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  1. Shogun.

    Elev8r vs Supreme v3.5 vapor effects?

    Looking for the hardest hitting vaporizer through water I can get, real facemelter. I really like my dynavap through water for microdosing and got my technique down to 2 hits to make a bowl dark brown, but I want something like that I can reach for when it's time to get obliterated The thing is...
  2. -dab8-

    Dealie buddy vs dealie babe or other water pipe

    So I saw domoredealie has 30% off of their two vapor cooling water pipes. I really like the form factor, with a few caveats. Seems like it would be super easy to clean as opposed to most bongs and water pipes since you can just take the lid off. My question is does anyone have experience with...
  3. Simple10

    3D printed water pipes

    Has anyone ever ordered from this site? https://liftedinnovations.com WP's with interchangeable parts really intrigue me and these things look much cooler than silicone wp's. Anyone who has one how do they rip?
  4. Simple10

    Gear The Vapor Slide

    Has anyone here ever tried the Vapor Slide V-1? http://www.thevaporslide.com/ A WP vaporizer specifically for oil concentrates looks very intriguing. I think you can load a whole gram in the cartridge instead of having to reload a dab every few hits, possibly making this thing the...
  5. Simple10

    A log or a brick?

    I'm looking to take advantage of a 420 sale and get something discreet looking I can just leave on my coffee table. I narrowed it down to either the Enano, the Underdog, or the Hydrobrick I just want something good for on-demand, hits the hardest and works well with all my WP's. Which one...
  6. Vapolution Vaporizers

    Discontinued Vapolution 3.0

    Hey everyone. Its true, we are working on the Vapolution 3.0 and we did merge with Mcig. We hope to see the 3.0 come to fruition in the next handful of months. As for the website listed above, we have no affiliation with. Now on to rekrab... Give us a shout and let us know your address, we...
  7. stonemonkey55

    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Welcome to the OFFICIAL VapeXhale Cloud EVO thread. First of all, thanks to everyone that supported our Indiegogo campaign or have purchased past VapeXhale products. For those that don't know about our first vaporizer, the Cloud, here is a quick summary. Launched in Feb of 2012, the...
  8. stonemonkey55

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud

    Welcome to the official VapeXhale Cloud Thread. The VapeXhale Cloud has been released on a limited basis as of 02/13/2012, the Cloud is VapeXhales first vaporizer and it provides an all glass air path to the stainless steel bowl, non-eroding heat, and moisture conditioned vapor all within...
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