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Elium Vapor - Dry Herb and Extract Vaporizer with motorized dosage control.

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Portable Vaporizers' started by EliumVapor, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. EliumVapor

    EliumVapor Manufacturer


    Elium is in early Alpha stage and is currently taking questions from the vaporizer enthusiasts like yourself. We did a Q&A on reddit 17 days ago where we answered lots of questions. I wanted to do one here at the same time but the one on reddit blew up so much I eventually had to close it down because I could no longer keep up with the question and get my daily work done. But I have a bit of time to do this again so I figured I would start a new thread here. Below are the stats that I gave to reddit as well as a list of potential changes we are going to make based on the reddit Q&A.

    Here is the link to the reddit thread in case anyone wants to read through the questions before asking any here. https://www.reddit.com/r/vaporents/comments/8k70ed/new_dosage_controlled_vaporizer_elium_vapor_ask/

    Here are the Stats I gave to them, and the changes I am going to employ already.


    Size: Vaporizer is a bit larger than most weighing 285 grams. Still lighter than the Ghost MV1. Similar in size to the Mighty. But you will understand once you read the list of features.

    Dosage Control: It electronically injects your extracts into the oven using a medical grade linear actuator. The dosage is in (EDIT: I made a mistake here and said 1.75 mg. I meant to say 1.25mg. However, keep in mind we are in beta and if we realize there is no need for such a small dosage this might change. 1.25 provides barely any vapor at all.) 1.25mg increments up to 5mg total injection at one time.

    Cartridges/Oven Inserts: Cartridges(Oven Insert) for extracts can be filled by the user and will be available prefilled by dispensaries in Colorado starting end of the year. It holds up to .5 depending on the density of oil. Cartridges(Oven Insert) for dry herbs hold .3 similar to other vapes on the market.

    Cartridges come in Glass, Ceramic or Stainless Steel. Depending on preference.

    Battery Specs: Battery is a removable 18650 custom battery pack. It is removable, can be charged in the device or outside of the device but it is not compatible with other devices nor are standard 18650s with Elium. Our battery has a large protection circuit board to prevent battery failure in extreme conditions.

    Currently, battery life is about average right now 45-60 minutes of continuous use. Averaging about 4-5 sessions but we are looking to increase that before launch.

    Heat Up Time: Heat up time for extracts ranges from 20-45 seconds depending on a viscosity of oil and amount of preheating required for the motor to inject. (Motor will detect when it is ready so you don't have to) Heat up time for dry herbs is about 35 seconds.

    Cleaning: All components that make contact with vapor or extracts/herbs is removable for cleaning. In fact, there is a separate oven insert for extracts and dry herbs. The vaporizer has a removable vapor path which is made up of two ceramic plates wedged together. The plates have an etched path that increases the travel distance and helps catch particulate. Elium also has a spare slot to keep an extra oven insert so you can carry both dry herb and extract or two of either.

    Housing Material: Housing is made from Aluminium Alloy and comes in 5 styles. Plain aluminum, Blue, Orange, Green, and Black.

    Target Price: The current price we are aiming for is $349.00 US. But we will be doing a presale offering a $100 discount. Depending on how progress goes from here this may also change.

    Changes being made already:

    1. The Battery: Of course the biggest concern with vaporizers these days seems to relate to the battery, or better yet the ability to remove the battery. The battery we are going to use in the device is the LG 18650 HE4 . We originally went with a custom battery pack which required us to put the protection circuit directly on the battery. While for testing we are still connecting the protection circuit directly to the battery and then wiring the battery straight to the main PCB, (this is just much safer when we are running tests with both the heater and the motor that drives our injection system) we hope through more testing we may be able to make it completely removable. *Fingers crossed. Please understand, however, that we value your safety over your ability to use the batteries you currently have. There are still too many variables (such as batteries that have been damaged or fake imitation batteries) which may affect not only the safety of the device but also the performance for us to say right now whether or not this dream will become a reality. Our device draws 20 amps of power when heating up and not many other devices on the market do that with a removable battery so the tech is almost completely new. Especially in a situation where more than a few hundred devices will be made.

    2. Housing Material: The next largest concern we registered was in relation to our Aluminum housing especially in regard to the mouthpiece. Since our last conversation I have done some heavy testing to the device and would have to agree that while the mouthpiece doesn't get hotter than other devices on the market the vapor does get hotter or dryer as the housing heats up. Also, people did not like the idea of lips on aluminum. This is something we are going to fix right away. We are already redesigning the mouthpiece so that it has less moving parts or points of failure. But we are now also looking into other material types for the outer skin of the mouthpiece or even the whole device. The best option we are looking into right now is Peek Plastic, which other high end vapes are made from, we would still, however, make the actual vapor path out of ceramic (Silicon Carbide a very strong ceramic), Stainless steel or glass. Let me know if you have any other ideas for the housing material. In regard to the rest of the housing, we are looking at Magnesium Alloy on the high end (Cost wise) or Peek Plastic on the lower* end. I personally never wanted a fully plastic device but I am open to suggestion none the less.

    3. Shape and Weight of Device: While our device is not the largest or smallest. We also want to take into consideration what shape people expect. One thing to clarify is that the Ovens for dry herbs and extracts are removable. Meaning you can fill your dry herb oven outside of the device. But the key thing to remember here is that we do not want the device to be a rectangle brick like so many other devices on the market. But we are working on removing some of the weight by changing some of our materials, this includes getting rid of some of the metal or switching it for a lighter version. We haven't come up with a solid plan for changing the shape so I wanted to clarify with all of you what shape you prefer in a portable vaporizer?

    4. Dry Herb oven size: A lot of people wanted to have the options of a "half packed" oven. We have decided to work on our dry herb oven design and I am happy to say that it is not going to be a problem for us to make multiple different sized ovens. This will give you even more control with dosage as now not only can you control your dosage with extracts down to teeny tiny amount but you will also be able to do the same with the dry herb chamber. *More details about this coming soon but this will come standard with the device on release.

    5. The last thing we are thinking of doing is giving the user more control over your dose sizes. Right now we are working on 4 presets and from your feedback, those may all be a bit too small for the average user. Therefore we are going to work on a way for you to adjust these to whatever you want (within reason, the oil still has to fit into the oven chamber and not clog it). This will either be done through the device itself or through a Smart Phone App. We wanted to avoid creating an app at all costs but if it was just to allow the customer to fine tune or "mod" the device to their wants it may be worth looking into. Of course, we will never allow the app to be connected to the internet except when updating or for it to transfer any information about your vaporizer usage to a central server.
    These are the major things we can and will be working on. The battery is the only thing that is still tentative based on testing. In regards to our website, we are going to be making a lot of changes to the device so we wanted to wait to release the final version of it until we are closer to knowing what the final product is going to be. We will be launching a landing page giving you the chance to sign up to our newsletter and also reserve your chance to be one of the first to test the device when it is ready. If there is one major thing I have taken away from our reddit Q&A it is to not rush our product just to get it released and start making money. I am in this to do it right, not just to do it. Feel free to ask any questions, give any feedback and I hope that I can answer them as thoroughly as possible.

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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    Print this in 1 foot high red letters over the door to your company...on the inside so you see it every time you step out.

    Another way to say it is measure twice so you only have to cut once.
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    Glad to see you up and running over here!
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