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How to clean vape parts and reclaim resin

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by vtac, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. The Stranger

    The Stranger Account Closed

    Black Hills
    I think the reclaim vaporizes at a much lower temperature so as long as you don't combust the cotton it should be fine. Same principle when vaporizing e juice off cotton in an e cig, I guess.
  2. StickyShisha

    StickyShisha Well-Known Member

    yes, but i would recommend buying organic non-bleached cotton swabs
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  3. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Or get a clump of degummed hemp fiber and wrap around a Q-tip.
    Swab the goo and unwind the hemp fiber-----vape away.
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  4. N1ghtWalker

    N1ghtWalker Member

    Hi @vtac !

    First, congratulations and thanks for the guide! I followed your steps and the result was this:



    I think it was slightly darker than normal, due to the fact that it joined the residues of the grinder (correct me if I'm wrong!). In fact, you can see the image, which in the middle has some kief! But now I have some questions:

    1. What is the best way to be able to take the debris that was left on the plate?
    2. How / where to store it without suffering any kind of contamination?
    3. How vaporize properly without damaging the vaporizer?
    In this case, Mighty!
    4. How do I know the amount I have to put?
    Since I never vaporizei resin!

    Thanks in advance!

    Big hug!
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  5. bluenavey00

    bluenavey00 Arizer Air Aficionado

    I take as much off as I can with a razor blade, once you have the majority off, I heat the object the debris are on with a hair dryer from below. Then take a small piece of natural cotton and rub it all over the surface and it will pick it up. Depending on your vape you can maybe put this cotton straight in, and I find it's very potent.
  6. N1ghtWalker

    N1ghtWalker Member

    Hi @bluenavey00

    Thanks for the answer.
    It's the only way? If it is, you will have to wait, because I'm not home natural cotton.
    The vape I have is the Mighty.

    Big hug
  7. JimmyCricket

    JimmyCricket Well-Known Member

    Question: I just cleaned my vapes and grinder with iso and am going to evap the alcohol. Should I run this through a coffee filter first or do I want to keep that plant material in the mixture?
  8. JimmyCricket

    JimmyCricket Well-Known Member

    So I evaped it with a hot plate and heres the results:



    It came out really dry not oily at all. Is that normal or did I mess something up?
  9. N1ghtWalker

    N1ghtWalker Member

    Hi @JimmyCricket

    As you may have noticed, I have a lot of experience on the subject, but I'm pretty sure that this is not the aspect that had to have! If your realizing above, I put a picture and has nothing to do with this. It is quite sticky! The only (apparently) difference to the applied method was simply let evaporate naturally overnight. I did not use any kind of heat, fan, nothing. Therefore, it may be the fact that you too hot to stay that way. But beware, my opinion, is worth what it is worth!

    Big hug.
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  10. JimmyCricket

    JimmyCricket Well-Known Member

    Yeah I probably used too much heat, but hopefully that doesn't mean i got rid of all the good stuff in it!
  11. N1ghtWalker

    N1ghtWalker Member

    That honestly do not know answer you. But for you to be honest, it is quite possible!
  12. Mailinpox

    Mailinpox New Member

    I recently changed my ariser extreme whip and made sure to always store it after use so the hose was in a hanging U shape. After a month once a considerable amount of oil accumulated I cut the tube section containing it out, and emptied it into a clean empty syringe. This is about one months worth of oil (from 1.5 oz). Looking forward to trying this stuff out! It is 0.25ml.

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  13. skaav

    skaav Active Member

    This is what it looks like if you dont properly filter your stuff btw, unless im very mistaken.
    All that material should not be there, did you run your iso/solvent rhough a coffee filter a few times after rinsing? Otherwise that stuff is basicaly just bleached ABV with 0 goodness left, and if you press that stuff you will get the nastiest Oil ever, talking from experience here.

    After scraping that stuff together was there a sticky substance left on your scraping tool? If so, that is your ruined resin.
  14. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Heavily disagree. Almost all of the ISO extract I ever made dried out into that white flaky consistency. If it weren't filtered properly then there would be bits of plant matter visible. When it melts it will resemble oil. Read closer he cleaned vape parts and grinders. not ABV.
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  15. JimmyCricket

    JimmyCricket Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly, I did filter it, but it did not come out oily at all. I have tried some and it does get me high tho. Tastes like alcohol tho. Where did I go wrong? Too much heat?
  16. banana_republic

    banana_republic Well-Known Member

    south of equator

    I kinda had a very nice and interesting conversation, one of these days, on vaporizers safety, reclaiming and re-vaping reclaim.

    I do believe from what I've read and experienced that vaporizers should not produce tar (only when malfunctioning, therefore they're not being actual vaporizers, combustion happened and its sub-products appeared...) and that if combustion did not happen, it is safe to reclaim from vape parts, either scraping or ISO-washing (and later evaporating iso), and vaporize (re-vape) the reclaimed resin, which is basically condensed vapor. I believe I can rely on digital vapes (solo, as an example) and/or on my personal experience to quite easily notice the difference from vapor to smoke. I do reclaim resin from my vape parts, either using iso or scraping. When combustion eventually happens, I clean the vape parts discarding the avb and iso.

    The guy I was talking to, on the other side argued that, from his personal experience, any electronic vape is not reliable enough (he seems to have a 7+ year old arizer whip vape) and its thermal sensors fail somehow and make it combust frequently, for pretty short lapses of time, and that would cause the glass parts, whip and everything to always contain unwanted smoke subproducts, as tar. Therefore, reclaiming, even "dry" (as scraping) is nasty, unhealthy, disgusting, should not be encouraged, you know...

    Also, and more interesting he said, he believes iso wash is never safe as a method for extraction (or reclaiming), because iso can never be completely removed/purged from the concentrate itself, 'cause of superficial tension in the resin molecules (or something like that), that causes small bubbles of iso to get trapped in there, and that smoking or vaporizing even a tiny amount of iso would be quite harmful to anyone's health.

    I did some research over the Internet and read a bit of this topic and could not find something really scientific on vapor parts reclaim, and/or iso wash concentrates. But, all I could find led me to keep on believing iso wash concentrates (as soon as iso has evaporated), and vaporizer reclaim are safe.

    But, I am always open to change my mind and learn something new, or review something that maybe I was not viewing the right way, because I, maybe, did not have information enough to realize... so, I kinda ask you guys for help, knowledge and ideas on these issues I came up quite curious about, and that, maybe, if some of what my buddy is concerned about may be true, must be some interesting topic to discuss about...

    Thanks and cheers!
  17. jvoltios

    jvoltios New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I own a Plenty vaporizer and a Crafty. I read somewhere that whip-styled vapes are no good when it comes to reclaiming residues. Is this true for some reason? I hope it's just wrong information.

    Yesterday I poured ISO inside my Plenty's whip and shook it for about 10 minutes, then left the liquid in a glass container for the ISO to evaporate. It had a dark brownish colour (I rarely clean my Plenty, it's performance has been absolutely fantastic since day one and I'm about to celebrate it's first birthday). I hope I'm not doing something wrong. Then I could just scrap the hash and place a tiny bit on top of my usual dosage and vape away... right?

    Me and the wife have an average tolerance, we usually fill half an oven and use the liquid pad on top with great results. Considering that my process is right, how much would it be too much? I know it's a broad question and it depends on the strain and potency, but I'm an absolute noob when it comes to this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    Hey jvoltios some variables to consider, not all reclaim (like bud and dabs) is the same and neither is everyone’s tolerance or expectations. Most times my bud reclaim gets me a better buzz then I was expecting but to to be honest I would rather just reload then go through all the trouble. My suggestion is however go for it, its instructive and you might be one of the folks who really enjoy the heck out of reclaim. Just make sure you get as much of the alcohol out as you can.

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