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Discontinued Haze Merger

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by 3JOH22A, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. 3JOH22A

    3JOH22A New Member

  2. PPN

    PPN Company Rep

  3. Lookatmeglow

    Lookatmeglow I seem to have a bad case of VAS

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  4. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    Hmm, sounds complicated. Unless the web photos are misleading it seems like a pretty big unit, not my idea of a carry around vape. Who knows maybe it'll be so mind blowing no one would care but it seems bigger than I would like a portable unit to be.
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  5. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Taj was mentioning it at Champs but not really promoting it. But he said it is almost ready. I'm stoked about it. It's a whole new take on what to do with multiple chambers and the controls look pretty complete. I'm hoping this is the sleeper that wakes up and takes charge!
  6. Shrike

    Shrike Flower Potted, Maxed & Rio'd

    Wow...this one took me by surprise, too. Looks like a big year for Haze and an even more diminutive bank account for me...:nod::tup::rofl:
  7. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    From the description of the Merger:
    "The Haze Square is the first and only quad chamber vaporizer to hit the market."

    So is it just the release version of the Square? Or something else?
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  8. Lookatmeglow

    Lookatmeglow I seem to have a bad case of VAS

    It is something else. The merger looks like it is a different unit entirely.
  9. Drexciya

    Drexciya Homage to the Deepsea Dwellers

    It is probably a wip page and they just put the photos up with the info for the square. I am really curious what Haze has to say about this one.
  10. zenmasterofzinfandel

    zenmasterofzinfandel Well-Known Member

    • Post edited to remove portion that breaks forum rules. Warning point added.
    After reading the Square thread where someone & Stu thought it invoked Apple like appearance, i cannot disagree more, The Merger is more like the orig iPhone, Square is the bulky Zune for businesses b/c it has a keyboard for emails!

    Click to play YouTube Video
    <<<...roflmao @the balmer of vapes. can't wait for d sexy thinner Haze Merger 8... the real 'Steve' would have thought it pretty cool.

    Though my biggest concern with all new competitors to the Crafty/Mighty is 'protection from over heating' Does the unit have over-heating warnings? If so, how is that handled (applies to the Sq. also)? What i hate is having to let the Crafty cool down for 20+ min after a 5min session; before it cools down enough to do another session. Only solution is to get two units & a pack of dosing capsules. Not sure if I can do the terp 'speedballing' trick i do with the design of the S-B vapes.

    From link to the website above, must have changed since yesterday?

    First Infusion Vaporizer with Induction Heating

    Haze MergerFeatures:
    • Infusion Mode – Utilize both chambers or different materials simultaneously.
    • First induction heating vaporizer for a faster heat up and little to no radiant heat.
    • Compatible with dried herb, concentrates and liquids.
    • Dial in your preferences for the perfect mix and match material experience. For example, if you prefer 30% concentrates and 70% dry herb, simply rotate the dial to lock in your preference.
    • LCD touch screen to adjust settings or read battery life.
    • Adjustable temperature 250F – 450F chamber specific.
    • Prepackable material pods.
    • Removable parts for easy cleaning.
    • Smart Temperature Technology allows the Square to remember you last presets.
    • 10 Year Warranty.
    • Interchangeable Li-Ion batteries.
    • Built-In Mouthpiece Storage in battery compartment for safe keeping.

    Haze Square Includes:
    1 x Haze Merger Vaporizer

    1 x Mouthpiece

    1 x Concentrate Pod

    1 x Dry Herb Pod

    2 x Li-Ion Batteries

    1 x USB-C Charge Cable

    1 x Wall Charger Adapter

    1 x Cleaning Tool

    1 x Material Tool

    1 x 10 Year Warranty

    1 x User Guide
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  11. oddjobold

    oddjobold 510 Vaporist

    Induction heating sounds like conduction to me. In which case i am out. If its convection very interested.

    Shame the square has built in batteries. That means i am out for that too.

    I want full convection with replaceable batteries or i am just not interested.
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  12. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Induction heating could be either conductive or convective etc. Induction is a great way to heat such a thing and I would love to check this out. One thing has occured to me seeing these placeholder listings on Haze's site. It seems like they have silicone caps for their bowls/chambers like the old concentrate cans for the Haze v3 had. That silicone deforms over time from heat and gave me headaches from the first time I used til I gave up on it because of these negative effects.

    @Haze Vaporizers @scottg402 if what I've seen in this pic is what I think it is (a silicone lid):


    can we please make an alternative that is 100% high temp safe (titanium, stainless steel etc?) for this purpose instead? I vape for health reasons and cannot risk polymers in my vapor path.
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  13. PPN

    PPN Company Rep

    The infusion mode looks awesome!

    Although I don't understand how it is possible to get an adjustable ratio flowers/concentrates differently than playing with respective airflow....
    Nice to know since it was claimed ,in the Evoke thread, induction was similar to conduction... could you elaborate please?
  14. CalyxSmokr

    CalyxSmokr Well-Known Member

    More tiny parts
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  15. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Induction refers to how the heat gets into a given material. It uses electromagnetic heating to impart heat directly into a suitable (usually metal) object. Induction gets the heat into the surface directly. To explain in an example, a pan on top of an induction stovetop is hot, but the stovetop itself is not hot! This is because the energy which creates the heat is electromagnetically transferred directly to the base of the pan. In the traditional scenario, the stovetop itself gets hot and then conducts heat onto whatever you put on top.

    I hope this explains the principle somewhat :) Basically, induction could be used to get heat into an element designed to heat air on the way into a convection vape just as easily as it could be used to get heat across into a conductive vaporization chamber ;)
  16. danald2000

    danald2000 Well-Known Member

    Induction could be convection, but with no mention of convection and only induction this feels like another tired conduction model. The airflow change seems nice, but also gimmicky. I fail to see how this would be a sizable improvement over the v3... (Besides 2 batteries and lcd 1degree temp stepping)
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  17. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps our friends @Haze Vaporizers and @scottg402 might be able to help us out and explain the differences. I suspect one might be faster heat up time (near instant perhaps)! Induction in a well implemented design could mean that much less heat gets onto your hand while holding the unit during operation (especially at high temps). This should be comparably very comfortable to hold in the hand for long hot sessions or repeated back to back sessions.
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  18. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Surely induction heating is pointless as the heat cannot be electromagneticly transferred direct to the load, but has to heat an oven, which in turn conductivly heats the load....

    Or am I misunderstanding...

    I get that induction is more efficient, so a good idea for portables in that respect...

    But we are still getting mainly conduction vapour No???

    Also I'm with @herbivore21 with the silicone, id like a more stable material if possible....
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  19. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    You are indeed misunderstanding. This unit could conceivably directly and nearly instantly heat the herb cannister, not an 'oven'. Induction allows very accurate temp control to be possible too.
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  20. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Ok I see that, but isn't the herb canister then acting as an oven anyway, and then using conduction to transfer the heat to the load.??

    What I'm getting at here, is that the actual load is not inductivly heated...??? Thats impossible right??? Because of the fact that organic matter is not a suitable magnetic conductor for induction to work???

    But i do understand the advatage of incorporating an induction heating phase to a conduction vape....
    I just don't see that it will be any different from conduction vapour...

    I'm not obsessed with the whole convection/conduction thing, I just think when labelling a vape, it should be judged on how the heat is transferred to the load, not the oven or chamber or sorts...
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  21. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    The Convection vs Conduction dichotomy is a distracting and not all encompassing one man. :2c:

    Induction tells us there can be very tight, direct and responsive temp control (IME metals heated with induction when the temp is adjusted rapidly shift to the new temp in a way impossible with traditional conduction). As we have learned from pens, increasingly accurate temp control makes a large difference to flavor and performance. The direct nature of inductive heat as I describe would greatly limit the heat of the unit in the hand too.

    It could very well be conduction, of course we do not yet know that the chamber is what is being inductively heated. We really should wait until anything is actually said by the Haze guys before speculating. Someone dug up some placeholder material on the back end of the haze website and posted it here and everyone's already rushing to conclusions!

    All I am talking about is what induction could give us. I'm not saying that it is better than conduction, nor necessarily a completely different way of heating from conduction but the technology tends to provide the above benefits. I don't really care about speculating on a product this early beyond that bro ;) :peace:
  22. stark1

    stark1 It is Yuge

    D-Jeep Time
    So, color me confused.

    If the Haze Square is the packaged "Merger", what happened to the concept Square?

    While I should hold my thoughts for the moment, the Merger looks ordinary.

    Perhaps there is magic inside the Merger...... :\
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  23. SiDankies

    SiDankies Well-Known Member

    The square is the square and the merger is the merger. They are completely different vapes.
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  24. CalyxSmokr

    CalyxSmokr Well-Known Member

    I think the confusion comes from the merger blurb:
    "The Haze Square is the first and only quad chamber vaporizer to hit the market. It utilizes an on-demand convection heat system providing little to no wait time between draws and is compatible with all material types including herb, concentrate and liquids. Easily switch from one material to the next with a simple rotation or interchange material pods for the most versatile vapor experience available."
    I think they mixed something up
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  25. KLo

    KLo No Ember

    I use an induction burner in the kitchen. Induction heats rapidly; can boil H20 in under a minute and produces negligible surface temp. It transfers therstatically on a cook top. Great in theory, but the cooking element is constantly regulating. A bitch for cooking eggs or searing meat, but maybe not for other applications as the one's we're after. I'm sure Haze labs has multi-tiered innovations in store. Like bunnies, these guys.
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