Vaping in "adult life"

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Well, excuse for the "adult life" concept if it bothers someone.

I'd like to talk about vaping when you are in your late 30's, 40's, etc and you have a l lot of responsabilities like:

- Little kids to feed
- A corporate job with a lot of responsabilities
Anyway, I'd like to hear your thought about the subject

Sure- everyone with a corporate job should give it up- it is not about "just feeding the kids".
Haze Mister,


Well, for me it had been 10 years + since I had touched the stuff. Fortunately, last year we could grow legally with a Med ID and I was all in. It has now been a full year growing and I have kept it from my kids somehow. My daughter who is a child detective found out but after explaining why and how I use it, she seems to be fine. I never let them see anything or know that I am using. Eventually, I am sure the other kids will find out but that's ok too. She knows I use it and was happy that I don't smoke it! I have been trying to keep them from finding out just because if their friend's parents knew they might not let them come over, or not get invited to things... If they do find that I use or that I grow I will just let them know why and why they need to keep quiet. Since it is legal and I am too old to give a shit I just do the best I can.


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Hey you guys!!!

It has been like a year since the thread started.... I’d really like to bring this thread up again with some new impressions.

I still vape mostly on weekends, but I don’t feel guilty at all if I need/feel like to vape any weekday. Downside to that is that the high is not so good if you vape two/three days in a row.... tolerance, I guess.

Also, vaping has opened my mind to new ways of thinking, really. I use to listen to music and meditate in my sessions (2/3 hours, mostly in total darkness) and a lot of good things have come out, at least that’s what I think / feel.

I’m seriously considering quitting my well paid, stressing, soul-eater job and start making a living from other profitable projects I’ve already started.

Don’t be scared, my mind is not gone because of weed.... :science::D:lol:

I’ve been thinking about this for at least three years, never really liked my job, and guess I have a chance of making a decent (maybe even GOOD) living out of one of my passions, where I have a good name and have made great business in the past, just as a hobby. I’ve done my maths and studied the financial situation and I could live 5 years even without making any money, so I guess that puts me in a good place to start the big leap.

As I said, Cannabis has, somehow, opened my mind, and helped me understand things I knew but I didn’t wanted to admit.

I still vape around 0.25 per session, spacing them enough to enjoy the high, and sometimes wait for a whole week to get a “great high” as a reward, and a lot of ideas and positive thoughts come out of my vaping sessions, and has also helped me dealing with BIG STRESS at work. I’ve also get “bored” of vaping everyday, since the tolerance grows and makes the highs less enjoyable. I like to space sessions with at least one or two days, and if I don’t feel like vaping from monday to friday, I know saturday will be a GREAT day.

Again, would love to hear your thoughts a year after.


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Me, myself and I are in a more natural flow without any intent right now. I put myself on a daily 6-phase meditation regimen and occasionally i add some sativa into the mix, but it is not every day anymore. I kinda like it where i am at right now. I take it as it comes and it feels really natural. I don't think i ever had that feeling before.


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I retired at the end of 2020. Didn't have to. Wanted to. The work I loved doing was being called for less and less. The "new outsourced" employees I was working with made the whole thing unbearable. The quality of the work product from the outsourced side became my responsibility. They miss it, I fix it and the original dates had to be met. After 3 months and another death march to a milestone requiring I work nights and weekends ..... I explained I would no longer accept responsibility for the issues I didn't cause and would not be available outside normal working hours unless I caused the issue that required overtime.

Along the way to the next milestone I documented and pointed to issues that needed to be dealt with ASAP. They tried to get the outsourced team to fix their work quickly but couldn't. Whenever I cleared my throat at a meeting I could hear the groans. The executive suite wasn't informed and was left to think the dates would be met. When the team finally agreed I was correct all along and the dates couldn't be met without heroic efforts they "demanded" I again work nights and weekends. I only said one word..... "no". There is something about just saying "no" that eliminates further conversation. Ever seen a director speechless??

Rather than admit to the top line executives that the dates couldn't be met they tried calling the firm I sub-contracted to in order to pressure me into 60+ hour weeks again. I was asked why I bluntly said "no" to the client and responded that "No is a complete sentence and I will be retiring on January 1st".

I could have found other work but my grandkids were being virtual schooled due to covid and their parents need the help. Besides.... I joined the Navy at 17 and never took more than a week off since. My Turn!

In over 40 years of working I never got high while working. Funny thing is now that my time is my own....I still don't get high during the day for the most part unless its a weekend. I had 2 jobs where I had to take a lie detector test for work....the one question that they both asked....."have you ever taken illegal drugs when working"......since it happened early on I've always been leery of getting high at work.
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Congratulations @His_Highness !

I’ve never been high at work. Never. And I’ve never been high driving, or doing any task that requires attention / focusing.

Guess that Cannabis can be a great tool for tasks like writing , composing ..... creative stuff. Even for designing a “business plan”. Lots of ideas comes when you are high and, in my case, most of them seem to be good and valid when I re-examine them the next day.

I’m taking the big leap after 20 years working for money, and start doing something I like and try to make money out of it. I’m totally feed up, I just can’t go on with this alienating corporate job and give up the dream of living doing what I love.

Have cannabis helped to make this decission?

I don’t really know, but I know I’ve been wanting to leave for YEARS and I really think now is the right moment. With 42 years, I guess I‘m young again to start a new career and experienced enough to make it happen.

Living the dream..... why not????? We all gonna die anyway and you only have one life. My worst nightmare was retiring at my job with 60 years and know that I’ve missed my chances.

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@TheFatBastard , really like reading your journey, and this tread 👊 .
I'm in the sort of 'lucky position' that from a young age (9 years old)on, when I got a accident and massive brain damage,i always realised I could and would not work my entire life, soo I had to come up with a plan.
So, being permanently medical high, I worked out a plan.:
Work a few jobs for people with to much money., my passion since born is sailing, easy choice , I studied (and had to lone a even today massive amount of money)for becoming a Yachtbuilder with specialty in new fancy materials.(carbon epoxy double layer hull etc.).
I build for two clients in 3,5 years time(working nonstop, besides vaping and sleeping)2 one off yachts.
52 ,and 59 feet long.
I made of this a substantial amount of money, (and even though always dyslectic always been a number person with a good memory for the numbers)((what short term memory being affected by weed consumption?? I honestly am always high and I never noticed that personally))(((hahaha I would almost think people whom think their memory get's affected , should spend more time being high, no problemo:whip:,just don't be not high ...:party::chill::spliff:.,LOL))).

So I followed since a boy off 5 years old the sharemarket,(massive fascination with the numbers...yeah I know; nerd....)and invested all(!) my saved money in shares(with sweaty hands and sweat on my bald head...😱🤑.
The rest is history, I don't have to work, but if I like doing something I do take it on for some extra coin en the experience.

now this is my income, but I am also married with a absolutely super intelligent wife whom has her P.D. in 7 studies(and my investments helped paying for those studies), her IQ is the highest possible without becoming insane....😍💏.
my like smart hot woman with brains😻

So, that was my story , which I normally have trouble to share.
But what I am meaning to say to you@TheFatBastard, is yes brother Follow Your Hart, and indeed meditating, is very helpful for finding your "track"in life.
Stay true to yourself, and you will be not only alright, but quite possibly very succesfull!
positive vibes send, Aroha.


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I get that many jobs don't mix well with cannabis, but many many jobs are made much much better with a nice buzz going on. Repetitive and mundane tasks are much more bearable and you can use it to maintain focus better for longer. Many aren't lucky enough to have engaging rewarding jobs, but instead have drugery, boredom and discomfort to look forward to every day.

The lazy stoner myth got busted in South Africa when they stopped the workers in mines smoking herb at work. Productivity dropped so fast they reversed that decision. The crap life of factory slaves around the world would be greatly improved if a little infused ganja was in the cafeteria trays.

I don't think you should feel bad if you vape to help endure unpleasant situations even if it is habitual. Plenty of people use cannabis this way and it oils the gears of reluctance to do crap work for arseholes and the very real depression that it brings. Making more money for rich people while being exploited is pretty depressing stuff.

Do you fret over that first cup of coffee, that you 'need to get going', or the blood pressure tablets to keep you from blowing a valve? I think of it the same, and probably less harmful than coffee if you are vaping or better still eating your weed.

The last few years I have jagged the perfect job where I am able to keep a flowerpot under my desk always ready to go. Many of the tasks I have to do aren't much fun, but I cruise through my days, whistling to myself, big smile on my dial. I am able to drop stress and let my thoughts take me away from the crap. With a good portable and a smokebuddy charcoal filter, you would be surprised where you can get away with vaping.
No comeback on me if anyone gets fired...


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Years ago an artist friend/doping companion and I decided to put a book together, he doing the artwork and publication prep and me doing the overall concept design and all the writing. He got stoned with his morning coffee and kept up the high until he went to sleep. Though I got high some mornings, mostly I tried to get something done each day before getting stoned. When writing the book, this meant writing while not high and getting high for the first edit, or writing while high and then being straight for the first edit. My buddy was of course high all the time. To our complete shock, a publisher wanted our book and offered to print 10,000 copies if we provided the galleys. Proofreading the galleys, he was doubly high with excitment and half our modest advance invested in more dope and I was both high and straight. What a celebration when the publisher handed us a box of the printed books. The moment we opened the box, we realized that there were errors in the cover art and in the art throughout the book. I think I know why!

Though the book sold out and we made a nice bit of money for a couple of easy-livin' hippies, the publisher was not pleased about all the issues with the artwork and wouldn't reprint it.

I learned my lesson and once I went back to college and started working professionally, even though I got high nearly every day or eve, I never once got stoned before or during working hours, even though I was the boss for much of my career and could have gotten away with it. My buddy, a big-hearted guy and highly competent commercial artist, had a sudden heart attack in his fifties and passed away. His girlfriend called me down to help: he had less than $2,000 to his name. If we hadn't found a pound of grass in a coat pocket of a jacket hanging in the closet--which we sold--I'm not sure how we would have covered his funeral and burial expenses.
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I've got anxiety.

The drugs they used to prescribe me took the edge off, and I could function in public, provided I always knew where the bathroom was, and I could get there quick. The drugs wrecked my guts and gave me the runs with little warning.

I'd find this hilarious, but it was happening to me (laugh it up, it's ok).

So my options were become a hermit, or risk shitting myself while out in public.

One day a girl talked me into leaving the drugs out, and just taking a small hit to start the day. I was horrified at the prospect, and couldn't imagine a worse idea.

I'm turning 42 in a couple weeks. I've got a baby girl due later this month, and a fantastic 12 year old girl. I partake every day, about 3-4 times a day (dynavap). I haven't taken anything else for my anxiety other than cannabis.

It keeps me focused, able to function, have social interactions, and not lose my mind over things I cannot control. And it has allowed me to enjoy professional success as a result. And I don't have to worry about shitting myself in public.

Like all things, it's all in what you make of it.
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