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When shopping for new devices, are you most interested in better flavor, or stronger effects?

When shopping for new devices, are you more interested in better flavor, or stronger effects?


    Votes: 36 50.7%

    Votes: 35 49.3%

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And if you're like me, looking for the best balance of both - I feel you! But this becomes harder and even more subjective to evaluate. Especially since flavor and effect are already subjective enough - so for conversations sake, when shopping for new vaporizers, are you more likely to purchase because of purported flavor claims, or because of more potent effects?

See you in the poll booth!

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Flavor, for sure. I have certainly made impulse buys for inexpensive novel devices without much hope for their flavor. But usually I look for flavor and probably the ability to use it for microdosing.

As you said flavor is subjective, but the awesome thing about FC is you start to see who shares your preferences and you can see what they say about a device.

Potent effects are pretty far down the list for me. Although I do value a device that can do an efficient extraction because sometimes I need that.

Last on the list is vapor production. I don't care about milking up a glass or massive clouds. Those aren't bad, just not something I care about.


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Opposite end here ^

As long as taste is ok, I want CLOUDS. I want my water pipe to look like a half gallon of 2% milk.

I want lung busting vapor production, where if you draw for just a few seconds too long you start to have thoughts like “well, this is it, I’ve had a good run…”
Before you choke your brains out.

I want vapor so thick and dense when I blow out a hit I can’t see anything in front of my face.

I want clouds so big a plane could fly through them.

I just don’t want it to taste like @$$ in the process


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Flavor for sure, with both flower and concentrate vapes. I've never had an issue with the vapes I buy not getting me high enough. Any VAS I have comes down to the worry that someone, somewhere is getting a tastier hit than me.

Also, I know big clouds are wasteful. But I like knowing that my vape can fog up a room. Even if I usually hold my hit in a bit.


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Interesting topic man, and such a hard one to answer, for me at least!

I need a heavy to knock me out at night, it's my medicine after all, however flavour is supremely important too, or taking my medicine becomes more of a chore.

I'm going for flavour but really want to select both!

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I like thick vapor ,but not at the cost of flavor :). Imo there is golden middle between two for me and i am thankful that my DIYs can delivery thick clouds at low temps :). Imo if one overboils the terpenes and degrades other beneficial compounds ,it maims the experience. I get it that you get more fucked quickly with high temp hits, just like drinking vodka on EX,but i wanna get higher,not more fucked up.
IMO this why some feel like smoking is a better way to get fucked up than vaping, they degrade/destroy the stimulating compounds/potentiatiors and by taking them our of the picture, they miss the whole beauty of experience that vaping brings .
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Flavor - I can vape more for effect, but if it tastes like shit I'm done.
interesting perspective, I can definitely vibe with that but my patience claims otherwise sometimes lol

adding to what others have said, I am in search of a huge rip but not at the expense of flavor, think there is a fine balance to be struck for most but I would say I lean towards MOAR CLOWDS


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I am in search of a huge rip but not at the expense of flavor
I probably could have just said this but I felt the need to elaborate, especially being in the minority here. I just milked a bubbler with a portable and thought “silly flavor-chasers, you can’t taste anything when your lungs are convulsing”
It was glorious


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I feel like its being over-simplified by picking one OR the other. I've bought vapes both ways, because they're advertised as top flavor or top effects.

Of course I want ALL of my vapes to have top tier flavor, and I want ALL of my vapes to get me stoned. I wouldn't buy a flavor-leaning device if it meant it couldn't deliver good effects, and vice versa, if a vape had ass flavor, I wouldn't buy it for even the most intense hits.

To me, I tend to lean towards the "effect" side of things, cause for the most part I can turn them down or pussyfoot them to give me lighter, more flavorful hits. I can easily ramp them up and get thicker/heavier/more intense hits. I've found that the more flavor oriented devices aren't so capable of ramping up to deliver big hits.

The closest thing I've found to being "best of both worlds" flavor oriented while also being capable of putting the smackdown on me would be the Halo. That said, I find myself reaching for the Atlas more because it's still got that extra oomph on tap


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The closest thing I've found to being "best of both worlds" flavor oriented while also being capable of putting the smackdown on me would be the Halo. That said, I find myself reaching for the Atlas more because it's still got that extra oomph on tap
As someone with a Heady Atlas coming his way.... Boy does this excite me :rockon::rockon::rockon::):):ko:

For me, I like feeling like a horse the size of a building roundhouse kicked me in the face to the point where I am seeing Stay Puft Marshmallow Men walking around in my room..

That hasn't yet happened to me, but I'm still searching.


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Honestly I try to have one of each for desktop and portable.

So on the portable butane front I've got the Vapman and Anvil.

For desktop it is Herborizer Ti and B2 Baller.

Batterywise it is Tafee Bowle and FW7.

Nice collection :tup:
What are the differences in flavor vs clouds for each type?
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For me effects. I use cannabis for pain relief and one the the reasons I still smoke quite a bit is it gives me a much better body high than I've been able to get with vapes even high temps and the same bud. Obviously flavor is still very important or I wouldn't vape at all but I'm also perfectly fine with fine tasting vapor which is still better than most smoke.


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I'm here to milk bongs and extract cannabinoids .....and I'm all out of milk :freak:

Seriously though as long as it doesn't taste bad I'm fine with it as long as it runs well. My barbaric ass would still be combusting :whoa: if it was the most effective way to get stoned regardless of flavor or potential health issues.

It kind of shows the more refined class of user we have here that flavor is leading in the polls though!


When I left yesterday, FLAVOR was screaming ahead by ~40%, but we’re totally neck-in-neck now, with only a single vote currently separating the two categories.

Very interesting!

So what’s the inspiration for this thread? Well, one thing I observed from testing a bunch of different vaporizer designs is that the absolute best tasting AND the most potent, hardest hitting effects, probably wasn’t going to come from the exact same setup. This actually surprised me because I’m definitely one to seek out the best of both worlds, but I still find that in the end, where you end up amongst the various parameters tends to dictate whether the flavor or the effects are the most forward part of the experience.

As a more frequent vaper I also had to realize that those with a lower tolerance can much more easily hover around flavor town and still easily achieve the desired effects; whereas heavier enthusiasts often have to work a bit harder to get there, and it’s much easier for flavor to suffer to whatever degree up there. It’s interesting to see the heavy effects related votes, one inspiration for this thread was the “conduction vapes get me higher thread” sort of had a vibe going like “yeah, but so what?” - Suggesting a number of folks who much prefer the flavor component, or have less issues getting well toasted;

So I wanted to see if the flavor subgroup would show any other unique indications for their preferences. On the other hand, the popularity of conduction devices on a mainstream level tells a bit different story - it will be interesting to see as convection portables trickle down in technology, if they will become more of a mainstream leader, or if on demand conduction and hybrid vapes will see more growth due to lower working temperatures allowing simpler manufacturing.
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