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I was on the phone with S&B earlier and I feel much more at ease now. The woman I spoke with was very apologetic for not getting back to me (or other customers) faster but they've been slammed with orders from the Black Friday sale and they're playing catch up. I wish I had grabbed her name, she was a fantastic to deal with. Storz and Bickel are aware of this thread and all the info of these "faulty" housings is being sent to Germany. I'm going to send pictures of mine but it's very tame compared to the photos posted earlier. She also apologized for the whip roll being out of stock and took down my info so she could contact me when they come in. Before our conversation ended she had a replacement housing being shipped out. We'll see where this all ends up but for now I'm happy.

I am very surprised that this was an issue to begin with but from reading this thread it's not happening to everyone so who knows.

The regular and Medic vapes are separate for ease of insurance claims for counties that approve them for medical use. Canada, Germany and a few other countries certify the Vapormed version which is minimally different as far as I know the two big things being a max temp of 410°F and a check valve to prevent vapour from going back in the bag i.e. sanitation. I'm trying to find out if they're manufactured in forfeited facilities and if there are any other differences just because I want to know. The certifications are on the Vapormed website when you click into a specific device.

Thanks for sharing your problem. I understand you worry about it :huh:...
Now we have to trust S&B (since 2009 they have always been amazing client service :rockon:).
Only S&B have "medical" label = quality controls and traceability.
If they have had a factory problem, they have to be able to list all equipment concerned (with serial numbers). For the moment my equipment seems OK (I have just a problem with orange plastic than doesn't "clips" anymore the metallic part - I have just contacted them and I know for sure they will send me another one; hoping more resistant this time...)
Thanks for everyone feedback. That helps a lot (hoping that it will specialy helps S&B to solve all kind of problem).


@SquirrelMaster thanks for the info. Interesting about the medic max temp and valve.

I think a non plastic chamber would be cool.

And I think it would be cool if they created non conduction bowls. Like you know how the hybrid bowls sit against the aluminum heater ring to produce the conduction? We'll What if they made a bowl insert that doesn't touch the aluminum ring and could provide a majority of convection. And also not be made out of plastic so it can be left on the heater.

I feel like conduction cooks a bowl pretty fast and that a convection bowl would beneficial in session whip cases

Side note: if anyone ever opens their hybrid take some photos!


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--- My experience so far, mostly higher temps, purchased a week or two before black friday ---

My burnt Chamber - It's not as bad as the one someone else posted but its still there. When i first got the hybrid there were a few times i forgot and left the chamber on the unit. I couldn't say how long. When i first got the unit i would frequently leave the air and heat on to try to get rid of the pvc/vinyl tubing smell/taste. I wouldn't doubt if I left the chamber on for too long back then.

Medical Device - Is it really or is that marketing? SB has their medic version but they are on totally different websites. The Medical version arent even sold at storz-bickel.com they are sold at vapormed.com . So I believe only the "Medic" versions of their vapes could officially be considered medical devices? Otherwise why not have the medic cert right on the volcano site? The Arizer Solo2 feels and tastes like it is way more of a medical device. I can't even find info on what makes the medic one certified... like im not seeing tests or anything on the certs.
certs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_JazJjcYk8auwvheQFwf4kRAc2GrYbzM

Coughing - The volcano destroys my throat. I vape the solo 2 at 428 and my flower pot on on 710 and have never coughed as much as i do with the cano (bags). The air and bags are what get me the fan/air can hurt my though. This is the only vape i've owned that actually hurt my throat. I rarely cough with other Vapes.

For the price... - I would expect god like flavor test, machining, and no cannibalism when the device is being used. (burnt chamber)

It's weird. I purchased both the firefly 2 and the volcano hybrid due to the the companies marketing the products as high end. The ff2 i will never touch again (tasted like electronics and after taking it apart i could see why... doesn't look like they did any "RnD"). And i am kind of let down by the hybrid. I guess i just need to learn not to trust marketing or user hype.

Vapes I've owned:

desk - Enano, flowerpot, hybrid
portable - Divine tribe, lots of vapcaps, air 1, solo 2, firefly2, imag plus, mflb, modpod

I think out of these the solo 2 and flowerpot are the only i don't have issues with and feel the most safe. And also the only ones i would Whole Heartedly recommend.

Also for reference i finish my bowls off at 446. and usually do a full 446 bag before bed.

I would say I'm still on the honeymoon phase so... We'll see where I land when experiment more with dosages and temps.

The medical moniker is not just marketing, these are the only really officially medical approved devices. (Mighty and Volcano) they are also tested by the TÜV in Germany which is like an official quality test association for all kinds of things (cars must also pass the TÜV in Germany to be allowed to drive.) it is some kind of a quality seal

the medic versions are the exact same, they are just called "medic" because of patients who can then recoup costs with their health insurance.

and yeah, you said you left the chamber a few times on the device and that could be the culprit for those burns. i always make sure to immediately unscrew the chamber after usage

still, a metal chamber would be the best thing they could come up with for sure
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you paid a lot of money s&b should get their shi* together...
and to be honest how medic could it be when plastic is melting there is a chance that the fumes will go in to your bag...

And people here are trying to find a work around... and to blame them self for the fault of s&b this thing should work right out of the box... no excuses...

If this is the new general attitude then we are fu**ed... Stand up for your rights! ;) write them e-mails, phone them ... spread the word on forums...


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From what I’ve read here I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on already.

yeah, S & B is surely aware of this thread and i think they are already investigating the issue, many people come here to the forums to read information about a vaporizer so it is in their own best interest that people are satisfied with the product and don´t have any problems.

i don´t think they are too happy with the "melting chamber" at the moment. but they should release a statement on the whole affair when they have more info, would be a nice and transparent move. who knows where and how those chambers are manufactured, could really be a bad batch out there.

and maybe develop a metal chamber, just to be sure and for users who want a safer feeling. i say maybe because frankly all S & B products sport plastics...

were there any reports of Plenty chambers melting in the past? would be interesting to know


I've deformed a solid valve before, but it had to sit on the blasting heater for an hour to do it. It doesn't sound like anyone is leaving the Hybrid housing on the heat for anywhere near that amount of time. I don't have a Hybrid so I can't really tell for sure but based on photos the new housings look about 1/3rd as thick as the classic solid valve plastic.


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Is this chamber-melting related to all "easy valves" they sell atm?

Since i wasnt going to get the hybrid i was atleast going to get me a "fresh" valve for my classic,
But now they f'd up the valves? Or am i missing something? lol


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Is this chamber-melting related to all "easy valves" they sell atm?

Since i wasnt going to get the hybrid i was atleast going to get me a "fresh" valve for my classic,
But now they f'd up the valves? Or am i missing something? lol
I'm pretty sure it's just the Hybrid Valves, not the Easy Valves. You should be safe to upgrade your chamber to a fresh Easy Valve without worry.


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they should release a statement on the whole affair
I agree....but a prelim statement now, followed by more when solution is devised, would be what I think they owe their customer community.

To me, this is not just nice, its really rather required at this point, IMO.

As far as metal goes...no. The apparent reason for the change in overall chamber design was driven by the need to provide a thermally isolated point to hold the chamber assembly which, in turn, was needed by the conduction that was added.

I don't know what the material was on the old easy valve chambers, and perhaps that material can't be molded into the more complex shape of the new, heat isolated, chamber. But I rather liked it. Reminded me of old Bakelite.

They need to come up with something and "don't leave your chamber on the device" simply won't cut it for a device that requires the chamber to be left on to heat to provide the conduction component.



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and maybe develop a metal chamber, just to be sure and for users who want a safer feeling. i say maybe because frankly all S & B products sport plastics...

Whatever option they might try should insulate the person using it from heat when they are removing it from the hybrid, at least with the current working design. If an all-metal housing would do that it would be great, but I'm not sure that it would. Could fiberglass be a good option? On paper it seems like certain types of fiberglass could provide an insulating effect while having a higher heat resistance than plastic. I'm not sure if it has been used as a material in a vaporizer before, or if it would actually hold up under that usage.

In any event, I'm glad that we have a better idea as to what is happening, a way to possibly prevent it from happening for the time being, and that Storz and Bickel is aware of it. Hopefully, they will have a solution in the works soon.


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those who have melted chambers, is your chamber plastic flexable like in the vapecritcs video? because is not flexible mine hard plastic not bendable at all.

In my case the plastic on both sets of chamber housings are somewhat flexible in certain circumstances, but not like it seemed to be in the vapecritic review. The housings are going to bend a little bit in some spots where the plastic is less reinforced, but I don't think that the plastic used to make my housings is any different than what you have in yours.
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those who have melted chambers, is your chamber plastic flexable like in the vapecritcs video? because is not flexible mine hard plastic not bendable at all.
Mine flexes but I have to press hard.

My burn marks are more subtle than the ones posted early on.

Maybe I can get a pic tonight. I have 2 Chambers.

Regular bowl and chamber
And reduced bowl and chamber.

The bowls have been swapped so I couldn't say if the stock bowl or reduced bowl causes it more or less. Only 1 of the Chambers actually has black/brown marks.
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in my opinion the air path is entirely in metal ... the plastic is only external
true the metal pieces do seem to be tightly pressed together enough that air vaped air wouldn't be coming from that spot.

unless the base screen has something to do with air path.

but for real i don't think a device that used to ingest something should melt at all, or have flavor of anything other than what your ingesting.


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in my humble stoned opinion


upper meets lower via that cool angled bevel

inhaled air flow is within chamber bevels

angle of bevel prevents possible plastic fume problems

if you own one, examine the angle and think about it

fun stoned experiment
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