What do you pay per ounce of cannabis?

How much do you pay per ounce

  • <$100

    Votes: 24 8.9%
  • $100-$200

    Votes: 80 29.7%
  • $200-$300

    Votes: 107 39.8%
  • $300-$400

    Votes: 44 16.4%
  • >$400

    Votes: 14 5.2%

  • Total voters


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About 180-200 on the street. Usually good shit. Sometimes $240 tops. But I don't but that much. 2 grams lasts me almost 2-4 weeks now. Micro dosing for the win. Sometimes 1 bowl is all I need. Rarely do I ever get through 3.
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The going price for an oz in the WA Seattle / Tacoma /Olympia area varies with the legal it is around $250 - $300. You can find $100 - $150 oz. in some areas but the strain is very limited. I usually buy grams, 1/4 or 1/8 oz.


I buy quarters so 1/4 runs me 30-35$ for mid and 50-65$ for dank usually. Hydro or a very rare strain usually runs around 100$ for a 1/4.

If I was buying OZ it would be much cheaper. I order via online methods.


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I don't think I want to know the real price as it would be obscene :(

Last purchase was 4 1/4 oz strains and it was maybe $120 per qtr. So, the base price of the OZ was $480 but the extra cost options really sucked. I'm in MN and had to go to CO dispensary to buy as no connections here in MN. Gas, food, lodging, time, pain of a 2000 mile roundtrip journey to buy some natural medicine...

At least the base price seems to have thankfully dropped in CO. My fav dispensary has gone way down from 2014 purchase :) Recently it was $250 per oz and now I checked and it was $200 per oz and their buds are worldclass IMO. Denver competition must have pressured them as they're in Central City so need to attract users to come to them.
I see some Denver shops seem to regularly have even $150 oz and some FCers reported it was even high quality shit.
Big help #2 is CO now allows non-residents to buy an OZ so can get oz discounts. I think max b4 was 1/4 oz so you paid much higher for an oz of 4 x 1/4 oz.


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I voted >$400, cause the 400/oz bag every two weeks is always light.
Have to be nuts to live in the Nutmeg state.
Everything costs more -- housing, gas, taxes, hookers.
And what is a strain?
I find drinking heavily helps stretch out the herb, except when I knock over my herb tray.


About £240/oz for run of the mill grade but I am currently paying around £300/oz for some super silver haze because the guy will only sell in draws :cuss:

Diggy Smalls

It's 40 for an eighth, 75 for a quarter and 240 for whole. I never buy a whole oz at once though, that's a ton of one strain!
Diggy Smalls,
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I couldn't answer the poll because there was no "Free" option listed.

Free weed rulez . . . :peace:

Edit: And I get it by the pound, not the ounce.


Thats an 8' ladder . . . .
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@t-dub Im jealous! I was just going to brag about my News Years Eve deals at the state stores here in WA. The shops are trying to get rid of as much inventory because of the end of the year taxes. A couple places were giving out 25% off everything. Plus some of their products were already marked down. I bought several different strains today some I've never tried before. Curious about the Cloud 9. I will try it out tonight.:zzz:

I stumbled across an awesome cannabis shop today called Green Lady. Found $15 an 1/8. Awesome atmosphere and wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable people. I just thought they were great.

Right now I'm trying out the LA Confidential - one of my favs. There are so many choices sometimes the tried and true strains get over looked with some of the newer ones. This one is a hard hitter almost too much for day.

I never get over that child in the candy store feel:love:. Glad the black market days are over.:leaf::2c::peace:

I just looked at my receipt and the LA Confidential was $13.72 a 1/8 oz with 25% off, so less than I had thought.

I also went to a really awful cannabis shop that didn't have anything that they had advertised online and said they hadn't had some of those strains for a long time. They didn't have the person there that could sign me into their medical program. I bought one gram. I will never go back. Plus I stood in line for 10 min.
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...15 an eighth?...I wish...bloom room has 20-25 on "selected strains"...some of which isn't bad at all...but NOT 15....haven't seen that.
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