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Dabstorm Ceramic Dab Pen

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by VapeFiend.com, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. sNc

    sNc Active Member

    So I've had this unit a while but only got chance to try it recently with some concentrates.

    First used with some crumble and it performed pretty well, decent vapour and taste..got a few hits from a very small amount. I allowed the bowl to cool slightly and got left with a carb mark in the middle which kind of taints the taste of the bowl now.

    Second tried with some sticky shatter...good flavour and effect..the session lasted longer with this material and gave more vapour too.

    This definitely gives a decent dab style hit in effects..of course it's never going to produce huge clouds and flavour like a rig but I suspect this device would be closer to a real dab on a rig than a pen device?

    Edit: vapefiend supplied new metal o-rings but noticed when changing the stock ceramic one and dropped it it broke into two pieces..
  2. VapeFiend.com

    VapeFiend.com Well-Known Member Retailer

    London, UK
    Hey sNc, glad you're enjoying the Dabstorm 2.0

    I would recommend using a cotton but or q-tip to swab the bowl after each use- this will clear up the residue and keep your bowl fresh for the next hit- just like a ceramic or quartz nail. Newer units even have some q-tips included in the package for this purpose.

    We discovered that the ceramic rings were way too fragile- which is why we now supply a metal ring with each unit.

    We find that the Dabstorm 2.0 fills a very specific niche- while it does not give the thick, dense rips that hotter-running devices do, it really allows you to taste the best possible flavour from your extracts in a portable device. Because of the slow-heating and easily swabbed-clean bowl, Dabstorm 2.0 is pretty unbeatable on flavour when compared to other dab pens or portable dab devices.
  3. sNc

    sNc Active Member

    Been loving the Dabstorm (2.1) even more!...crumble has become king now!.
    Once you master the draw technique you can milk some real nice dense clouds from this little thing!

    Worthy device in my arsenal glad I picked it up.
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  4. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Maybe I need to give it another try, please @sNc could you share your technic?

    Last time I used it I didn't got a lot of visible vapor and cough like hell, like the previous tries I intended...

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