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First-time vaper looking for stealth, affordability

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Sussuration, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Sussuration

    Sussuration New Member

    Hey guys, I'm an infrequent smoker with a lot of stoner friends. I live in a pretty small town where dry herb is basically the only option for smoking. Problem is, we live near a college town, and can't smoke openly in our homes.

    My friend and I come back from our respective colleges to together to smoke on weekends, but our only option is my friend's house, where he's been caught before with paraphernalia and by smell. We're looking to transition from glass pieces to vaping, with the aim of getting a vape that can be pretty easily hidden. Unfortunately, since bud is pretty hard to come by and thus expensive, we don't have all that much to spend on a piece. I'd say $100 is roughly our limit.

    Now I know that we're not going to get a PAX or something top of the line for that price, but I'm hoping we can get a pretty reliable and stealthy option. I've done many hours of research, going from the Dube e-cig to the Snoop Dogg microG, but in my research I kept coming back to this site again and again, seeing that you guys had the most helpful and knowledgeable community. I'm also interested in vaping because it's easier on your lungs; I cough easily which is also a stealth problem. That's one big reason I decided to say Fuck Combustion.

    My friend used to have a Palm Vaporizer, like this one

    which was pretty sweet, I only used it a couple of times but it worked quite well.

    Any suggestions?
  2. SpruceGruve

    SpruceGruve Bag of sand in hand,Eyeing up the gold statue

    In a ocean of opportunity
    Silver surfer vape or da Budda both come with a essential oil attachment so it just looks like a expensive glade plug in......

    Any log vape(e-nano,HI,oe under dog) All come with a essential oil attachment aswell,plus they just look good as is.

    Other than that the lotus,solo,MFLB,any portable can be hidden quite easily
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  3. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    I think you should check out the Firewood.

    If a hissing sound isn't too loud the Hammer is an exceptional vape and looks like nothing but an odd butane based hand warmer or cigarette lighter.

    The MFLB is also is pretty easy to hide.

    The VaporGenie Coil is also pretty discreet.

    There's also the Waldo and Daisy - http://www.triihouse.com/Vaporizers.html
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
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  4. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    If he's already been caught, I'd say go somewhere else.

    But, for the sake of a $100 challenge...

    Yep, the Lotus is having a $15 % off sale currently. You could get the basics. Depends on how stealthy a torch would be in your situation. I've only used one once, but it was pretty neat.

    A Vapolution 2.0 and a Smoke Buddy?

    Firewood is a good possibility too, yeah. Da Budda from eBay, yep, good possibility, but I always stunk my place up whenever I used it, even with a Smoke Buddy and open window.

    The Solo can be had on Ebay for not too much over $100. If coughing is an issue, it might be worth the extra $ for something really smooth like the Solo.

    I'd choose an MFLB over a Palm any day. However, I'm guessing you're not in a mmj state. And if you end up using herb in your MFLB that ain't bone dry, you'll wind up like me with a shitload of goo below the screen that will stink and stink and stink. Completely my fault, but still annoying. Never could clean it properly, but I'm told it can be done. Plus you really gotta grind your shit too. I liked my MFLB, but it became more of a novelty, IMO.

    I don't think I'd choose much else for the price you're looking for. Cept for maybe the Hammer, but I haven't used one.

    Maybe keep a good eye on the Classifieds here...

    Oh yeah, maybe a Vapor Genie?
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  5. Egzoset

    Egzoset Vaporist of Borg

    Salutations Sussuration,

    A well-known (but slow) electric table unit allowed me to enjoy THC again but i found after a long while that its dry vapor was an issue in the end, though for all practical purposes this was actually resolved after i switched to a modded VaporGenie pipe which i proved to be self-moisturizing.

    Considering your pal already owns a Palm i'd suggest you give it a good try, since it's electric and you appear to have battery-operated products in mind... If dryness does cause you some concerns then maybe the VG Coil is for you, especially with a toolbox around.

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  6. FlyHappy

    FlyHappy Flying Solo

    Sadly, I don't yet have enough experience to make a vape recommendation, but if you're looking to be stealthy, look at picking up a Smoke Buddy to go with whatever vape you choose. It's a carbon filter that you exhale into, and which will drastically reduce the smell. They go for about $15 on Amazon.

    Edit: I just realised that EveryDayAmnesiac mentioned the Smoke Buddy. Oh well, knowledge is power :-)
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  7. as

    as Well-Known Member

    The palm 2 is on sale at mass drop for $55 only 2 days left tho

    Also the solo is on mass drop for 125 which is one of the best portebles
    And problem the most recommended vape on fuckcombustion

    I would get a solo if you could push it

    You could also get a pinnacle for 100 ATM until 4\20 fro.M vaporblunt
  8. VapeVoice

    VapeVoice Well-Known Member

    Just to the left of normal.
    Firewood 2.0 would be great for you guys. Has a small learning curve, but once you master it you get plenty medicated. It fits in your pocket. The flavor is great. Can not go wrong with it and it is right in your price range. I got mine used from the classifieds here for $55 even :)
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  9. Sussuration

    Sussuration New Member

    Hey guys, first off thanks for all the replies and all your great advice. I've decided to go for a Palm vape, but I'm not sure where the best place to buy one is. I'm suspicious of eBay sellers and none of the online vape sites I've checked carry it. Sorry for the newb question. Any places offering good deals for 4/20? I know one of the above comments mentioned $55 for a Palm 2 but I can't seem to find the deal.
  10. Grim Chiclets

    Grim Chiclets Well-Known Member

    Detroit Metro, Michigan
    I'd skip the conduction vapes all together, personally- and go for a convection vape like the Firewood or the Pinnacle (get Pro accessories for it though)
    Or a VaporGenie, those things are awesome.
  11. as

    as Well-Known Member

  12. smithwonder

    smithwonder Member

    IMO IMAG PLUS is one of the most stealthy vaporizer, best value for money portable.
  13. NYC5IKH5jabi

    NYC5IKH5jabi Well-Known Member

    how much is it? I keep hearing its cheap. I saw a old version at my lhs for 100$. how much should it be for the old or new one?

    honestly, though if you want the most bang for your buck you should get a mflb. it has a lifetime warranty, you can literally get a replacement as many times as you need. and it performs competitively enough to be a daily driver.
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