1. invertedisdead

    When shopping for new devices, are you most interested in better flavor, or stronger effects?

    And if you're like me, looking for the best balance of both - I feel you! But this becomes harder and even more subjective to evaluate. Especially since flavor and effect are already subjective enough - so for conversations sake, when shopping for new vaporizers, are you more likely to purchase...
  2. S

    Using E-liquid for wax vaporazer? Or wax with flavours?

    Hello guys! I am totally new to vaping. Yesterday I bought Vicod 5G (2nd Gen), mainly for dry herbs and I was surprised how convenient and effective vaping is. Nevertheless, I am here with a particular question. I loved trying vapes with e-liquids with different flavors before, I have even...
  3. cloudsosmoke

    i heard this thing works - anyone know if it could improve weed tastes - or am i high

  4. RobDaBomb

    The Firefly 2 vaporizer

    2016 is looking good already. The Firefly thread brightened up the other day when @mitchgo61 shared this fantastic news! I thought it would only be fair to share this with the rest of the FC community. Their website, thefirefly.com, and twitter have yet to say anything about the successor - so...
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