1. F

    Linx Gaia or Fury 2?

    Hey y’all, first post here. I’m in he market for a new vape and I’m torn between the Linx Gaia and Fury 2. A big factor for me was price until I realized I can get both for just about the same price on PuffItUp by using coupon codes. I’ve heard but nothing but good things about the Gaia and many...
  2. G

    Comparing Vaporizers

    Hi, i want to buy a new vapo since i destroyed mine yesterday(...) So, does anyone know how these compare in terms of cloud quality and everything else?: 1.Flowermate pure Hit (is it 3in1?) 2.Zema Pro 3.V2 pro series 3x 4.Ago G5 3 thanks a lot in advance, youre really helping me
  3. J

    New to vaping.. need help deciding please!

    Hey all, I'm new to vaping but have been smoking cones at night for years and want to quit tobacco and have a lol 'healthy' a smoke as possible so here i am! Anyway I'm not looking to spend a huge amount to start with and I'm familiar with alibaba so am getting a sample off of there but am stuck...
  4. CanadianFlowers

    Dabbing shatter VS Vaporizing herbs

    My friends just made the switch to dabbing honey oil (shatter - phyto extractions) full time when I told him countless times to invest in a quality vape, in my theory vaping is like creating a dab basically by using heat to boil the actives? I know shatter is concentrated but you know what i...
  5. S

    Recommend a concentrate pen?

    I've got my herb vapes settled, Crafty and Vapcap. Now I'm looking for something to use with concentrates. I'm looking for something wickless and coilless, efficient with material, and not too complicated, as well as good battery life and small and discrete. Some of the ones I like what I'm...
  6. Astromaddie

    Zephyr Ion vs SSV

    I know, I know, big difference: one's a bag vape, one's a whip. But since the Zephyr can be a whip vape too, and I'm looking at two good deals right now to get a SSV for $100 or a Zephyr Ion for $150... This is a discussion I wanted to have! I've read a lot about both vapes, but I haven't seen...
  7. Stevenski

    14mm vs 18mm is bigger better?

    Having grown up in a different cannabis culture I am curious as to what is preferred amongst the vaporizing community? Why is there two main sizes? In Australia we had the old thin stem & then the new bonza fat ones came out. All that meant was your stem took longer to block up with a tar/ash...
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