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Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO


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Welcome to the OFFICIAL VapeXhale Cloud EVO thread.

First of all, thanks to everyone that supported our Indiegogo campaign or have purchased past VapeXhale products. For those that don't know about our first vaporizer, the Cloud, here is a quick summary.

Launched in Feb of 2012, the VapeXhale Cloud was one of the first all glass air path vaporizers that could be used with HydraTubes or any other glass water tool that accepts a 18.8 joint. The VapeXhale Cloud was known for its thick, dense, and tasty vapor.

We had a rocky start but we were still able to not only win Best Vaporizer, but Best Product at Cannabis Cup. Based on our learnings, we were able to take all the best parts of the original Cloud and make a few improvements to its successor, the Cloud EVO:

1. More powerful heater. The Cloud already had one of the best heaters in the game but we wanted to add more power so that our unit would vaporize more optimally and efficiently. The heat retention is better and it heats up quicker

2. New, heat resistant enclosure. When the Cloud EVO is held by the lower half of the unit, it will never get too hot to hold. The upper portion of the Cloud EVO has cooling vents to dissipate air but is not meant to be the area where you hold the Cloud EVO. If you want to hold it by the top, we have VapeXhale wristbands that act as great heating buffer.

3. Backwards compatible with all existing Cloud HydraTubes.

4. Detachable power cable - I know this may not seem like a big deal but the Cloud EVO has excellent heat retention so you can vape for a couple of minutes with it disconnected and it makes it easier to pass around.

We are doing a slow rollout over the next few weeks as we have taken manufacturing in house and are working on a few things to increase assembly and efficiency. As I posted in the other thread, ALL OF US, including myself are all hands on in assembling, testing, packaging, and fulfilling orders. Please do not email our support desk asking when your unit is going to be shipped out as that is our #1 request currently and it does slow down production.

We do plan on getting all contributions and pre-orders by the end of the year and the more bandwidth we have to build, the quicker we can hit that goal. I look forward to everyone getting a Cloud EVO and reading all the reviews, positive, negative, and constructive.

If there is anything missing here, feel free to PM me and I will add additional information.


VapeXhale continues to have difficulty obtaining replacement parts for the original Cloud due to circumstances that are beyond our control and unlikely to change.

In an effort to support affected customers we are offering a discount towards the all new VapeXhale EVO to those who own an original Cloud and have purchased the VapeXhale Cloud through an authorized reseller.

The upgrade will include getting a new Cloud EVO which features:

1. New improved heater, stronger and more durable
2. Modular bamboo, repairs are much easier, faster, and cost effective
3. New One Year Warranty
4. Broader temperature range for flowers and concentrates

I know a few of you that have been around for a while may have heard this pitch before with the Cloud+ but this time, we do ALL THE MANUFACTURING and based on early feedback, this unit has none of the failure issues of previous models. If you are interested in an upgrade, just contact support@vapexhale.com
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Congratulations @stonemonkey55, @Troi, Bryan, Ben, and everyone else at VapeXhale Labs on one of the most epic rebounds I have ever witnessed resulting in an incredible product. My Dad always told me "Its not how hard you hit, its how high you bounce." Keep bouncing a mile high into the Clouds VXL . . . :)

Here is a pic of the top of the unit that might be useful here:


Edit: And the front



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:clap: Let's do our best to maintain a higher signal to noise ratio in this thread. That way people can't complain that it's too much to read when they want information. Well they still will, but you know. :)

Congratulations @stonemonkey55 and all of the VXL team! This is a big day for the vapor community. :D

Edit: Might as well get these excellent photos from @moodswing posted over here early on.



Standard Edition black EVO.
8" tall, 3 5/16" at widest side.
Weighs 10.5 oz, ~1lb w/ cord.

Please give him your likes, not me. Original links: http://fuckcombustion.com/posts/484265 http://fuckcombustion.com/posts/483861
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Here is some info about the material the EVO is made from, Zytel. There appear to be 4 families of Zytel and I wonder if they are using Zytel Plus which appears to be the highest temp version Dupont makes. Regardless, Zytel looks like a really versatile, high quality material. I was curious about the decomposition of the material which is also called nylon 6-6 and also polyhexamethylene adipamide. The temp of decomposition is around 340C or 650F which is really high for a plastic - great news for the EVO because it means the case material is not only strong, heat resistant but also safe at operating temperatures (link opens pdf of material safety data sheet).
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This will be an excellent party vape, more so than its predecessor given the removable power cord and lighter weight. I can't wait to share with my mates. And the ice pinches--get the fuck out! I can't wait to see the Early Bird version.

Congrats, VXH!!


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I only had one sesh so far, so I didn't want to dive into it too much yet without more use.
I can provide my initial thoughts:

As I mentioned, the EVO is lighter, = better for your glass.
Feels more ergonomic. Easier to grip.
It's missing that solid metal feel of the OG, but that's to be expected with the new material.

I can confirm it turns green after a couple of minutes.
Tested at 12:00 setting and got vapor right when it turned green.
Got better vapor density as the unit further warmed up.
Bumped it up to 2:00 then bam!.. test over... VAKED!
I still need to explore more to find my sweet spot on the dial.
Ya'll know the routine.

Don't worry folks. More to come after I have more time with it.

This will be an excellent party vape, more so than its predecessor given the removable power cord and lighter weight. I can't wait to share with my mates. And the ice pinches--get the fuck out! I can't wait to see the Early Bird version.

Congrats, VXH!!

The thought of Cloud/EVO + glass being used as a "party vape" makes me flinch. Be careful!!!!!


Higher, Higher, Baby...
Is the unit getting too hot to handle at any point?

On a scale of 1 - 10 what do you rate the heat you feel when you hold it after being on for
30 minutes?
60 minutes?
90 minutes?
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I want more close-up photos of the EVO!
And a pic of an OG and an EVO next to each other!
And I hope I get it before Christmas holiday.
As I've made a contribution raision over 50 000 I guess I would be somewhere in the third of Trade-Ins if its FIFO.
Could be even 200 evos shipped before me...

Function Qs:
1) I guess LEDs work exactly like Plus, just being correct now because it heats up faster?
2) Of course vapor production compared to OG. That is very difficult question and I know it needs time because it must be vaking the shit out of people.
3)How sturdy does the knob feel? Is there that "sun-rays" pattern behind like in OGs or anything equvalent to make reading easier? I loved that pattern and have been using it for refference points every time dialing. The same pattern with 12 rays (equivalent to clocks) could be ideal imo.
4) How does the drag feel compared to OGs? Generally? This could require several comparisons as every OG unit has slightly different drag. My unit was on the higher drag side, so if my EVO will be less resistant, I'd definitely like that!
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Here is some info about the material the EVO is made from, Zytel. There appear to be 4 families of Zytel and I wonder if they are using Zytel Plus which appears to be the highest temp version Dupont makes. Regardless, Zytel looks like a really versatile, high quality material. I was curious about the decomposition of the material which is also called nylon 6-6 and also polyhexamethylene adipamide. The temp of decomposition is around 340C or 650F which is really high for a plastic - great news for the EVO because it means the case material is not only strong, heat resistant but also safe at operating temperatures (link opens pdf of material safety data sheet).

The switch to this (higher quality, more expensive) material was made during beta testing. It enables a special new feature built into the EVO.

I ain't telling. :evil:


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Please do not force us to make yet another thread for the shipping posts.

Please do not force us to make yet another thread for the nonsense posts.
This is exactly why I created the Evo Anticipation thread.


That way we can separate out the excitement and shipping crap away from the useful information that belongs in this thread. As a person who tried to gain information from the first 200 pages of the cloud thread, I can tell you it's a waste of time. People are excited and want to discuss their excitement. Shouldn't we have a place to do that? Especially if we want to keep the Cloud Evo thread full of relevant content?


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Oldie come on you have to admit all the bs about shipping bogs down these threads. Vtac even asked as much. And you are right the thread is filled with info on past models construction etc. that is not what is for sale. I'm looking for info on the new product. Oh and we can be done with this convo it may even be more boring than the shipping talk. And thanks for the mild agreement that more info should be out there. I'll go back to lurking for a while.

I was referring to your choice of language. Insults are counter-productive.

Before a full forum review comes out on this can someone with an Evo give their first impressions? I am curious about a lot of things.

1. How much faster is heatup to a useable vapor state vs the previous Cloud?
2. How long is the cutoff timer?
3. Is the label in your Hydratube baked on or baked on? Just curious if PBW would wash that off because the green does look nice.

I think those are some easy questions to answer now for one of the Fanatics.

Actually, not easy: Most of us don't have all those answers.

Regarding PBW, I would urge caution at least for the time being. We don't know what Swagger's final decision was in the logo and detailing application (although it was discussed at length). It might also be wise to keep the PBW away from the enclosure; polymers sometimes react to strong oxidizing agents.


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I'm sorry you fanboys have a hard time believing people vape outside of FC or would want to read hundreds of pages of people jerking off to get the basic functions.... It is not like I'm new here Bob
Labeling people here as "fanboys" in a negative light as you're doing isn't a good way to ask for help. I think it's safe to say that most Cloud owners have used a wide variety of vapes, so it's not accurate to paint them as biased, nonobjective fans. If anything you're the uninformed one here, so you might want to try being nicer to the people you're asking for help.

You're right that it's tedious to read through hundreds of posts to find good information. However, what you're doing here is contributing to that problem. Your question about hydratubes and showercaps has been answered in great detail in the Cloud thread. It's not hard to find the posts using the search function specific to that thread. You could also type "showercap perc" into google to find descriptions, images, and videos of usage. You may not be new here but you can do better at finding the answers you're looking for because you aren't the first person to ask them. :)

no review from me this time, sadly! their "blogger special" is way to expensive (pre-oder deal was better!). Would actually cost me much more more than every us citizen would pay for it (incl. shipping + taxes + custom fee). So I had to decline their offer. Probably, you'll not see this on any blog. I doubt that non commerical authors can raise that much money out of nowhere.
You think you're the only one who wants a discount or freebie? VXL needs to concentrate on getting products out to the people who supported their campaign and make some money. Staff members here didn't get discounts and neither should you. ;)

Here's a suggestion: I know it's difficult, but let's be patient and wait for the people who actually have EVOs to post. If the good posts start getting buried in crap I might start deleting it.

Edit: 40 posts have been hidden. Please do not take offense if yours was included, some of my favorite posters were in there. I'm not going to give in this time. This thread WILL stay on topic and be informative for at least the first 3 pages. If you don't have an EVO in your hands, please wait for those who do to post.

I can almost guarantee that any questions you have, are either answered in the Cloud thread, or can not currently be answered, so please be patient.
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I wouldn't say it got too hot to handle at any point. (Using between 12:00 and 2:00)
Keep in mind, this is subjective and different peeps have different sensitivity levels.
To me, it behaved like a Cloud.... it got warm on top where the heater resides.
The bottom stayed at room temperature and never changed.
I have limited experience with it so far so giving you a 1-10 scale rating may be a disservice.
The real test is full blast during the peak of summer.

1. The LEDs work the same. I do think it heats up faster.
But, like my other Clouds, I think it's better to let it warm up further.
2. Yes, difficult question indeed. I mean, how much better can it really get?
3. Feels sturdy to me. No sun-rays this time. In fact, no markings at all.
4. I think it has slightly more resistance, but not significant enough to make much difference imo.
I'll bring this up again if I notice more difference as I go on.

@John Lewus
1. Heats up and is usable in a couple minutes.
But, I would let it warm up further to get denser vapor.
2. 1 hr. I had to maually switch it off to stop the christmas light show.
3. Logos looks baked on. Has a fancy gun-metallic look to it.
I have no experience with PBW so I'm not sure of its effects on the worked section.
I'm sure the glass heads in here will have something to say about this.

... off to work


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I am one of the members with a broken cloud and I too am waiting for an EVO. I admittedly was upset in the beginning having to wait for an updated unit and validated my concerns privately with SM as well as others on the VXL team. I also understand that during launch time SM might not be able to field every comment that is posted, I mean for fucks sake I actually appreciate it even more knowing that his reasoning is because he and his team are devoting their time to manufacturing and getting those units shipped to us early adopters.

Like Bob, I stopped posting in the thread as well because the redundancy of shipping questions along with other things being asked have been already answered at some point within the cloud, evo, and the evo anticipation thread, as well as articles plastered all over the internet. When I joined FC I had to read the threads, if I decided to make a 500 dollar plus purchase I actually enjoy doing my own reading. If I'm unclear on something I reach out to other members via PM. It's as simple as that.

Now for anyone asking for a discount or favors to assist with their blog...please stop wasting their time so they can take care of us (the people who had no issue dropping their dough based on the performance of the original)the people who paid full price for an EVO's with no hesitation.

Also, based on some of the questions being asked here I would unfortunately have to say that a blog from someone less than an expert vaporist wouldn't be something that members here wouldn't be interested in. Especially with all the effort we put into our choice to become a vaporist.

Now with that being said, IMO it would be in your best interest to allow a veteran cloud user write that review in your blog as I truly believe it would be taken much more serious.

I also want to mention that SM has been reaching out to me recently with updates on my EVO, as a vaporist he understands my pain after losing the King of my rotation regardless of it's failure. He has been nothing but accommodating to my needs and apologetic of my having to wait.

Any of you that have to wait a little longer, I promise - it's worth it. Just let these guys do their thing. It's why I begged borrowed and stole (only from bad people) to become a fanatic.


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Let's try something new here in the spirit of keeping this thread on topic and informative. We all want more information about the EVO, however only a few people have one.

So, let's do this: If you don't have an EVO, you can only post here directly after a post from someone who clearly does have an EVO. In other words, if the last post in this thread isn't from someone who has an EVO, you must wait until it is to post. And it better be a good question/comment that hasn't been asked/made already in the Cloud thread.

Will it work? Probably not, but at least I won't feel so bad about removing posts for at least the first 3 pages. Thank you in advance for your support, from everyone who will read this thread in the coming years!

Feel free to visit the thread mentioned above if you can't wait. :)

Edit: One exception is making a post sharing newly available EVO media. That is of course welcome!
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:hmm: Still no FC'ers with EVOs??

Just a quick report from last night's Cold Start test (EVO/VertigoHT/OGKush):
I set it to MAX, flipped the switch, and prepared an ELB.
The unit turned green in 2.5 minutes. I hit it immediatley after.
I got visible, effective vapor. Vapor density increased with time.
I was able to finish my session and feel medicated in less than 8 minutes.

Some time later. I loaded an ELB with a very small amount inside.
I was able to milk it effortlessly. Very effective extraction!

I left it on Max for the whole hour. The bottom did not get hot.
Nothing melted or off-gassed. So far so good...

... back to work.


Great Scott!
Can you post a pic of some ABV from it run at max? Max on my ticker would be close to combusting I'd imagine, never made it past 3:00 myself!

Ideally without flash in a well lit space.

I get the feeling the ticker is still the hottest running clouds based on max producing great vapor and not smoke?


low tolerance is underrated
I can confirm, it was able to retain some heat for about 4 - 5 minutes with hits thinning with every tick of the clock. Vapor nonetheless. And, with the right starting temp and herb quality, it's possible to medicate off one cordless session. You just gotta get as many hits in as you can as fast as you can. ;)

I don't see myself doing it again. I prefer plugged in, taking time in between hits. Also, I wouldn't want to add unnecessary wear and tear on the plug/receptacle. :2c:


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Just an FYI the new EVOs will be running hotter than even the old "hot" tickers. For dabbing, I like waiting maybe another minute or two after the green light comes on at maximum temp. There may be a few OG Tickers out there that run even hotter but those had what we call the "runaway firmware" that makes it get that hot.

Also, the unit is designed to be held by the bottom half. I've had it on MAX for over 24 hours and the bottom half is relatively cool to the touch. The upper portion does get pretty warm but the VapeXhale wristbands are good insulator!
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Thanks for the great pics and feedback! It's a bit of a downer that the units are trickling out so slow... but the sneak peaks and reviews really help the wait!

Have you tried any wax yet? Either sandwiched with bud or the "2 elb" method I've heard good things about? :brow:

Edit: Sorry vtac SM beat me! But actually SM does have an evo lol
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