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Aug 9, 2017
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SoCal - OC
Semiconductor Sales


I Vape Too Much, Male, from SoCal - OC

Combustion Free since 7/17 Feb 15, 2018

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    1. Shooby
      Combustion Free since 7/17
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    SoCal - OC
    Semiconductor Sales
    My Vapes and Accessories:
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Baby Jesus Tree Incycler w/ Pelican Case 1200
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Brick Stack IncyclerHypnotized Glass
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - 14mm Incycler 7"
    Leisure Glass by Luke Wilson - Sidecar 10 Arm Perc Ribcage 18mm.
    Seed of Life Glassworks - Sherlock Holmes 18mm
    HypnotizeD HD 18" Double Honeycomb Straight Tube 18mm

    CCA Liger Banger 30mm 3.0 in Silver (3)
    Flat Coil Sapphire (2), Polished SiC, Obsidian & Quartz Insert
    Wierdeer Titty Cap, Chadbro Terp Trunk V2 Cap, Tsunami Carb Cap & Hurricane Master Set

    CCA Liger Banger 20mm 3.0 in Silver (2)
    Sapphire, Obsidian & Quartz Insert
    Gordo Riptide Bubble Cap, Tsunami & Hurricane Carb Cap,

    Newvape Flowerpot 20mm D-Nail Wrap-Around & Coil Cover
    D-Nail Sapphire & SiC Halo and D-Nail V2 Carb Cap
    Newvape Flowerpot PanHead
    Newvape Pax Loading Tool, Stand & Debowler

    Newvape Flowerpot Showerhead & Coil Cover
    Newvape Ti ShowerCap
    Domes, Glass Bowls w/ Glass Screens
    Newvape Pax Loading Tool SS Threaded, Stand & Debowler

    D-NAIL Sapphire & SiC Halo on Slim Base w/ 14mm adapters w/ V2 Ti Carb Cap

    MiniNail Dual Kit
    Flat Coil No Handle
    Flat Coils with Newvape Enail Handles
    (2) 20MM Coil with Newvape Enail Handle

    Huffy Glass Custom DabStation
    MiniNail Coil Stand
    CCA Flat Dabber
    CCA Stinger Dabber
    D-Nail Fork Dabber
    Grav Labs GonG Adapters
    Grav Labs Drop Downs
    BoroSyndicate Drop Down
    Newvape FlowerPot Tray Base & Lid
    Newvape Dabber Holder
    Newvape Fine Grinder
    Newvape Dabber Stand
    Newvape Scoop Dabber
    Newvape Shovel Dabber
    Newvape Budder Knife Dabber
    Newvape Disk Cutter w/ Window Dabber
    Newvape Pencil Dabber
    Newvape Flat Bottom Disk Dabber
    Newvape Disk Cutter Dabber
    Newvape Wedge Dabber
    Newvape Ball Dabber
    Newvape Blade Dabber
    Newvape Ti Double Woven, Ti & SS screens
    Newvape 14mm & 18mm Male Post for Panhead

    Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition
    Honey Stick Sub Ohm Vape & Highbred Tank
    Honey Stick Bee Keeper
    Source Nail V2
    Gentleman's Vape Pen

    Yet to Buy List in order

    Chewy 2 Grinder
    MiniNail Micro Enail Controller
    MiniNail 20mm Coil
    Newvape ShovelHead
    Newvape Enail Handle
    Glass Nano rig under 5 inches.
    Leisure Glass - Swiss Tree Incycler


    Leisure Glass - Baby Jesus // Brick Stacked // 14mm Incycler // Sidecar 10-Arm
    Seed Of Life Glassworks - Sherlock Holmes 18mm
    CCA 3.0 Liger 30mm w/Sapphire, Obsidian, SiC (Polished) & Quartz inserts + Wierdeer & Coojo caps
    CCA 3.0 Liger 20mm w/Sapphire, Obsidian & Quartz inserts + Gordo Riptide Bubble Cap
    D-Nail slim Base w/ Sapphire & SiC Halos + V2 Carb Cap + Fork Dabber
    NewVape Flowerpot ShowerHead & FlowerPot D-Nail Wrap-Around 20mm
    OG MiniNail & MiniNail Dual Kit w/ Flat Coil & 20mm Coil + Newvape Enail Handles

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