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Advanced THC e-Juice / mods / tanks / coils / builds / recipes

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by randomtoker, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Gazaam

    Gazaam Active Member

    Just to be clear, the process you describe in the first recipe is in fact "winterization". I am wondering: have you ever tried winterizing the rosin preparation like you do with the BHO? If so, did the same type of gunk precipitate out? My understanding is that rosin also contains waxes, lipids, etc. which pollute the vapor.
  2. DynaVapmanExtractTHCjuice

    DynaVapmanExtractTHCjuice New Member

    Jup, lipids- same with Rosin, should get winterized, coffeefiltered (multiple times), and purged properly. The coils will burn these fats eventually.

    As I get it: all extracts contain waxes. Dexo-ho > bho > rosin > CO2
    Don't know nothin bout alcohol extracts.

    They can get refined to get distillate (you need quite a lab)
    So the best option for us is to dewax as much as possible.

    Is someone experienced with vaporesso mods? Pls tell me how to lower TC start voltage and good settings for yocan evolve plus + vaporesso veco!
  3. Uparoundthebend

    Uparoundthebend Member

    Whats the best tank to use with a vaporesso ceramic coil?

    Winterization....i do my winterizing this way....i freeze my bud and ipa separately 24hrs, i then soak bud in ipa 24hrs, i then put through sieve and then coffee filter in the freezer. Filtered liquid is then evaporated. I still get white milky stuff in the mix at the stage where all the ipa has gone. I get like a skin with a bit of white milk stuff under it. Is this the 1% of the ipa thats water and to be expected or is my winterizing technique not working right?
  4. DynaVapmanExtractTHCjuice

    DynaVapmanExtractTHCjuice New Member

    Vaporesso tanks:

    Veco, drizzle

    Pls use search, these two get mentioned all the time!
  5. Gazaam

    Gazaam Active Member


    This is not the standard way to do iso extraction and winterization. You seem to have combined the two processes into one, which I believe is counterproductive for the following reasons. (1) With regard to extraction process, the yield will be way lower if the extraction process is done at sub-freezing temperatures. The extraction process is a molecular diffusion process, and at higher temperatures the molecules move much more quickly from inside the plant cells to the iso. I would say anywhere from room temp up to about 120 deg. F. should work much better. The iso boils at at about 180 deg F. so you don't have to worry about boiling the solvent off. Just seal the bottle with a screw-on cap to prevent escape of iso vapours which will be generated even below iso's boiling point. Put the sealed bottle in a warm oven or the like and just let it sit for 24 hours, vigorously shaking the bottle every couple of hours or so. You can also use a small, slow-cook, electric crockpot as long as you weigh down the lid a bit to keep the isopropyl fumes from escaping. Then finally, filter the iso to remove particulate matter, and boil off all the iso to make your extraction product.

    (2) With regard to winterization, the extracted material, after the iso is completely removed, is then re-dissolved in a minimum amount of solvent at about 40 deg. C to make a very concentrated solution. The concentration has to be just right or either (a) the winterization will not be completely effective (too weak a solution) or (b) the winterization will also precipitate out some of the useful cannabinoids (too concentrated a solution). The standard solvent used in winterization is ethyl alcohol, not isopropyl alcohol. They are not identical solvents and the solubilities of the different components of the extraction product will differ significantly between the two solvents. So I would strongly recommend doing it "by the book" for best results. Also remember that you do not have access to any equipment to measure the effectiveness of your winterization effort and are therefore "flying blind". Under such circumstances, it's a lot less risky to follow procedure exactly rather than improvising.

    The winterization process is described in detail in US Patent number 7,344,736 which specifies the process used by the inventors to make pharmaceutical quality cannabis extracts for medical use (aka "dronabinol"). A link to the patent is the text between curly brackets below:


    The patent recommends using a concentration ratio of 2:1 where the first number is the volume of ethanol and the second number is the weight of the extract. If you are not sure what this means, please google how to make a "weight percent" dilution.

    The ethanol they use is 95% pure (190 proof) with the remaining 5% being water. This type of alcohol is generally available in liquor stores in most countries. It is not too expensive, and remember that you are only going to be using a few ml of it since the solution is only 2:1.

    So, the procedure is to make the solution using extract that has been warmed to 40 deg. C. Then freeze at -15 to -25 deg C. for 48 hours. Then you filter the entire contents of the winterization vessel at the same freezing temperature. I like to then wash the gunk in the filter paper by pouring a small volume of clean ethanol over the precipitate and stirring it before it has time to run through the filter paper. This dilutes the final filtered solution a bit, but it makes sure you have not left any desirable cannabinoids behind in the gunk. Finally, boil off the ethanol and you should be left with a very nice and fairly pure medicine. To boil off the ethanol, I use a small, non-stick treated, frying pan designed to fry a single egg. I weigh it empty and again after all the ethanol has been boiled off, then subtract the two weights to determine the actual yield. If the final product sticks to the frying pan, just put the pan in the freezer for a few minutes. This will make the extract quite brittle and easy to dislodge out of the frying pan using a small plastic stick of some sort, or even a chop stick. Oh, and by the way, don't forget that ethanol is non-toxic so if a bit of it is left in the final product, no big deal.

    This procedure is probably a little slower than what you are doing but should yield a good quality medicine with yields of over 90-95% of the original cannabinoids in the starting material. Let us know how this works out for you, mate.
  6. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    In my experience Rosin contains more wax&fats than a well made bho extraction... although I agree Dexo is the worst ( I can't speak about CO2 cause I never tested it but I heard this is the best!)
  7. Davep1010

    Davep1010 New Member

  8. Vapology

    Vapology Well-Known Member

    So your advice is to soak the plant material for 24 hours in warm isopropyl alcohol to increase the yield? What about the nasty chlorophyll? How does it taste?

    Winterization will not filter out all undesirables so the concentrate should be much tastier when extracted with the standard qwet technique in the freezer.
  9. johnnyfj

    johnnyfj New Member


    I've been lurking this topic for a while and thought I'd chime in. I recently bought the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit. Don't know if most are aware, Vaporesso updated their Drizzle starter kit with a brand new side firing 40W variable voltage with a 1400mAh mod that can detect the resistance of coil. This is a solidly built tiny mod that is VERY discreet! It is even smaller than pic above - can be entirely cupped hidden in palm of hand. The tank is 18mm wide and holds 1.8mL.

    My friend makes really thick bho/glycol vape mix which requires good carts like CCells. Those were great but wanted something that could hold more on the go. Found I needed to thin his mix out a bit with a little added PG/VG but I'm pleased with performance so far. Much less wasteful than the Veco. It is super easy to replace coil! Just turn tank over, unscrew tank base, pull out old coil, and pop in new. That simple without wasting any precious concentrate vape mix!


    Purchasing Note: First I tried to order through Fast Tech but after order was in "Pre-order" limbo for over 2 months, I cancelled it and ordered from Element Vape for $27.95 on sale right now. Arrived in 5 days.


    They have the starter kits and the 1.3ohm Ceramic Mini EUC SS316L (9 to 13W) replacement coil 5 packs for $7.95 (on sale in stock) or can buy just the Drizzle MTL Tank by itself for $19.95 (on sale). With replaceable coils only costing $1.59 per coil, that turns out to be much cheaper than buying CCell cartridges in the long run if you are more than a casual concentrate vaper.


    Like others have noted, the Drizzle has top air flow that can be closed for extra protection from leaking when travelling. So far, I haven't experienced any leaking. Also has 3 voltage settings (Hi, Med, Low), color 3 level battery led indicator, proper venting, and safety features. Unlike pen batteries, this is very stable on soft surfaces - won't topple over when set down. This is such a great pocket-able device I ordered 2 more so always have one fully charged ready to go. For no fuss, no muss on the go - get one!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
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  10. polykoma

    polykoma Member

  11. abby

    abby Active Member

    I'm about to buy my first device, but I can't tell which I should pick, the Veco, Drizzle, NRG SE or Cascade Mini. How noticeable is the difference between the top airflow and bottom airflow tanks? Are the sub ohm tanks 'wasteful'?

    I plan to use thick, uncut, unflavoured distillate. Will that work in these three tanks?

    Also, they will work with an evic basic, right?

  12. jmcrtp

    jmcrtp New Member

    I'm new to the site, been lurking as long as it took me to read this entire thread. Great info on here, thanks to everyone who shared before and has been working on making this better for all of us.

    I am in the same boat as many - I do not live in a state where I can get products so I have to make my own custom juice etc.

    I'm currently working with rso and considering either bho or distillate. I really just need a process I can use to vape - I want to recreate the vape cartridges you can get from dispensaries basically. I am looking to get there in 5-15 hits or so, no need for a one hit wonder, but I don't want to go through half a tank either.

    I've started to look for the last recommendations on this forum but those are pretty dated. The VECO tank and the Guardian are old news today, not sold or seen in months at the 20+ vape shops around me.

    The new tanks seem to be NRG and Cascade normal/baby/mini. I know the cascade and cascade baby can take the G2 CCELL coils which I was told are SS wire and can do temp control. My only issue is the Cascade and NRG tanks are bottom airflow.

    I don't plan on leaving the tank for weeks so may not be a problem in the short term for me. I am just kind of tired of trial and error with so many different mods/tanks/gear etc.

    The stuff I have is pure rso, then I tried doing 1:1 PG mix - stated together reasonably well. I had an O2 vape cartridge that worked ok for this for a while but the oil has now gunked it up. I either need to remove all the plant product/fats/lipids or maybe switch to try BHO or distillate as a starting point. Again I have nothing available to me in my state so I have to make this all from scratch. I do not want to make shatter and dab it, I am looking for a tank based or cartridge based system to vape and then clean/replace/refill etc.

    Has anyone tried any of these new tanks with the "dirty" stuff I'm working with? Is the process I need to follow "winterization" to remove this stuff? I did this cold extract but was a little slack about it and it was probably not done exactly right.

    O2 vape does make some good cartridges although very expensive at $10+ per unit. They have ceramic coils but not sure about temp control.

    It seems if I can put this into a top airflow tank with ceramic coils and temp control I can warm up the liquid a bit or at least not burn/get dry hits. I think that may be the best way to get this done, but if it is the fats/lipids in there I'm willing to scrap the RSO (super easy to make) to go the BHO or distillate route.
  13. abby

    abby Active Member

    I don't think you should be judging these tanks by 'new vs old'. Drizzle/Veco are top airflow, veco is sub ohm, drizzle is not. Nrg se and cascade mini seem identical in performance just different in shell.

    I'm considering buying one of these four tanks. Personally, i want it to feel similar to a ccell th2 cart, so I initially thought the drizzle would be best, as both of those aren't sub ohm. But then the th2 isn't top airflow, so maybe the nrg/cascade would do a better job imitating the th2 type hits than a veco/drizzle.

    I'm still confused, not confident about any of this. Drizzle seems like its right for me, but I cant find anywhere that just sells the tank, so I think I'm going to end up buying the nrg se/cascade mini.

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