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How high you get in relation to usage stats.

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by EverythingsHazy, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. cloudsosmoke

    cloudsosmoke Well-Known Member

    saw this (EDIT cant seem to cut and paste so link only..sorry)

    recent (yesterday) tommy chong replying to smoker of 18mts about how he now hardly reaches 5

    Hey, man. Great to see you on here. Very much a fan. And thanks for supporting Bernie.
    I figure if anyone would know, you would. I've been partaking for about a year and a half now, and can hardly get to a [5] anymore. Is there a way to help get slightly higher without ta

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  2. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

  3. cloudsosmoke

    cloudsosmoke Well-Known Member

    thanks for that
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  4. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

  5. VapourHaze

    VapourHaze Rexcornish on IG, Vaping since '02

    Soo many variables at play but for the sake of science id say ...

    Normally vape around 0.05 a go, gets me to a 2-3? Probably vape around 0.5 a day? Varies a lot, sometimes a lot more.

    Rarely get to 6 on the scale .. need a proper session on the oil to get up there.

    Sometimes i find i get pretty baked on the first sesh then doesnt go any higher. . The strain had a low ceiling.
  6. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    That depends on how good the music is.
  7. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    4 is about all I ever need. 5 for special occasions, 2 if I ever feel like vaping at work. I haven't reached 8 in forever and that only happened on edibles which frankly isn't a place I even want to be most of the time. The edible high is almost not enjoyable for me.
  8. CharSadehBeast

    CharSadehBeast Well-Known Member

    Home of the 49ers!
    x2, I get way to paranoid and always :puke: from edibles. Heck, even vaping/smoking above level 4 has a similar side effect. I'm happy to be at a 1-2 all day
  9. tonuzzi

    tonuzzi Livin' The Dream !

    Ontario, Canada
    I get to 8 when I use my Evo with some fine G13 which is a bit uncomfortable for me. I like being at between the 4-5 range daily, so the minivap on green setting keeps in the range.

    AVENTUS Active Member

    Spelunking Luncheon
    I stay between a 4-6, more 4-5 except if I have two days off.

    I normally go thru .02 -.03g of live resin, each solo sesh.

    And I generally only do one sesh a day, 3-4 times per week.

    But often I'll take weeks off, like today for example. i haven't gotten nice in two weeks.
    Other days, when I'm at a concert, festival, I might load .3 or .4 of a harder shatter, so when my pen is in my pocket, it re-solidifies and won't leak if pen sits sideways. And in those cases, I'm passing it to homies/gf/etc.
  11. DrDurdle

    DrDurdle Member

    used to smoke like 15 years ago on a daily basis, didnt get past 4-5 at the end.
    did quit consuming marihuana at all and tested it during vacation like 3 years ago again.
    i had concerns that i would develop my old addiction again, but i bought a vaporizer and now i try to use it on rare occassions only.
    i think 5g lasted > 1.5 years (and i did even share some of it)
    (some bigger breaks, some times 1x in a week, some times 1x in a month)

    however, when i decide to pull the trigger i am always like:
    "well...migth as well add a bit more, you wanna feel the full effect...uhm...just a bit more cant be an issue..."
    following my old habits

    after 20 mins i am at a solid 7-9 usually, regretting the overdose. full effect lasting 6-8 hours (a solid 4-6 at the end of it).
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  12. just_the_flu

    just_the_flu take it as it comes, specialize in havin' fun

    in front of my screen
    ...based on this chart, i haven't been past 2 in many YEARS!

    ...i more or less consume cannabis for the flavour :mmmm:
    (why i don't combust)
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    AVENTUS Active Member

    Spelunking Luncheon
    but this last week I had almost an entire 0.3g of live resin during one basketball game by myself. Was definitely way higher than normal. Will try again tonight
  14. WeAreVenom

    WeAreVenom I vote for marijuana

    Baltimore, Maryland.
    Switching from combustion to vaporizing was like resetting my tolerance for me.

    IDK if my body is not used to vaping but one bowl in the herbalizer fills the M sized bag up like 3 or 4 times. I set it on intense because I like to get fucked up. I have no medical issues, I am a dirty recreational user. After the 1st bag I was high. After the 2nd bag I was in space! The 3rd bag usually knocks me on my ass.

    Sometimes I can't even finish a bowl. I've been smoking since I was 16 and I am 25 now. When I'm 30 I'll probably say some shit like "I quit smoking 5 years ago but I get high every fucking day"
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  15. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

  16. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    My days are 0-4. Typically aiming to [2] with 0.05g sessions, 0.2-0.4g per day.
    I like [2], it's got everything I want from a high without the serious impairment that I dislike.
    Getting past 5 would couch-lock me and fog most of the remaining day into oblivion. And then i would feel slow, tired and fried the next day.
    Not for me, I want to live the day, not waste it on couch being stoned and then not remembering it.
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  17. zenmasterofzinfandel

    zenmasterofzinfandel Well-Known Member

    Lmfao on some of these posts...not @any of u, just my reaction to mmj is very different from most ppl, unfortunately for me as I get little 'recreational' value, and medical effects are not anywhere near I would hope for (PTSD I'm trying to rid myself of). I have taken a lab-tested 500+mg THC large cup cake edible, eaten the whole thing, felt some effects in <30min, while driving>>>hurried home to avoid crashing...then 30min later full body aches/pain as though I had a very bad case of the flu (almost identical felling), which precipitated full vomitting shortly, then more body aches until a hr later, vomitting again. Horrible experience I'd like to avoid again. Seems my body has a THC limit, just like with alcohol (limit, not effect). I cannot get 'super high', I just get to the point where I'm feeling I don't want anymore of this, like when you eat too much during holidays, etc; something that tastes great, you want to eat more; but your stomach is just too full< reached a limit.

    I got a similar reaction to 360mg Thc is a daydreamer's choc bar, the 720mg black diamond peppermint bar. Ate 1/2 of that for pain, felt a little nauseated from exceeding what my system can tolerate. Up to 200mg thc bars, basically do little to get me high at all, sedation is the main effect. Over indulging in edibles however, depending on strains, most give me a 'hangover' the next day I notice when driving; similar to alcohol hangover.

    All MMJ I use these days gets me indica like baked/stoned/sedated/lethargic level 2-5?, any strain I try, none give me those 7-10 level highs...suppose good thing for when I get to end-of-life situations where I want medical relief but not 'high'. But not good if the beneficial effects of reducing nausea (which 120mg Blue Dream strain edible works well at post surgery nausea reduction/pain reduction, in conjunction with percoset...never mind what double blind medical trials say) & pain prove to be less effective than traditional medicines that do not work that well, have many bad side-effects.

    Keep in mind, when I was in my early 20s I took LSD, mushrooms once with friends of same age. They all got hallucinations, whereas mushrooms of same quantity only made my stomach slightly upset. Similar for much more powerful LSD, they saw colors, audio hallucinations etc, I got dialated pupils, fair amount on anxiety (which I recognized was from the LSD so was able to resist becoming too stressed out... just had to wait all day for the damn drug to wear off). I just have Spock physiology, and logical , not very prone to suggestion, state of mind...d'oh.

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