both are good) for USD30 to 50.
    That's the cheapest way to try out a vapcap and see if it is for you. Drop the rest on (for example) the FlowerPot and accessories you think you will use. Try to keep your stuff organized - YMMV.

    Invest in that hard hitting desktop early I had say - I enjoy using both but my desktop vapes just deliver more quicker.
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  25. Waldorulez

    Waldorulez Well-Known Member

    Just save for the timber or another mflb they are cheap now a days
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