what bubblers work with elivi8/flowermate?


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I have an elivi8 vaporiser, and also have been told by the manufacturers that anything designed for the flowermate v5.os will work with it too. I found the flowermate brand's own bubbler, but that's very hard for me to get my hands on in the UK without paying ridiculous international shipping fees.

does anyone know of any other bubblers that will work with it instead? and if so, do I need some kind of adapter to make them work? how do you know if a generic bubbler will work with a specific model?



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@ellx Buy the flowemate water pipe adapter it's fairly universal it can be uses as both male and female water pipes/bongs..most sizes are 14mm and 18mm...check sunshine store on dhgate they are affordable and quick place to get glass from..usually takes 10 days from China to the USA..I imagine it would be quicker for you..


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This one's easy. There are a lot of compact bubblers designed to work on 'vape pens' that can easily be used on many other vapes (like the FMs) using a short piece of 1/2 inch OD silicone tube like here with the ESV:

There's also an aftermarket adapter (somewhere in the FM thread....) that works well if you can get it, here's one with another common bubbler (again from DHGate):

A nice feature of these types of bubblers (aside from being compact) is they have water traps on both ends......they don't spill or leak water! You can invert them, carry them in a shirt pocket, without fear.

Here's an assortment to pick from:

This is a new, IMO very neat, 'recycler' version (water that 'bubbles up' with the vapor is separated out in the upper chamber and returned, only vapor comes out:
I just got one yesterday, I've yet to try it, but am confident it'll be just fine.....

I also very much like these guys in this role, however they lack the traps so will leak:

Though not designed to work on other vapes than 510 thread pens, they do just fine with an inch or so of tube to adapt them.


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