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Jul 16, 2018 at 12:00 AM
Aug 9, 2017
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Orange County, SoCali
Smokeez Smoke Shop & Semiconductor Sales


Sappfire Globs!, Male, from Orange County, SoCali

Sapphire inserts in Quartz Buckets! Jun 29, 2018

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Viewing thread CCA Liger banger V3.0, Jul 16, 2018 at 12:00 AM
    1. Shooby
      Sapphire inserts in Quartz Buckets!
    2. Shooby
      Smokeez Smoke Shop - Santa Ana - Huntington Beach - Newport Beach
    3. Shooby
      Smokeez Smoke Shop
    4. Shooby
      Combustion Free since 7/17
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    Orange County, SoCali
    Smokeez Smoke Shop & Semiconductor Sales
    My Vapes and Accessories:
    **Glass Rigs**
    Ben Wilson Glass - Triple Donut Recycler - Slyme & Black
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Baby Jesus Tree Incycler
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Brick Stack Incycler
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - 14mm Incycler
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Lil Dub
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Sidecar 10 Arm Perc Ribcage 18mm.
    Seed of Life Glassworks - Sherlock Holmes 18mm
    HypnotizeD HD 18" Double Honeycomb Straight Tube 18mm

    **Quartz & Ti Bangers**

    24mm Mayoral Flat Top XL
    24mm Jason Hoyes Quartz XL Flat Top
    24mm Quave XXL Flat Top Deep Banger ($181.43)

    25mm Toro Grail XL Slit-less ($195)
    25mm Joel Halen - Halen Bucket ($108)
    25mm CrystalStar Quartz ($160)

    30mm Toro Grail XXL Slit-less ($205)
    30mm Eternal Quartz - Custom Reverse Etched Banger
    30mm Eternal Quartz - Fat Bottom V3
    30mm Jason Hoyes Quartz XXL Flat Top
    30mm AugustHaus XXL Quartz Flat Top Banger (E.Ross Style)

    35mm Joel Halen - Custom Halen Bucket
    35mm Galaxy Enail Quartz Banger
    36mm PukinBeagle Black & Gold Edition Flat Top XXL

    CCA Liger Banger 30mm 3.0 in Silver
    Augusthaus CCA Shroud Silver
    CCA Liger Banger 20mm 3.0 in Silver
    CCA Liger Air
    Newvape Flowerpot Showerhead & Coil Cover

    Quartz Buckets that broke
    Toro Grail XXL
    Joel Halen - Halen Bucket 25mm
    Joel Halen - Halen Bucket Custom 35mm
    PukinBeagle Flat Top XXL 36mm

    **Inserts & Drop Ins**
    18mm Nautilus Glass Sapphire R.E.M Gem Adapter
    24mm Nautilus Glass Sapphire R.E.M Gem Adapter
    30mm CCA Sapphire, Obsidian & Quartz
    16mm CCA Sapphire, Obsidian & Quartz XL
    18.5mm Cryptic Culture Full Opaque
    23.5mm Cryptic Culture Full Opaque
    6mm Cryptic Culture Ruby Spheres 5x
    29mm PukinBeagle Quartz Insert
    25mm Eternal Quartz Quartz
    Eternal Quartz Sapphire Beads 20x
    17mm Eternal Quartz Full Opaque Double Stack Gear for
    18mm J-RED Diamond Knot Power Gear
    18mm Jason Hoyes Quartz Quartz
    28mm D-Nail Sapphire Halo
    28mm D-Nail SiC Halo
    25mm T.A.G. SiC Halo

    **Carb Caps**
    30mm PukinBeagle Quartz Bubble Cap
    40mm Gordos OG Riptide XL Clear
    Gordo Riptide Bubble Clear (25mm & 30mm)
    30mm Quartz Pi Gold Ruby/Amethyst Sphere
    30mm Tri-Tip BubbleStar Clear
    30mm Bubble Cap by Brian Sheridan Green
    25mm KJ/FatBoy Bubble CFL Green
    32mm NVS Glass Bubble Black & White
    40mm Coojo Glass Blue (Liger Flat Coil)
    40mm Joda Yellow/Clear
    CCA Tsunami Carb Cap
    Newvape Ti ShowerCap

    **Enails/PIDs & Coils**
    AugustHaus Classic KubeOne
    AugustHaus CCA Liger Coil
    AugustHaus 30mm Hybrid Coil
    Disorderly Conduction 25mm Coil (2)
    Disorderly Conduction 30mm Coil
    Disorderly Conduction Y-Cable
    MiniNail OG PID Controller (Black)
    MiniNail Dual Kit PID Controller (Black)
    MiniNail 37mm Custom Stretched Coil
    MiniNail 35mm Coil
    MiniNail 25mm Hybrid Coil (Barrel + Flat)
    MiniNail 25mm Coil
    MiniNail Flat Coil
    MiniNail 20mm Coil (2)
    Newvape Enail Handle (3)

    **Dabber Tools**
    CCA Flat Dabber
    CCA Stinger Dabber
    Newvape Dabber Holder
    Newvape Dabber Stand
    Newvape Scoop Dabber
    Newvape Shovel Dabber
    Newvape Budder Knife Dabber
    Newvape Disk Cutter w/ Window Dabber
    Newvape Pencil Dabber
    Newvape Flat Bottom Disk Dabber
    Newvape Disk Cutter Dabber
    Newvape Wedge Dabber
    Newvape Ball Dabber
    Newvape Blade Dabber
    Newvape Pax Loading Tool SS Threaded

    **Dabbing Accessories**
    Huffy Glass Custom Dabstation
    Monarch Display 14mm Female 6-hole Bowl Holder Black
    MiniNail Coil Stand
    American Glass Drop Downs & Adapters - Borosyndicate
    China Glass Drop Downs & Adapters - Grav Labs - DH Gate
    DM6801A K-type Thermometer 1472F/800C
    SS 3" K-Type Probe up to 932F/500C
    Infared Heat Gun
    Cross Locking Tweezers w/Silicone Tips

    **Flowerpot Accessories**
    Newvape FlowerPot Tray Base & Lid
    Newvape Stand & Debowler w/Post & Spike
    Newvape Stand & Debowler Naked
    Newvape Flowerpot PanHead
    Newvape 14mm & 18mm Male Post for Panhead
    Newvape Ti Double Woven, Ti & SS screens
    Vaporbrothers Ceramic Screens
    Vapcap Degummed Hemp Fiber
    China Glass Bowls with Glass Screens for Flowerpots
    Leisure Glass Dome (Inverted Showerhead)

    Chewy 1 Electric Grinder
    Chewy 2 Electric Grinder (2)
    Newvape Fine Grinder

    Stiiizy Pen & Pods (Hybrids & Indica Pods)
    Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition
    Honey Stick Sub Ohm Vape & Highbred Tank
    Honey Stick Bee Keeper
    Source Nail V2
    Gentleman's Vape Pen
    Pelican 1200 Case to carry Leisure Incycler

    Shit I want to buy still.

    Drop Down 18M to 14F
    Drop Down 14F to 18F
    Mothership - SFT, FTK or Fab Egg

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