The Toad from Morwood


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welcome to the world of toads 🐸

I started with the low heater and recommend starting with this one to start with...
but since you started with the high heating, it would be better to persevere with this one!!

Personally, I tried the high heat a few days, but I put it aside because I prefer the other. But I like the vaporizing experience which gives clear AVB.

1) with LOW heating, for the initial warm-up, I count to 7, + or - 1 second depending on what I'm looking for. for subsequent preheatings, the preheating time must be reduced by 1, 2 or 3 seconds, depending on the time between draws.
but the duration of the preheating is essential for a good experience.
if your AVB is black, reduce your preheating a lot. and you can adapt later by gradually increasing.

2) yes, definitely!
in my experience, I prefer when the load is closest to the heatsink. it works if the load is further away, but it's less efficient!

3) it depends too much on everyone to be able to answer that.
Since the Toad is a convection vaporizer, a slow, long draw is more effective!

4) With the current heater there is normally no need to press and release the heat button. I do not do it.

Dan has posted messages in this thread in which he answers many of your questions. you should look them up, that's quite helpful!
there is also info in the Nomad thread... it will take longer to look for but it's a wonderful trip 😁

enjoy ✌️🐸💨


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Some pics from a trip to the Rockies the past couple of weeks - loving the pear wood stem and low heater combo.








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Although this is the Toad thread, and no place for after market, but just wanted to let people know that @MikeRotchHertz has an auction going on IG for simple Nomad2...
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