What's in your vape right now?


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Ground up a nice lil salad of equal portions to try....
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Dutch Treat
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Stinky Pinky (one of 3 pheno's self named I started from seeds brought back from Jamaica 15 yrs ago: stinks like a mixture of ripe cheese, stinky socks, and some kind of sweet candy lol).


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I recently mixed some lemon kush with OG kush(BC bud). The smell is of earth, pine and a strong lemon scent. Super super stinky mix but it tastes amazing! Kush strains always produce massive clouds from my Herbalizer.

Really wish I had more strawberry cough but I'm saving it for a later time. I love my sativas when I can get them. Green crack is my most favourite strain ever.


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This morning I ground a blend of Durban Poison and White Haze into my Firewood capsules—delicious and uplifting! :drool:
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I make things from wood
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Lemon Kush



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When I trimmed my recent harvest, I got left with a ball of sticky resin, it's now a nice dry yellow powder that is potent as fuck, that and some kief, mixed with some 4 month cured amnesia from my previous grow... is what's sitting in my eq basket waiting for me to get home,

But it is quite sunny here, maybe I'll load the same in my solo and sit in the garden instead...


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