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Jul 16, 2015
Oct 19, 2010
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1SipAToke/Blender Vaporist (v3.1), from Shawinigan/Qc, Canada

Euh... Remains... Euh... Oh my goodness! Please find some other space to discuss this!!! Nov 17, 2013

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Jul 16, 2015
    1. KeroZen
      Keep in mind a lot of FC users just don't care. Many times I've seen answers of the like: "go outside and you'll be breathing car exhaust particles" or "right now you are breathing air coming from your laptop fan" etc

      Anyways please don't take offense, it was clearly not my goal. But you got to admit that you must surely be the FC user being the most concerned about materials safety and vaporizer internals.
    2. KeroZen
      Dude I'm posting here because for some reason I can't answer your PM, maybe you disallowed me?

      This was a pun really, I added a smiley to make things clear. And it's not a bad thing that you care about the safety of our vaporizers, not at all! Actually I made the joke because in the Ascent thread, at time it feels like I was the only one concerned about sucking air from the electronics and battery compartment.
    3. Egzoset
      Euh... Remains... Euh... Oh my goodness! Please find some other space to discuss this!!!
    4. Egzoset
      ...be acquired in my case too. Though we see
    5. Egzoset
      Woups! Oh, my... This interface feels a bit restrictive at 140 characters and no text formatting... Well, field knowledge ramains to...
    6. Egzoset
      Salutations Axakal,
    7. axakal
      hi, Egzoset,
      i saw that you posted in several threads about the loxlux. it's seems fairly diy-able to me, although my knowledge in this area is limited. did you try to build it or have an idea how?

    8. Egzoset
      Hi there Satyrday! It's only a matter of time for IH and IM to merge into some irresistible offer, i can be patient.
    9. satyrday
      Salutations Egzoset! Miss your input on FC. Maybe you could start an "Inlet Humidification" thread in 'Vapor Related Equipment' instead of 'Ask FC' as it seems to get purged to 'ABV' frequently. I wouldn't take it personally - just the nature of that sub-forum I think. You could maybe salvage some of your best material for the new thread should you choose to go that route.
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    Who is to say, who is to know...
    ...the truth.


    Still no Plan-A although it has happened already, just not yet!

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