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I'm thankful that the bullshit lies that many Governments gaslighted their citizens with about cannabis for many decades is accelerating towards an end.

As fubar a dark mess as the World seems to be right now, this is a most welcome ray of light.

This Forum extends that light...


Agent Provocateur
I'm thankful for the chance to meet some crazy, brilliant, amusing, enraging, and extremely interesting people and their opinions.
I'm grateful for the knowledge and others experiences with vapes, weed, and life's eternal quest for perfect vapor.
I'm extremely thankful for the good vibes and great service from Puffitup, and VGoodiEZ. My two favorite purveyors of magic and mayhem.
Most of all I'm thankful for all the people on this forum who make it what it is today. :rockon::love:;):):clap::tup:


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I'm thankful to a FC community member for donating to me a DynaVap Omni for a friend of mine that has been a daily spliff smoker for 15 years at least. My plan is to pass the Omni onto him to help him break an unhealthy combustion habit. A selfless act can really have a positive ripple effect on the world. :peace:


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I love and thank this forum for still existing and for allowing me to meet and get in contact with people from other countries who share my passion for quality experiences with cannabis. It has also helped me try out new products I wouldn't have heard of or learnt about any other way... i don't use the new social media... forums are what i like and Fuck Combustion is my favorite to read and talk about puffing it up!
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