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Dabpress Tier 3 Contest

Discussion in 'Past Contests' started by psychonaut, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

    Tier 3 Contest (Open to rosineers worldwide*)

    Dabpress is celebrating the summer harvest by offering a giveaway to help rosineers extract their medicine using a brilliant method called "rosin tech". Rosin is made utilizing heat, pressure and time, to melt the essential oils from our beloved plant. Whether you harvest your own, or someone harvests on your behalf, a heat press kit is the fastest and most effective way to create your own oil with flower, hash, sift, just about everything that's generously covered in resin.

    To enter the contest, please answer the following questions -

    1. What is your favorite strain and why?
    2. Are oils or concentrates your primary form of meds? if so, why?
    3. What type of device(s) do you plan to vaporize your rosin in?

    A single winner will be randomly selected using the following website -

    The prize for the winner will be Dabpress dp-hr10t35v 10-ton Driptech Heat Press Machine pair it with a 10000 PSI hydraulic hand pump to complete your press machine.


    For the Winner, we would love for you to post your review of the product here on FC after you have had a chance to put it through the paces.

    Contest ends on July 10th @ 8PM MDT (GMT-6) with the drawing done shortly after once the names are tallied.

    * If the winner is located outside of the US they will need to pay import duties and fees upon receipt which can be high based on your country's customs requirements.
  2. bizwaxzion

    bizwaxzion Enigmatic Cannabist

    My favorite strain is Northern Lights - perfect blend of head and body effect. I'm 50/50 flower (afternoon/evening) to rosin (daytime). Rosin on the go calls for @divinetribe DTv3 and while at home I enjoy a 30mm enail setup from @710Coils
  3. DirtyD

    DirtyD Well-Known Member

    Southeast us
    Love green crack. 2. No access to concentrates. 3. My ti woody or FIERCE. Thanks y'all! Good luck, D.
  4. Hackerman

    Hackerman User

    Out there
    1. White Grapes by Hazeman Seeds. Actually smells like a bunch of grapes.

    2. Oils are my primary but once I have dabbed, I usually smoke or vape some flowers just for the full entourage.

    3. I use a Boundless Terp Pen, and a Motar Quartz 510.
  5. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    Favourite strain right now has to be Girl Scout cookies. Just love the taste or Skywalker OG shatter.

    Oils and concentrate not my pain way touse cannabis. Primarily because it is difficult to obtain for me.

    I would use my haze square or haze dual v3 to vape it.
  6. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Well-Known Member

    1. Gorilla Glue #4, best for musculoskeletal pain that I’ve tried but will continue searching and raising some future contenders!
    2. Neither are my primary, given my location. Rosineering is my best & only hope for concentrated meds.
    3. VRod flowerpot & 710Coils banger/coil combo.
  7. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Great contest!

    All Kushes get my favor, love this pungent aromas.

    I'm mainly a flower guy but get more and more used to concentrates, rosin tek is definitively a game changer!

    A lot of devices but rosin is vaped mainly with my HighFive enail or Lotolabs Legend, although I can appreciate some rosin on the top of a meshpad or mixed with some flowers....
  8. Monk Debate

    Monk Debate Well-Known Member

    1. My favorite strain is Tangie. It offers a really pleasing body high with a tangible melting away of anxiety and replaces it with an uplifting mood. It’s also mellow enough that I can reliably go about my day without worrying about being incapacitated when I use it.

    2. I primarily use flower because even now it can be hard to find a good selection of full spectrum concentrates. Most are isolates, which I don’t want.

    3. I currently mainly use a Pax Era or Dynavap with Dynacoil for concentrates, but if I had my own rosin press I’d upgrade to a Focus Carta or a Rio Stache so I can do proper dabs.
  9. Shrike

    Shrike Flower Potted, Maxed & Carta'rized

    1. Been enjoying some Space Monkey & some (SSSDH x Jack Herer) for daytime use.

    2. Flowers predominate my usage, but am looking forward to pressing more and more rosin.

    3. My vapes of choice for rosin right now are the Carta for portable use and a NewVape D-Cup for at home enjoyment. I am using an obsidian dish in the D-Cup and between this and the Carta, I am right where I need to be.

    ***Thank you @psychonaut , for putting on such an excellent contest for locals. :clap:
  10. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    1. Currently MAC #1 (Miracle Alien Cookies). Strong terpene profile with a real nice gassy/citrus taste to it. Potent with a real nice Sativa kick! Presses wonderfully with great yields.

    2. Almost 100% rosin; can trust the quality of the concentrate since I'm producing it myself, and the flavour is outstanding. I find flower has too much "grass" taste to it after primarily using rosin for so long :)

    3. 710 coils 25mm banger with Quartz Pi Cap, Axial Coil, FC E-Nail by J-Cat, and a ruby insert from Greek Glass (getting a 30mm ruby insert from 710 coils soon for use w/ my 30mm 710 coils banger :) )
  11. dirtpie

    dirtpie Well-Known Member

    1) Favorite strain is Harlequin. That's because of how amazing it helps with my Rheumatoid pain, but still allows me to function and be productive because of the low THC content.

    2) Concentrates are my main form. A wee bit goes a long way. One heat up and cool down is a lot quicker than packing multiple bowls

    3) I'm all about using dab rigs with quartz bangers to enjoy Rosin with. I find I can really maximize the flavor and full amount of oil this way. Quartz Pi is my favorite quartz and cap company currently.

    Thanks so much and have a great week!!
  12. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

    Just an FYI for you all, Roger has agreed to open this prize to rosineers worldwide. The only catch is since the press has to ship out from China (if the winner is outside the US), the winner would be responsible for customs and duties fees. Apologies for the inconvenience but such is life when importing.

    Thank you all for your interest in Dabpress products and the contest!
  13. Roth

    Roth Pining for the Mountains

    1. Durban Poison, I'm a sativa lover, and Durban Poison is one of the classic sativas. Such a distinctive flavor, love it!

    2. Concentrates are my main form of medication ~80% of the time these days. I find I enjoy the flavors of concentrates more than flower these days.

    3. My device for consuming concentrates is an opaque quartz banger from @710Coils, soon to be paired with a ruby insert! Definitely the most flavorful and effective way to consume concentrates that I've personally tried.

    Thanks for the contest!
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
  14. Hippie

    Hippie Well-Known Member

    Arcata Trainwreck crossed with Jojorizo's Aloha White Widow - sometimes known as Crystal loco, the strongest strain I used to grow until a woman in a silly hat took her away one morning :(

    No - concentrates are not my primary source, I mainly vape flower.

    Anything with a bucket. I've not been dabbing for long but with all the ecig battery attachments I've tried I'm definitely preferring it when the coil isn't in contact with the concentrates.
  15. LesPlenty

    LesPlenty Well-Known Member

    1. Favorite strain was White Rhino as it grows well in the cold climate here and it was very potent.

    2. Concentrates are few and far between here in Tas so I need to make my own, then it may become my favorite way of consuming my meds as I like the higher potency of trates.:tup:

    3. I use a Ti enail but have a Sic Halo in transit.:tup:
  16. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    1. i like Gorilla Glue, that said most often i think it is more important how a strain was grown than which strain...
    2. right now yes, because i like that little material has big FX and i like less smell
    3. Rig / Banger / Torch; Saionara; Terp Pen; Vapcap with Dynacoil

    Have a great day!
  17. me2

    me2 Well-Known Member

    1. What is your favorite strain?
    SSH when its run out full term it cant be beat!

    2. Are oils or concentrates your primary form of meds? if so, why?
    concentrates are my main form of consumtion. ease of use and dosing, tolerance requirements

    3. What type of device(s) do you plan to vaporize your rosin in?
    DT QQ, Ccelltanks, miota jammer with banger, fc187

    Thank you for running this contest!
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  18. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    1.Anything fruity
    2. No, i dont have access to concetrates. Flower tastes better for me.
    3.Q banger
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  19. mixchu69

    mixchu69 Well-Known Member

    1. Favorite strain is Paris OG, for the taste and potency. Never disappointed.

    2. Sauce and live resin. Current living situation makes it difficult to consume flowers.

    3. Either my dnail sic/Quartz halo or my liger v2 with sic or Quartz inserts. Looking to buy gear from @710Coils soon.
  20. weenstoned

    weenstoned Well-Known Member

    1. Favorite strain is Romulan. Tastes great and hits hard.

    2. Definitely my primary medicine. I like the clean effects and great taste. Also stinks up the apartment less.

    3. SiC insert in my puffo peak or sapphire dish on my 25mm quartz axial coil enail setup
  21. buddingglasshead

    buddingglasshead Well-Known Member

    1. What is your favorite strain and why?
    I don't have a particular strain per say. Anything cheesy is what I prefer. It helps with my stomach issues and everything else. I also just love cheese. If I had to pick a specific concentrate strain it'd be Mango OG. The effects are great and mangoes are my favorite fruit.
    2. Are oils or concentrates your primary form of meds? if so, why?
    They would be if I had a rosin press and have been in the past. Flower is great but I need a big dose of meds to not have to sesh for an extended period of time. More time that I wish to dedicate just to vaping. Taking tolerance breaks are basically a no-go. Causes me to feel terrible and doesn't reset my tolerance as much as I need.
    3. What type of device(s) do you plan to vaporize your rosin in?
    Multitude of quartz bangers (SiC insert, Quartz inserts, and just in the banger) VROD, Any convection based vapes in my signature as sandwiches.
  22. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    A state of confusion
    Super lemon haze. :nod:So many strains really hard to narrow it down.lol
    Dont get much rosin around here.:rant: Would be nice to produce my own.
    Yes concentrates are a main form of medication. Easier to achieve proper levels.
    @710Coils would be my main device and make some ccell carts:rockon::science:
    Thanks again @psychonaut & @dabpress.com
    For the awesome contest:bowdown:
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  23. Moses Baca

    Moses Baca Well-Known Member

    1. What is your favorite strain and why?

    I've got a purple haze bagseed keeper that's just spectacular! Frosty, fruity and sweet, great effects--I love her! Mandala Satori is another favorite, very upbeat and inspiring. I'm currently running some Bubba Kush/cbd crosses, looking for some relaxing meds. I've got some other Bubba Kush crosses waiting in the wings, too.

    2. Are oils or concentrates your primary form of meds? if so, why?

    Flowers only at this point. My wife and I have our own garden but very little experience with concentrates. I've made quiso a couple times but that's the extent of our experience. I've never even seen rosin in person.

    3. What type of device(s) do you plan to vaporize your rosin in?

    I'm a Dynavap fan so I'll grab a couple DynaCoils. Beyond that, I've got a lot of research to do! We'll start with a nice home unit of some sort. I've looked at @710Coils a couple times but I really don't know much about what we need.

    Thanks to @psychonaut and dabpress for this incredible contest! Best of luck to all!
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  24. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

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  25. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Hoarder

    The midst of vapor
    Thanks for the contest @psychonaut and @dabpress.com . I’d really love to squish rosin from something more powerful than my $35 hair straightener!!

    1) Lemon Larry (if that is the true name... can’t be sure as not from dispensary)
    2) No, not primary but from my limited usage with rosin thus far, I like the high - very clean and energetic.
    3) Maybe I will use my Firefly 2 again, it is supposed to shine with concentrates. Maybe I will have to buy something new for it. The world is my oyster (of vapes), so many vapes so little time (and $$).
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