What do you pay per ounce of cannabis?

How much do you pay per ounce

  • <$100

    Votes: 17 7.9%
  • $100-$200

    Votes: 60 27.9%
  • $200-$300

    Votes: 92 42.8%
  • $300-$400

    Votes: 35 16.3%
  • >$400

    Votes: 11 5.1%

  • Total voters


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U would be surprised, looks dont mean anything, i thought the pretty light green ones were really good, then i had some old buds, looks soso gave me the best high, like cant move at all, kind of high

My personal gauge of how good a bud is
1. How strong
2. How long does it last

Anything that goes away in 30 mins in my opinion is weak buds
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Prices just keep falling here in CO. I see $50-$75 oz. specials advertised regularly, live resin for $22-25/gram, and shatter/wax for $15-20/gram. Haven't bought anything from a shop for a long time, so can't attest to quality, but the prices in ads just keeps going down. It's become a fast race to the bottom.
Wax and shatter that cheap is unreal. I was paying $40-$50 and thought that was cheap.


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£130 A oz

I'm in the UK not sure how many $$ that is!!
I suppose the exchange rate has to be considered pre or post brexit
Currently 130 pounds is about U$S 165 (167).

I have been lucky these past eight months since my move to Uruguay. The U$S to Uy peso has been favorable; about 20% greater than when I began investigating escaping the disintegrating states of disunity.

Mr Turnip

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£130 A oz

I'm in the UK not sure how many $$ that is!!
I pay twice that @Shorner :disgust: I’m probably in the worst part of UK though.

Need to find a new, better plug or better yet, provide for self!
Mine varies depending on strain at the minute I can get.

Lemon haze £170
Gelato not sure exactly which plant. £190
Mint chocolate cookies £180

Prices have gone up quite a lot over the past few years


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100.00 a oz for medical card holders........indoor grown and spray free guaranteed.
That is my pricing the "dispensaries" charge 200.00 and up for sprayed greenhouse shit that I would not consume.......lolz.
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