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Buying a new vaporiser for hash

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Thevapourrizer, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Swampy

    Swampy Astromycologist

    you better Belize it
    Absolutely, 230degC yes. My home built tabletop job has a 20mm I.D. heater coil with a boro cup for flowers. It probly absorbs some heat energy so 230 works fine for flowers or solid. Hope your evening is going great ⭐☺
  2. peabreu

    peabreu Member

    Any news on your choices?
  3. sternenstaub

    sternenstaub Well-Known Member

    I ordered an M and tested it extensively. I like the Vapcap so much, that I will buy an Omni in the near future for several reasons. But is it better than the Vapman? And is it better with traditional hash? That is a really tricky question and not so easily to be answered than I would have thought. It depends on your preferences and there is no definitive answer in the end in an objective manner. A lot can be said when you compare the Vapman with the Vapcap, but in the end I find both are excelling in different ways.

    So, vaping traditional hash with the Vapman or the Vapcap:

    Both extract the goods perfectly. With the Vapcap you are faster done with your load, in lesser cycles than the Vapman. The increase in speed you pay with harsher clouds. I find the vapor from the Vapman smoother and to be better tasting. The Vapcap is far more easy to clean. It's the best device I know in that. Perfect. Fiddly with inserting the screen though. The Vapman is not so easy to clean. And the middle section is from wood and will get gunky from the hash (you could mod the air path with a glass tube, but I was too lazy to do that). That is not perfect, but it doesn't affect the quality of the vapor at all in my finding. from what I have read, the residue is antiseptic, but correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not a medical researcher.
    You need a special screen with the Vapman to use hash in the best way, it's sold in the official shop. Get some, when they are used, clean them with a torch, blow the dust off and you are ready to go again. With the Vapcap you can use @Squiby 's mod, using half a concentrate pad from the Crafty/Mighty as a ground layer, but you can as well just pop a chunk in the chamber. Easier to use than the Vapman. The build quality is great with both devices but they follow a different path. The Vapcap is sturdy as hell. It uses safe materials, but some silicone rings. All safe materials with Vapman, if you don't like the plastic mouthpiece, there are wooden options. The bowl is a work of art, and should be treated as such. I scratched mine, but really - I went all peasant on it and treated it bad. It looks beaten up but works 100% as before. The Vapman seems fragile but is tougher than it looks and it's by far more efficient in heating your material. It needs a lot less butane to heat it up. The Vapcap you can heat with anything in theory, which is awesome.

    So, for me I'm happy now to own both devices and depending on the situation I'll pick the right one for the job. But if I have all the time I need, it will be the Vapman. I have a dedicated middle piece only for concentrates by the way. The M will be dedictated for that as well.

    Maybe it helps some, others might disagree, but that's life.
  4. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    well i'm a really spoiled flavour bitch...
    being just one day in amsterdam with only a stashed M and a Flowermate V i have accite VMS (vapes missing syndrome) - yes both do kind of their job, but it's just such a terps waste to me...let's hope the plenty arrives tomorrow or i'll have to buy another vaponic :D
  5. WalterWhite420

    WalterWhite420 New Member

    Hi guys,
    Vaping is new for me. Yesterday I've spend a couple of hours reading on this forum.
    I smoke joints for many years now. Besides that I don't smoke cigarettes for a few years now.
    I have had it with tabacco and so I decided to order the vapcap m to try the whole vaping thing.
    Upcoming week I should receive the vapcap. Really excited!
    I still have a few questions and I hope you guys can help me out. Vaping is totally new for me so excuse me if I ask stupid questions.
    I live in a country in Europe where all the good stuff can be bought in a store legally and the quality of the stuff I smoke is normally pretty good.
    In my joints I prefer hash and at first I want to try that with my vapcap. When I receive the vapcap I planning to try weed also.
    My questions are:

    1) how do I place the hash in the cap? I mean, do I need to crumble it? When I crumble it does it stay on top of the vapcap or does it fall down? Or do I take a big piece of hash a make some kind of pancake with the hash between my fingers so it covers a big area in the vapcap?

    2) What is the best/safest vaping technique? I've read about it and saw some videos and a lot of people warn that after heating the vapcap the temperature can be dangerous for your lungs.
    When you heat the vapcap you put your finger on the air hole right?
    And when you inhale you remove your finger from the air hole so you also inhale some fresh air right?
    I think this is very important so better safe than sorry right?

    3)How much hash to I put in the vapcap? On videos the cap you put the stuff in seems pretty big. Looks like maybe 0,5 to 0,75 grams crumbled hash fits in the top.
    I thought I put the some amount of hash in the vapcap as I do/did in my joints. Sounds kind of logic...I think :)

    I am excited to start this journey. Unfortunately I have a medical condition where I have lot of cramps and spasms in my muscles. So if I can take my medicine without the tobacco that would be really awesome!
    English is not my first language so excuse me for any grammar of spelling mistakes and thanks in advance for your help!
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
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  6. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The Vapcap is fantastic with hash. I vape both hard Moroccan hash and soft pliable Afghani hash. The trick for me is to create lots of surface area without crumbling the hash.

    For hard hash I slice the hash very thin using a razor blade and pop it directly into the Vapcap chamber.

    For soft hash I pinch off a bit and flatten it between my fingers to form a thin pancake. Again I just pop it into the herb chamber as is.

    I like to heat the Vapcap cap over it's bottom half (this is the end of the cap where the digger outter is attached) for a good second or so past the click. The air intake hole located on the body should be covered with your finger as you pull vapor into your mouth. Do not pull the vapor directly into your lungs. Once you have pulled vapor into you mouth, you remove your finger to allow cool fresh air in while inhale the fresh air along with the mouth vapor.

    Hash takes a higher temp to vape nicely and produce clouds. So heating the bottom area of the cap and heating slightly longer coupled with mouth pulling should bring you the results you seek. Good luck!

    I've never heard of the Vapcap creating temps that are dangerous to the lungs. However, if you experience any lung or throat irritation, consider adding a degummed hemp fiber filter sandwich to your Vapcap. This will prevent any fine particulates from entering the airpath and subsequently your lungs. Place the filter over your screen and add another screen on top of your filter. This creates super smooth non irritating vapor and the bonus is that your condenser remains clean for a very long time. I change my filter every month or so when I notice a deterioration of flavour.

    Check my signature below to see how I fashion a degummed hemp fiber filter.

    You will find that the Vapcap is very efficient and that you'll likely need less hash to get you the same effect. You don't need to fill the herb chamber. I suggest starting off with maybe half of the amount you used in joints, or even less and see where that takes you.
  7. WalterWhite420

    WalterWhite420 New Member

    Thank you for your reply.
    Very good instructions, especially about creating large surface and the degummed hemp fiber filter.
  8. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    I am working with a collection de-gummed hemp fiber now that was saturated with vape induced canna oil.. in a clear glass food prep bowl I soaked a wad ball of the hemp fiber in 91% iso alcohol and evaporated that off completely... then add virgin coconut oil ( enough to cover the sides where the oil is sticking) and let it sit for up to two weeks... then when the oil is green use it sparingly as it is extremely potent ... you can speed this process some by by heating it low heat ( no flames!)... maybe cool it down when it is ready to be used...
    ABV ( already been vaped) can be incorporated into the finished oil too and other oils than coconut etc... as coconut is a saturated fat it can absorb quite a bit of extra space ( cannabinoids) so works as a good oil.. Peace
  9. sternenstaub

    sternenstaub Well-Known Member

    For the Vapcap I'd like to share an alternative method that seems for me to be the least gunky.
    It's just a simple screen needed. Find one with a small diameter or cut it up (in a circle). Form a basket out out it. That is quite easy: Place the screen centered flat on the top of your Vapcap Tip, then push it in. You could use a small pencil for it, anything that fits. Now you made a small basket out of your screen, in which you can pop a tiny chunk, or better, a very flat pancake.
    Cleaning is now very easy - you get out your "basket" and then push it flat. All bits attached to it will fall off.
  10. sativasam

    sativasam NO SMOKING

    When using Euro has i.e. Not wax but good quality Moroccan that is maluable - I use my Lotus (lighter based vape).

    Most people will tell you that lighter based vapes work better for hash. Personally I agree with this notion. I don't enjoy hash in my volcano or my Mighty really (both top tier electronic vapes).

    Many people have asked the question you have asked on here, even myself I think. Use the search engine built into the site and also try googling the similar terms with fuckcombustion included in the search term.

    I find hash a bit messy to vape as it leaves gunk on my screens - so it can be wrapped in a small piece of 100% cotton (I get pure unbleached 100% cotton tissues from WholeFoods).

    If you look for the other threads where people have asked the same question as you they are full of others experiences on the subject!
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  11. peabreu

    peabreu Member


    Any experience with the Milaana instead of the FF2 for hard solid Marroc hash?
    Vapcap M is very OK and extremely practical, but I prefer using one additional cotton filter to block finer particles. Still, in terms of taste I agree the best of these lighter based is the Vaponic.

    Anyway, I do need an electric and the storm while useable is not really very satisfiying...those 220C don't seem vry real or are way too slow to be effective, tried the resin chamber, the titan and even no chamber but takes a lot of time with limited vapor and uncomparable with a vapcap or vaponic. Would a FF2 or a RBT Milaana would take me any closer to these?

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  12. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    Both will work better than the storm - a cheaper but still good solution is the fury / fenix mini goes up to 221C.
    I actually also went a bit away from butane vapes for hash, too much tendency to overheat at the end and that tastes funny...
    it's imo more important to recrumble than to go to higher heat - i have a plenty only for hash :D 202C is enough to grab the taste, the leftover abv gets eaten (like fitz hugh ludlow... ;) )
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  13. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    I had some recently that was very hard and with effort, could break up to dry powder, nice type of trad export gummy smell.
    Had no real luck with vapcap again so I tried my Pax3.
    Put a thin layer of cotton on the pax screen inside to contain crumbs, placed some of the powder around near the walls, and my custom Pax SB liquid pad on top, half pack lid and turned it up full.
    I'm not joking I was so impressed with the results, the taste, and how long it lasted.
    Like chewing on warm bars!

    The (conduction) Pax3 drops its temperature between draws and maybe this helps prolong the taste too I don't know.
    The max at full setting is 215C. And the heating profiles can be changed around, I was on standard.
    Size, battery life, and heat time are very good.
    It might work just as good with more squidgy materials, but it might require some more care placing it on the cotton or cleaning afterwards?
    Pax2 might give similar results.

    So yeah pax3, OK with herb, OK with the provided oil insert, but unbelievable with aromatic brittle hard things if you load it the right way!
  14. peabreu

    peabreu Member

    No problems what so ever with Firefly 2 at 235 celcius.
  15. l0ll3YJ0ll

    l0ll3YJ0ll New Member

    Hi herbivore21! So I created this account for the sole purpose of communicating with you. Like others, I am looking to purchase something which will enable me to vaporize hash, and have been hard-pressed to find much information, online or elsewhere. Your contribution (and subsequent additions) to this thread was truly a goldmine, and I’m hoping you can shed a bit of light on a few questions I have remaining.

    You wrote ‘VapCap M’. After some minimal research, I assume you are referring to the Dynavap M vaporizer, is that correct? Given that I’be yet to dip my toes in the world of vaporizing hash, the Dynavap M’s low entry point, coupled with the simplicity of it’s design (three parts; all stainless steel, powered by a heat source) certainly is appealing.

    You wrote ‘stainless steel concentrate pad from Storz & Bickel’. Would this be what Stroz & Bickel’s website refers to as the ‘Crafty Drip Pad Set’, sold in a pack of four and retailing at around 6.90 USD? And when you say ‘reshaped to fit in the vapcap bowl, how exactly are you going about reshaping it?

    Still with regards to Dynavap, do you have any knowledge as to whether or not the wood in certain models (the Vong, for example) would be present along the vapour path?

    Lastly, so far as I’ve understood, Dynacap models are designed to emit an audible click once a certain temperature has been reached. But what about hash, which technically requires a higher temperature. Any advice?
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  16. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    @herbivore21 is sadly no longer around FC.

    VapCaps have an internal tube made of either SS or titanium, so whatever material the stem or body is made from will not be in the vapour path. You can definitely use the VapCaps for hash, lots of members do this daily. Hope this helps.
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  17. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    For hash, you then need to experiment with "time beyond the click" to get higher temps, but not too high.
    For example: torch for 2 seconds beyond the click, or 4 seconds, etc.
    Go up slowly as combustion sucks.
  18. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    Here's how I go about making a concentrate pad for a Vapcap tip. I use a concentrate pad in my Vapcap to vape concentrates such as shatter and rosin.

    I start with a flat disk shaped S&B concentrate pad.


    With a pair of flat pliers I start squishing the edges of the pad. Slowly its diameter reduces and it starts turning from a disk into a cylinder shape. Just keep turning it as you press against the sides of the disk until the resulting cylinder is the diameter of your Vapcap tip. The wire is pretty easy to reshape.


    Then I take a sharp pair of cutting pliers or even a good sturdy pair of sharp scissors and cut the cylinder in half.


    I sort of scrunch it up together as tight as I can with my fingers to tighten its shape and stuff it into the tip. In the picture above you can see the scrunched up one on top and the other cut up piece below it.


    I love vaping concentrates this way. Often I will put a good amount of shatter on the pad and take it out with me as I do chores around the property. It's an all day sipper. Heat and a toke then back in the pocket till later.

    Air passes under the cap, into the herb chamber, through your bud and up into the condenser to your mouth. Vapor never comes in contact with the outer midsection. The midsections come in two lengths, a short 45mms body of the longer 62mms stem. Bodies and stems are the attractive outter covering or clothing of the Vapcap and has no interaction with the vapor. Pick a Vapcap that appeals to you. They are all fantastic vaporizers.

    I vape hash in a unmodified Vapcap. No concentrate pad is needed. I pinch a tiny bit of soft Afghan hash and squish it between my fingers into a very flat thin pancake. I pop this into the herb chamber and heat it a second or two past the click. Toke till the caps cooling click is heard, then reheat and repeat until you no longer generate any vapor.

    For hard Moroccan hash, I shave off a thin slice with a razor blade and pop that in the chamber.
  19. l0ll3YJ0ll

    l0ll3YJ0ll New Member

    Thanks for the input. Glad to hear those lovely wood shells aren’t out of the question!
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  20. l0ll3YJ0ll

    l0ll3YJ0ll New Member

    Thank you! I’m slightly embarrassed to say I hadn’t noticed, yesterday upon posting, that there were three pages to this thread. Found a bit more insight just now. Slowly beyond the click is good advice, thank you.
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  21. l0ll3YJ0ll

    l0ll3YJ0ll New Member

    Wow thanks so much for the detailing response! I’m happy to read that those fancy wood putter shells are still a viable option, though I would’ve settled for all steel if it meant better flavor. Now to choose which one ...

    I figured a pad might not be necessary. I imagine herbivore21 recommended using one so as to minimize the accumulation of resin along the path? Thanks for the picture illustration, this is great.
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  22. ilsasta

    ilsasta Well-Known Member

    You are correct, it is just to avoid getting the screen clogged and keepk the stem a little cleaner. Not using a pad or hemp fiber will require a more frequent cleaning of the screen(mainly), since once it's blocked you won't be able to get big hits...cleaning only takes few minutes though.
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  23. l0ll3YJ0ll

    l0ll3YJ0ll New Member

    Ok good to know

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